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    • guys the whole album is just like this song, which for me is good, the album caught my ear by the lead off song, and they are all really memorable, I was just stoned and this one sounded fucking sweet, honestly if this was just a song off some album id never have bothered mentioning it, the fact the whole album sounds really pretty good is my sole intention for this thread, well and how fucking barbecued I am and how totally fucking rad these choruses on this album sound to thee trained and stiffly fucking baked out of their mind ears of mine, just those fucking gigantic phony as it gets, ran through every plug in on their DAW, 4 dudes cutting 100 sides of BGV's a piece, then just wasting them away, playing games on their daw where they just throw every BGT up in the air at once and let them land where they may, no wat im sayen n shit, just BGV's so absolutely over the fucking top, that they simply sound rad as fuck when your blistered in the brain, that's all, and check out track 6 on this disc as well, hang on I'll put it up guys, don't nobody even bat an eye, I'll take care of it uploading it then having to post it, im good but thanks for the offers, you guys are great. check that, you guys are amazing.
    • Yeah, this one is a little gem. I love Carsten Shulz. A definite hired gun with many projects under his belt, but I do find him to be hit and miss. When he hits though, it's great. "Evidence One" comes to mind. It's close, this isn't as good as those albums, but it's definitely one of his big hits.  You should check out "July Reign" Cody.  
    • Was listening to this today. Yeah, bit harsh for the most part, but I did like these two songs -    
    • Not condoning self harm, but if this Neil Young fuckwit is that precious, shouldn't he also remove himself from the same planet that Rogan occupies? Absolutely cannot stand cunts like that, and I have no idea who Neil Young is, but how pathetic can a human be? Surely a man of his vintage has more in his skull than what he's showing by this "stance." What a fucking maggot. 
    • Yeah, I'm not mad about it either, but I'm intrigued about how this went under the radar. Something about it seems so familiar, and I don't know how a Carsten Schulz release would go by unnoticed, but I can't find any record of me having ever heard this one. I'll check it out, but not sure based on that tune... 
    • Terrible. Of course in those days, off the back of "Kylie", every TV soap celebrity was releasing a song. "Neighbors" was particularly known for it and I'm sure Doggy, that this is one of your favorites.  It's amazing to think that the same guy is playing the same character in the same TV show after all these years.      
    • But Rogan doesn't use it to spew his own personal opinions, the fact is he doesn't really ever do that, at all, you couldn't go find me one example of him doing that, he simply gets as fucking ripped as he can get, gets his guest as ripped as they can get, if they are interested in doing so, so 2 stoners being stoned, then have an insightful discussion for 3 hours on pretty much any and every topic they can, many times I feel the 3 hrs comes out a little much, Heres the problem, Rogan interviews pundits, scientists, doctors, authors, liberals, conservatives, comedians, actors, foreign leaders of all sides of the political spectrum, astronauts, athletes, athletes parents, musicians, architects, all sorts of historical scholars, he's never voted for a republican in his entire life, on any ballet, for any election, not even for mid term, There's a reason he averages 11 million downloads a day, more then the entire viewing audience of all of CNN, there is no more of a centrist you'll ever find, which is why it is so apparent when anyone calls him out as anything other, they expose the fact they have zero clue what the fuck their talking about, and how foolish and retarded they sound, it's almost as absurd as hearing them drone and recite like fucking androids the same tired burned out lemming corporate lines about Covid, that anyone with a fucking brain can logically say that nothing being said even remotely makes any sense in any way, at all, yet they continue to spout it regardless if absolutely nobody believes them, and nobody is listening to anything they say, that's the same exact level of retarded it sounds trying to paint Joe Rogan out as anything, because everyone knows what he is, he is so unique he cant be lumped into any side or group, political or anything else, so when people say right winger Joe Rogan it's so obvious they are fucking idiots and ultimately they are the only ones who are even listening, their talking to themselves at this point, but they refuse to stop trying to push that shit on everyone on earth, regardless if we want to even engage anymore or not. No what im saying an shit, y'all bezt recognize 4 i nut up on dat azz, shiiiiiiiiittttt!!!!
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