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Slander's excellent "Resolution Defiance" is the final piece of Stormspell's late 2017 release slate. Fans of the NWOBHM and/or traditional '80s metal in general need to hear this one!




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First entry of the new year: my review of Babylon A.D.'s new one. 



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New stuff:
A new UK based melodic power metal band called "Skyward" was nice enough to send me their debut EP to check out....if ya like Blind Guardian, Stratovarius, Rhapsody (Of Fire), Labyrinth, etc. this should be your kinda jam:




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Another new one! 
My latest "Forgotten Hard Rock Albums" installment takes on one of my favorite slabs of early '80s tr00 kvlt mettle cheez: the one and only BLACK DEATH! 

"Lock your doors 'n' kick yer parents out, 'n' turn yer music up LOOOOOOUUUUD!"




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Out now from our buddy Stormspell:

Lucifer's Hammer, TIME IS DEATH 


Classy, melodic retro metal from Chile, for fans of early Maiden, Angel Witch, and the NWOBHM in general.

Review https://hubpages.com/entertainment/Lucifers-Hammer-Time-is-Death-Album-Review-2018

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New entry:
I dusted off W.A.S.P.'s Helldorado this past week for the first time in a good long while, and I said to myself "Self, this album would be a damn good candidate for a new blog," so it was done.



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New entry!
I don't collect vinyl but every time I'm in my local Goodwill scrounging for CDs I always flip through the moldy old LPs just to see what kind of weird sh** will turn up. Here are a half dozen album covers that made me go WTF?



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...and geez, I've been slacking on updating this thread. I never posted my last batch of Stormspell Records reviews:

"Steel Assassin," aka "The Mystery Band"

Terravore, "Unforeseen Consquences"

Siren, "Up From the Depths: Early Anthology & More"

"Stygian Oath" EP: 

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Review of "Visions" by Carriage. Fans of Mercyful Fate/King Diamond, check these guys out.



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    • Some interesting comments by Erik on his thoughts about "Into the Great Unknown" according to a recent interview with AOR Watchtower http://aorwatchtower.blogspot.com/2018/10/entrevista-com-erik-gronwall.html The next album was "Into The Great Unknown" , released last year. Undoubtedly, it is HEAT's most experimental work to date. What was different while composing the album that sets it apart from others, musically? Erik Grönwall: I think the big difference was that we did not spend as much time together as we did while working on the album and even while writing material. We were all spending time with other people in the middle and I think that somehow influenced the compositions. I honestly do not like "Into The Great Unknown" , I think we could have done something better ... but it was something we needed to do. I believe you already have some material being worked on for the new album. How would you define the musical direction of what is coming? Erik Grönwall: No antics. Hard & Heavy ...
    • I agree the mixing/production leaves a little to be desired, the 'busy' sound is a fair critique, catchy tunes though
    • Agreed,although to be honest Im enjoying Midnite City so much that I have sorta passed this by since I got it.
    • Good album, the comments above are right on the money.  If you liked the debut this picks up where that one left off, but with a fuller sound.  My favorites are probably the first two promo tracks along with "Life Ain't Like This On the Radio" and "Until the End".  But I'd be hard pressed to point out a song that I didn't enjoy listening to.
    • The second song is pretty good melody wise but there's something lacking in the production department. Too rough, almost sounds like a demo. The guitar sound is pretty awful.  Don't like the production at all, sounds too 'busy'.
    • Yeah, that's pretty cool. Haven't thought about these guys for a while, but I hope an album is on the way. 
    • not listened properly yet but sounds a bit thin compared to Midnite City 
    • yeah I agree. Bigger sound. It's great. my only criticism again is the lack of variety , but it's only a minor gripe.

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