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Sick Puppies - Polar Opposite


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Out this week. Just picked it up this morning. I liked Tri-Polar; definitely for "modern hard rock" fans. This acoustic EP is a reworking of some of their biggest tracks. Some of them have a COMPLETELY different feel than they did on the original album.


It's available for download from iTunes and Amazon (link below with samples). The CD version has 1 additional track not found on the electronic versions and is a Wal-Mart exclusive (at least for now). So 7 tracks on the download version and 8 tracks on the physical CD version.






The disc was $8 at my local Wally World.


Sonically, the production quality is absolutely stellar; the mix is very dynamic and rich. Unless the downloadable versions are completely uncompressed, i'd lean towards buying the CD and making your own rip.

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I fancy picking this up but can't find it anywhere (I don't do downloads). The band are a bit hit&miss IMO but they do have some great tunes in their back-catalogue...

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