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    • Awesome isn’t it.. the production sounds improved and loving the heavier guitar tone. Wouldn’t surprise me if Erik Martensson wasn’t involved in some capacity.  Was only a few days back I was watching videos of the Sheffield gig back in 2010 - seriously good live band. 
    • One of my fave bands of all time. And to see them back for another round is simply an awesome news.  As for the new tune, it's a killer. Love it. 
    • new additions : + AC/DC - Shot In The Dark + BLIND ALLEY - Fire and Ice + BRIAN MCDONALD -  Between Heaven and Heart + BRONZ - Two Silhouettes, When The Lights Die Down + CLARK KENT - 4 tracks from the debut + EDDIE MONEY - 6 tracks from 'Can't Hold Back' + FM - 5 tracks from 'Tonight' + HIGH TENSION - 6 tracks from s/t + JOE LYNN TURNER - On The Run, Young Hearts, Endlessly + LIPSTIXX N BULLETZ - 5 tracks + LITA FORD - Shot of Poison, Playin' With Fire, Little Too Early + LIZZY BORDEN - Terror on The Town, Love Kills, Me Against The World, Shock, Eyes of A Stranger, Voyeur + LOUD & CLEAR - 4 tracks from 'Disc-connected' + LOUDGUNS - 8 tracks from the debut and 2 tracks from the sophomore + LOVE.MIGHT.KILL - Too Big To Fail + LOVEKILLERS - 4 tracks from the debut + LYNCH MOB - killer tracks from the first two albums + OUTFIELD, THE - assorted fave tracks from several albums + RECKLESS LOVE - Loaded + RUNNER - Fooling Myself + SPIN GALLERY - Tic Toc, Indulge + STONE FURY - Break Down The Wall, I Hate To Sleep Alone, Life Is Too Lonely, Don't Tell Me Why + URIAH HEEP - Too Scared To Run, Think It Over  
    • yup, looks like a new era is coming good news for us
    • I was gonna start a "Wig Wam" cover band called "The Wig Wam Teepees", but the whole ordeal made me feel too tense.
    • Apparently people with blood type O are less likely to contract covid, and if they get it, have less severe symptons. I'm O+ Woop woop!
    • I love 60s music and 50s music, for that matter. I've mentioned before how I was very lucky to grow up in a household where music was always playing in some form. I was listening to this stuff before I started school.  You've got me reminiscing, so I've gone a bit overboard with the clips, but I love every one. Not everyone's cup of tea, I understand. This is of course, the tip of the iceberg. It was a very rich decade and I haven't even started with the great 50s tunes. Back then, image was a bonus, but it was predominantly about the talent. Nowadays, talent is a bonus, but it's predominantly about the image.                                
    • Spot on mate. Perfect definition, but that's not a bad thing. Country & Western music was a big part of my childhood.  I'm talking about the old school shit.  Marty Robbins, Charley Pride, Tammy Wynette, Loretta Lynn, Hank Williams Snr, etc.
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