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Maxxwell - Dogz On Dope & All In


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Man, I gotta start listening to my stuff quicker, about a year and a half ago I bought the cd Maxxwell - Dogz On Dope, but just have not got around to listening to it...(if you could see my shelves you would know why, just tons of stuff coming in, and not enough time), now they just released their 2nd cd and I bought it too, and now just ripped it to iTunes to put in my ipod...well I am only half way through Dogz On Dope, but if the 2nd one is half as good as this I will be in heaven...so far just love this...below is the link to buy it on Amazon, and Neh Records has the new one...check em out and see what you guys think...this one is gonna be playing for a while in my player...





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what style are they?


Really good euro. melodic hard rock, maybe a tinge of sleaze. Another gr8 band from Sweden. both CDs are excellent, but the second release really has some smokin' rockers- "Heads Or Tails" and "Outlaw" just rip. Vocalist has a slight accent, but doesn't detract a bit iMO. Good call on this band Mike :headbanger:

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yep, you got it perfect! definately have a touch of sleeze, nothing modern here, love the vocalist, love it all!

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