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Star City Meltdown - new single


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That sounds utterly essentially awesome. I must confess I've never even heard the band name at all until this thread. I am very interested now, though.

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As I mentioned in another thread, I re-heard this yesterday and instantly picked up the dude's voice from No Love Lost, and am surprised I missed it above. Am I correct to assume that 'Music=War' is another dreaded digital only release? If it's not, I cannot see a trace on the internet where someone can buy the CD.


After listening to the album tonight and today I am quite taken. It's heavier than NLL, that's for sure. More "rocking" too, with not as many balladic tracks. I think all the songs are really quite good but the album probably could use a few more penis enhancers like 'Here's to us,' 'Spotlights and blue lights' and the killer ballad 'Untied.'


Anyway, like I said elsewhere, just stoked to hear the guy back as I love his voice and passionate delivery, as well as his ear for a big hook. This album will grow well on me I dare say.

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Here's to Us is one of my favorite songs this year. If it's a digital release, I'll likely cherrypick my faves at Itunes. Hopefully a physical release is in the works though.


Never heard No Love Lost. I'll have to check them out.

Yes, you must. They released a digital only album in 2009 - self titled. Let me know if you struggle to find it and I'll aim to send a link your way.

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Well doods, just want to put it out there not to buy a copy of this CD® from Amazon. It's just a CDR with super basic artwork on the CDR and the inserts. Honestly, if you download the songs you could make much better artwork than what they sell you here. No band members listed, or who produced it. No details at all except the band and album name, and song titles.


I don't really care because I kinda really love this album and it' nice to have something semi official in the collection, but I wouldn't advise others to follow my lead.

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I missed this completely. Just saw this thread yesterday. Their latest release 'Music=War' sounds pretty sweet.










1. Dying To Live (5:52)
2. Say What You Want (3:24)
3. Here's To Us! (4:07)
4. Spotlights & Blue Lights (3:24)
5. Untied (3:38)
6. The Last Time (3:31)
7. Whitetrashsuperstars (4:14)
8. Ready Or Not (3:26)
9. Legend (3:18)
10. Not So Lonely (4:03)
11. Backfire (3:32)
12. Here's To Us! (Radio Edit) (3:35)










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"Pretty sweet?" Some of it was utter perfection! ;) 'Here's to us' being part of this sheer perfection.


'Untied' is a stunning ballad too.

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Here's to Us is one of my favorite songs this year. If it's a digital release, I'll likely cherrypick my faves at Itunes. Hopefully a physical release is in the works though.


Never heard No Love Lost. I'll have to check them out.

Yes, you must. They released a digital only album in 2009 - self titled. Let me know if you struggle to find it and I'll aim to send a link your way.



But now if someone could send me that same link I will hug your face. I lost this album and desperately want it back. :)

