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Adrenaline Mob

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I really thought I'd buy this but after reading so many negative reviews I didn't want to waste the $10.


Loads of you tube cuts now....have a listen, sounds good to me with an awesome production too

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I really should not like this band, and only initially gave them a go because of Ward, who ended up leaving quite early, but dammit I now preorder pretty much everything they do.

The initial EP, the debut album, the covers EP and the second album as well.

Bit of a revolving door of members, but the music kicks arse.

What I love is the fact they take the modern sound of a band I am not a fan of (Disturbed) and put in a classic old school rock vibe to it.

The only thing that kinda annoyed me with them is when they did the covers EP, and there just wasnt enough variety on it as so many of the bands chosen were Ronnie James Dio fronted, so it almost ended up as a RJD tribute CD instead.

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Been listening to the first 2 albums today and they are really a hit and miss band for me.

Songs are either not my cup of tea at all (this includes the first 2 songs on each album), or they are great.

I'm able to pick 5 or 6 songs of each album which I really like, so that's good enough for me.
Great to hear AJ hitting the drums again.

I don't have the 2017 album, but I'll be picking that one up soon. Look forward to their Rebel Yell cover.

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