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Ozzy Osbourne - Randy Rhoads Tribute LP - PROMO


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Anyone into LP's here?


My dad called me from the local Salvation Army today and said that he had found an Ozzy Osbourne Randy Rhoads Tribute album. He asked if it was rare and I didn't think so until he said there's a gold stamp on the back over the bar code that says


For Promotion Only

Ownership Reserved By CBS

Sale Is Unlawful


This is the double LP with 4 sides and everything is there... Printed Inner Sleeves, etc. The inner sleeves are MINT. The LP's themselves are probably a 9.8/10 and the outer jacket is about 8/10. (slight wear where around where the album edges are and the folded part of the corners are very slightly worn)


The LP's have blue CBS labels


Side 1 & 2


ZX2 40714

AL 40715


Side 3 & 4


ZX2 40714

BL 40716


(This one has Masterdisk etched on the inner ring)


And they say CBS right on them along with the CBS address in New York. On the innermost part of the vinyl, it looks like it was hand etched with the same numbers as above, but there's also a hand etching that says Masterdisk on the side 3/4 album.






















































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To my knowledge, these promo's are rarely worth anything if its just the standard album/cd with the gold stamp.

It may have some value if its a first print or whatever, but these promo's are generally no different the the standard issue as thats exactly what they are.

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Ive come across a few of those from auctions I have been to. Sad to say but they are basically considered the same as a regular. However if you come across any with the gold stamp that reads Military Sale Only. These do command a premium.


Ive had a couple of these. I have seen the Pink Floyd & Beatles sell for upwards of 60+

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come acorss plenty or promos before, but never seen this master disc marking before.



The Masterdisk thing has me stumped too. And it's not stamped from what I can see. it's like it was written with a PIN or sharp object

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And yes... I know the albums are dirty... :whistle:


I couldn't find my dads old album cleaner brush and didn't want to use anything else on it

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The master disk thing could very well be a stamp even though it looks hand etched. I have a few vinyl still knocking around, and while I cant say I necessarily have anything with master disk on, I do have some that look like they have got something hand etched on them, but being that they are produced in high numbers, I'd have to say it's probably a stamp/mold of an original hand etched marking.

A master disk is usually made of metal, so it's unlikely that a vinyl record would ever be considered a master disk of any sort.

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The white label promo's are worth a bit more than the standard promo record with the gold stamp. Most of the time the white label promo's will have a catalog # that start with a PRO than the number. These are the records the collectors look for, sometimes they will have a extra track or a live track. So, most of the time if it has a different catalog # than the regular record, the promo is worth a bit more.


Here's some info I found on the Masterdisc etch


Now you might ask, what does MASTERDISK mean? Well, to break it down and simplify this, it is quite simple. After doing some research online once again, I come to find out what this terminology in all actuality is.


Here you go: Basically, MASTERDISK is basically the record companies mastering house that they use to do the final mastering process right before you get the final product in your hands. It is NOT all of the time however that a record label is going to use the same exact mastering house every time. For example, i have the original Doors first pressing albums in my collection in NM condition and not one of them say: MASTERDISK. In other words, it is just co-dependent upon whomever the record company is able to get at that moment to do the final mastering touches on the record before it is sent out. So, no big deal on this, it is just whomever is there at the time. Most of the recordings mastered at MASTERDISK was based in New York state.

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Lots of LP's have some sort of writing/etching on the inner groove... sometimes it's just an item or stock number, occasionally the name of the label, etc.


My LP of the first W.A.S.P. album has the words "WE ARE SEXUAL PERVERTS" etched right into it... I guess in case anyone wondered what the initials stood for :rofl:

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