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    • 100% cob. As I've said through all this, I could not give the most remote of fucks if people wear masks, isolate and lock themselves down, get vaccinated and do whatever they wish to do. No qualms at all with everyone making a choice for themselves about what's right. What I just can absolutely not stand, is how every single thing in our daily lives over the past 18 months has been, and is being forced upon us by the government. Specifically, Dr Kerry Chant is currently ordering 8 million people how to live their lives in NSW. Not one in this group of 8 million is allowed to think for themselves - we all do what Kerry Chant is forcing us to do. It is absolute madness.  And then you break it down state by state and it's the same situation in each Australian state. Every single person in Australia is being told how to live by their premier, via whatever "health official" is telling him/her how to run their state. No one here is living at the moment, just existing according to how our government and health officials want us to exist.   That is horrendous, and exactly why we should each be able to make up our own minds about stuff like this. In this case, criminal that this it is forced upon someone. I hope they go through with the lawsuit and destroy the place, not that it'll ever give that girl her mother back. Jeez you've brought some common sense to this place, squire. Had this same thought a million times when you hear someone harping on about how rare it is to die from a vaccine. I always wanted someone - just one person - to point out how rare it is to die from covid too, like you say, particularly for certain age groups. But of course that never comes up because that might reduce the fear and hysteria over it all.  Interesting post, mate. You had me until the "mask up" bit. For me personally, that is the first thing that needs to go. Again, like I said above, more than happy for anyone and everyone who wants or feels like they need to wear a mask to do so, but I am more against them than anything I've been against in my entire life and cannot handle being forced to wear the stupid fucking things.  Anyway, a couple of interesting things happening in Australia today. No one outside NSW would know 2GB, but they're the highest rating radio station in the land and apparently the weekday morning host there has started swaying towards calling for an end to all encompassing lockdowns and acknowledging that there must be another plan of attack. Not news for people with common sense, but a big step considering how panic stricken and all on board with all restrictions every other host on that station has been so far. I found it very intriguing. Will see if he still has a job in a week.  Also, big protests in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane today against continued lockdowns. Pretty big turnouts. I usually despise protests, but I understand these ones and for once, support them. Obviously a lot of people feeling completely helpless out there and seeing opportunities like that as the only chance to get their voices heard. 
    • Does anyone else on here love Good Rats? I love the band but im a huge Gene Marchello fan, he can shred, and I loved his solo discs, love this song    
    • I've been "80s Pop" reminiscing today. These six are huge time machines for me. I know, six songs of the day is a little excessive, but there were so many great Pop tracks that we all grew up with. Maybe 80s Pop memories deserves a thread of it's own? "The Breakfast Club" video is pure 80s, BTW.                
    • honey are you ready for the gunk. ADC
    • Another of Canada's finest...    
    • So I will chime in, but it matters not I'd assume. Firstly doesn't the actual illness have to be in the shot for it to be considered a "vaccine"? Everything I have read says that these shots do not contain COVID. IE: the flu shot, actually contains the flu, so its a vaccine. A Ruebella shot contains, yep Ruebella. Measles shot, ding ding ding, contains measles... so everyone, those are vaccines. If that is the case the first push for intelligence is to stop brainwashing the public into thinking and saying "get vaccinated" when its not. I also read that when you get these experimental shots (as obviously there have been very limited to no trails, so no one know wtf will happen or not from them) you sign a waiver (probably unknown to the shot receiver) that basically states tuff shit if you get sick or die cuz you waived/signed away your rights to use this experimental (or trial) drub. And lastly, just like everything in life having the choice and voice to do for you what you think is best is what its all about. The government or bullying or peer pressure shouldn't dictate shot or no shot. If you are safe, then you won't get it, simple. I know more than 2 handful of people that are fully "vaccinated" and still got COVID. So wtf is that? Be safe everyone, be smart. Mask up, hand sanitize, keep your meathooks out of your eyes and mouth and you'll do just fine.
    • I remember the Left using false statistics about terrorism attacks to shout down people with legitimate concerns. Like "you have more chance of dying from your fridge falling on you than terrorism". Such a fake stat. when you consider you go near a refrigerator dozens of times a day and you may only come near a terrorist once in your life if you are unlucky.  Funny that the same form of manipulation of stats isn't applied to dying from covid. So yes, it is rare to die from a vaccine  but, guess what, it is just as equally rare to die from covid as a 45 year old. 
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