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Tango Down "Identity Crisis"

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damage control was very cool. What happened to that singer?

Im glad you enjoyed that release! It is a personal favorite of mine. Alot of work n love went into it. As for the bands a former singer. In short, we all decided to part ways. We have wish him well and best of luck in his future endeavors.


If you enjoyed the bands last release. We promise the new one I will blow you away. David Reece and co delivered a killer album!

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I'm gotta say, as everyone here knows I'm a cheap bastard, but I'm beyond enticed with all the spiffs associated with this release. I know the music should and does stand alone, but damn. Virtually impossible to pass up...


Now to go pre-order, which is a first for me EVER! NICELY DONE!

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I'm gotta say, as everyone here knows I'm a cheap bastard, but I'm beyond enticed with all the spiffs associated with this release. I know the music should and does stand alone, but damn. Virtually impossible to pass up...


Now to go pre-order, which is a first for me EVER! NICELY DONE!

Hey martinsane!


Thanks for the kind words. Trust me.....this album will not dissapoint. Your right ...it is about the music. However....we alwayswant to show our appreciation to our customers. This time we decided to kick it up another notch!;-)

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Hey All....


From the TANGO DOWN Facebook page!




WELL,Holidays are over. Gifts have been given, and Hungovers have been had.;-) We are getting ready for 2012 (YES Bitch, your ass will be ours!) To keep with the dropping of lil bread crumbs leading up to the release of our new album this march. We made the usual announcements, contests, giveaways, pre orders, album art etc. Your probably asking, a advance snippet? A tune off of the album!? ...Well...NO. Sorry. In time people,Trust us, it's coming! For now we wanted to unveil a lil more of the visual aspect. We are happy to show off our new poster/band photo. Which will be available at our shows. Also, everyone that has pre ordered the new cd, will receive a signed copy. Again, we had the pleasure of working with the very talented, and accomplished Kent Miller of Kent Miller Studios( Steven Tyler, Eric Clapton, Eddie Van Halen, Lady Gaga, Beyonce to name a few). Who helped deliver the visual goods. Thank You Mr. Miller!





Now if for some strange reason you havent pre ordered it yet.....then what are you waiting for!? How many more cool things do we need to throw at you!? ;-) 2 posters!! One of the album cover and the live poster. Signed 8x10. The cd itself, the bonus prize, which we are still not telling what it is yet. PLUS , a chance to win the bands DAMAGE CONTROL Back Drop. posters are limited to the first 100 pre order customers.




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    • I agree that Pete was a big factor in the backing vocals, but Rob has been around the business for years and is a die hard 80s hair metal fan (his classic album reviews on his patreon page are great, and we often share the same views on a lot of stuff). Not quite so sure Pete being gone will hurt production though as there are plenty of great producers out there who can do them justice.
    • It'll be interesting to hear how things sound on this album with Pete Newdeck out of the band.  I feel like he was a big part of the backing vocal sound and overall production. I did hear a recent interview with Rob and he said he feels like the album has a fun vibe like the first couple albums so I guess we'll see.
    • While I didn't love X when it came out, all the songs you mention are great and the album has grown on me over the years.  I feel like Kiss The Day should've been on the album all along though. With you on Diamond Star Halos too as for me they at least got back to making an album with some fun, catchy tunes.  I do have to say I only consider it an 11 track album though as I refuse to listen to the two Krauss tunes and the 2 piano ballads as to me those songs are just terribly boring and the album just flows way better without those songs getting in the way.  That said though, there's a handful of tunes here I do enjoy like Take What You Want, Kick, Fire It Up, SOS Emergency, Gimme A Kiss and Unbreakable which is more than I've found myself digging on the past couple albums.  For me, Sparkle only had a few tunes that stuck in my playlist and from the S/T album only Dangerous and Wings of An Angel made my main playlist.     
    • I used to see band sall the times. Pubs, clubs, concerts etc I don't go out drinking and partying like I used to. these days finding time just to catch up with friends is hard. I could have seen the whole Glamfest roster, but I knew The Prince Bandroom where it was on, and there are really no seats or anywhere to take a break. Fuck standing for over 10 hours. Seeing the 6 internationals was bad enough from 5:30 pm to 12:30am That's 7 hours of standing and watching, luckily W13 were on so we could sit and have dinner. These days if I'm gonna go see an up and coming band, I'll go see my daughters band play. I also really want to see Dangerous Curves.
    • I don't hate On Through the Night. It's almost NWOBHM. I think Rock Brigade and the punkish Wasted are my favourite tracks. Admittedly it is not one of my fave albums overall though. "Yeah" is a lot of fun. For a tribute album, focussing mostly on glam rock songs they loved as kids, it's pretty cool. I dig it quite a lot as i also love Mott and TRex et al. Sparkle Lounge is probably my least favourite release but C'mon C'mon is a great track. But yeah, I'd play this the least of all Lepp albums.
    • Good album, especially 'All I want is everything' and 'Deliver me.' The only Def Leppard albums I like absolutely zero about is 'On through the night' and 'Yeah.' I think even 'Sparkle Lounge' had one decent song... I think? But that's a poor album. I could pass on all three albums. 
    • I'm one of those tragic Lepp fans that finds a few things to love on every one of their albums, including the ones hated by many. Yes, even Slang.
    • Yeah, 'Torn to Shreds' is on par with my favourite Def Leppard songs indeed. There's a fair few contenders, but that's right up there. 
    • Midnite City tsrSponoedt958117cg15it05c3t69actum8u9mcluh1124mmimia18ulc2m  ·     So last night, we officially wrapped up the recording of our upcoming fourth album which we are happy to announce will be titled... 'IN AT THE DEEP END'. It's been a hell of a lot of hard work but the results will speak for themselves when the album drops later this year... Next stop, the album photoshoot with the incredible Mark Ellis Photography this Sunday! We will be posting a live video from the shoot with updates on everything, so look out for that this weekend. We will also be announcing our new permanent drummer very soon. Watch this space!
    • Thoroughly enjoyed X when it came out, and revisited it this year when DSH dropped, and found myself actually loving it even more.  Four Letter Word, Torn to Shreds, and Scar are some of the best songs they've ever done.   With that said, DSH obviously resonated more with me than many here on the board; after a few listens, everything just started to "click", and I've played it over and over since it's release. 
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