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    • i think it's quite good except for Billy's bass wanking. Can't stand the guy, always showing off.
    • New song 'Stop'. Niiiiice!    
    • The disc I specifically mentioned in my request is MITCH PERRY - 2005 - The Mitch Perry Projects by Z Records. I found it quite cheap, and BADD BOYZ s / t has a friend of mine, but he told me he doesn't sell it for anything in the world, WOW
    • Prove it! nothing you have stated is even in the ballpark, do you live by the border? are you gonna sit here and piss in my face and tell me it's raining bro? I'm being serious, have you been down and seen the wall, obviously you haven't or you wouldn't have made that ridiculous statement, that's you guys problem, just minimize it and wave it off, it's not good dude, and seriously with all due respect, and i have started to like you over on the music boards, so don't take this wrong, but you don't know what the fuck your talking about bro, and I wouldn't be so sure of that if I didn't know what i was talking about, so hope there's no hard feelings but you guys that just want to make it a left right thing have no clue, I'm not even coming from that position, if you see some of these fucking people not only would you change your tune, you would become enraged, some of these people aren't even here on their own volition, they have been sent here, to connect to a landing point for the cartels, some of them are senior citizens who are so terrified you can literally feel it from them, this is catastrophic bro, and it's fucked up you guys pipe up and smack your gums and your fucking clueless about what your talking about, because no people should treat people like these scumbag coyotes treat these people,   But it goes way beyond them just being here, the final point is there is no reason for many of these people to be here, none, they have nothing to contribute they have no skill, or even desire to work, and I know your smart enough to put the conservative liberal bullshit aside for a second to understand, none of this can end well, and if you cant, then I just assume your unable to detach from the phony bologna political act and just be a person looking at it from all the standpoints of everyone, including Americans, there's a reason people get nasty towards immigration, why do you assume that is? because there's an onslaught of noble prize Harvard graduates plowing into our country by the thousands??? is that what the problem is?? it's fucked up on every side. and anyone who tries to blame the immigrants for flooding in are just as fuckin retarded as the ones who dismiss it and minimize it, there's a huge problem in our future, and nobody's going to take a second to look at the other sides POV. 
    • Some times it cant be helped Terry, there's an abnormal sense of douche baggery on hand here, and I'm not even allowed to take part, it's literally eating me up, just sitting here watching some of the greatest insults Ive ever seen fly by, and cant do a thing about it but watch them, I mean honestly bro, the intelligence level of some of the insults that have been exchanged are new level type shit, a whole new world of insults, I don't know how long I can hold out, maybe we arrange something to get my 2 cents out there in the way of the ground breaking jabs being slung?
    • YEEAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!!!!!! The band is BADD BOYZ!!!! YES YES YES Aordave89, you are GOD GOD GOD GOD!!!!!!!! You nailed it so hard... Straight to my heart I am the happiest man in the world!!!!! I'm gonna listen to that song all the the days until CD is in my hands... I will purchase it! P.S.: I am so grateful to all the guys who dug for me throuh the hard rock vault!!!!!   Aordave89 is GOD!!!!! Greetings from Bulgaria
    • I'm finding myself in not only a Country mood, but also a Western mood. When it comes to old school/new school transition, Mid 80s Dwight Yoakam was as good as it gets.      
    • If  you're happy with the digital download you will get it for $1.20 or 00.90p, bargin.
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