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    • Here's what it was for me, I mostly voted on familiarity: 1. I'll be honest, I didn't know who either of these singers were.  Of the two I've only heard music from Harem Scarem so it was Hess for me 2. I like Coverdale's voice more than Tyler's 3. I voted Michaels since I've only heard a handful of Enuff Z'nuff songs and I listen to a lot of Poison.  With such a limited sample size this might change when I hear more Z'nuff but for right now it has to be Michaels 4. Haven't heard a lot of Mason so I voted Jani.  As far as I'm concerned Jani is the full package when it comes to singer-songwriters, he's an absolute Legend 5. Of all of these I feel like this is the least fair comparison, they don't sound even remotely alike to me.  While Pearcy isn't a phenomenal vocalist in the traditional sense, he's so much more distinct in my opinion.  I think Phil's voice could get lost in the shuffle, but when Pearcy sings you KNOW it's Pearcy which is arguably more important in some cases 6. Haven't heard Queensryche with La Torre, so Tate it is 7. Bon Jovi is my favorite band of all time, come at me 8. Same with Tate, I've only heard Great White with Russell so Russ it is 9. I like both versions of Danger Danger for different reasons, but I have to go with Poley for this one 10. Haven't heard anything from Heart I don't think, so Elliot all the way 11. Haven't heard much of Cold Sweat or Cathey, but I do love that first Lynch Mob album. Point Logan! 12. Once again had to look these guys up, but this time I've actually heard one full album from each.  I assumed Bulen was Keeling, but that aside this was probably the closest one for me.  Ended up going for Baton Rouge but if you asked me in a few weeks that might change We should do this again sometime, maybe with guitarists/drummers/bassists/etc?
    • Your gonna make me do this aren't you? OK fine, well should've been vaxed, guess it serves ya right, you right wing Nazi piece of shit, why don't you go back to Hitler and check in, I knew your were fac, and your cis, all you fascists think your better then the law, it has to do with your cis gender, you cant help it, born in the coat of missing pigment your white supremacist privilege just eeks out,
    • to keep my reply simple, I basically agree with Geoff except the following - JBJ > Kip Having seen both live I prefer JBJ. Talking in their prime here Paul Laine > Ted Love Ted but Paul is far superior and superb live, one of the best I've seen. 
    • Actually I dont, Ive been conversing with Jinx Dawson!!!!!!! if anyone can touch that, I'll dress in drag and sing Wake Me Up B4 You GO Go! backwards!! if there was such thing, she would be goddamn key master, lol
    • Merry Xmas buddy, I knew some happy xmas tunes would perk you right up!!    
    • AMH is a relatively new band, and they released this single a few months ago; I want to know if any of you have seen these guys because I loved their debut earlier this year and want to get their name out more.  They're pretty much straight party rock that I think some of you will dig!  What do you think?
    • Honestly I like the vibe and groove this one gives off, sort of reminds me of their acoustic performances
    • I was on the train before, but for the record- 1. I prefer Steve Lee's voice over Harry Hess, purely as vocalists. Much respect for both, but I prefer Hess as the overall artist. 2. Coverdale over Tyler. Probably the only super easy pick without thought required. 3. Michaels over Vie. Another easy one, actually. Much as I love prime Enuff Z'Nuff and his unique voice, I wouldn't say I'm individually a mad fan of his vocals. Never had an issue with Michaels. 4. Robert Mason over Lane on a purely vocal level. Every single other aspect, Lane all the way. 5. Lewis over Pearcy. Really hard one. Possibly surprised myself here going with Lewis. Obviously neither are vocal powerhouses, but both iconic. It was thinking of Lewis on something like 'Over the edge' that made me lean that way. 6. Tate over La Torre. I'll be honest and say I've not heard the other dude much, but Tate did what he did very well. 7. Winger over Jovi. As close to a dead heat as there was. Ended up going with Winger thinking of something like 'Spell I'm Under,' but wicked close contest. 8. Malloy over Russell. Love both these guys, but on a purely vocal level had to go with Malloy. 9. Poley over Laine. Poley probably my favourite 80's hard rock vocalist and bit of a confession time... not the maddest Laine fan ever. Love him on 'Stick it in your ear' and even 'Cockroach,' but not as big a fan of him in more recent years. Guess the same could be said for Poley, but in their prime, Poley for me.  10. Joe Elliot over Heart. Another easy one. Love Elliot's voice but never been a fan of Heart's much at all. 11. Cathey over Logan. Two great vocalists, but I melt over Cathey's voice and with a bigger sample size he'd probably have been my favourite vocalist of the era. 12. Davis over Bulen (or is Keeling?). You stumped with with this one, mate. Have we ever heard Bulen sing on anything? I don't think I have. I just read he was actually the lead vocalist for Baton Rouge before they recorded anything and Keeling took over. So I assume you might have meant Keeling? In which case my answer's still the same.  Cool thread anyway. I enjoyed it. 
    • I haven't bought any but I'm heavily considering Badd Boyz, I'm not the biggest Shortino fan but the samples I've heard from that one rock!  Based on samples, honestly Rough Cutt is probably the one I won't consider any time soon.  I don't like the sort of metallic effect on Shortino's voice in some songs if you get what I mean.  For the same reason I've avoided the Platinum Overdose albums where I think it's more noticeable.  I haven't seen it mentioned anywhere else though so I'm not sure if I'm the only that gets bothered by it or maybe I'm just going insane
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