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chinese bootleggers at it again....

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It never ends, does it? I can remember back in the 90's, the only bootleg titles to watch for were the ones that came out on that "reborne classics" label. Even then, the quality was absolutley horrible with pops and click having been recorded directly from old worn out LP's. Today, you have to have your antennae up constantly for all these boots showing up. It's a shame too, because it is all contributing to the demise of the music we all love so much in the long haul............just my humble opinion!

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Ah remember the good old REBORN CLASSICS! Was just playing the Prophet/Driver Cd the other day!


It was actually one of those Reborn Classics that convinced Dan Wexler to agree to let us put out the Icon 'An Even More Perfect Union' cd back in 1995. We played him the Reborn version and he was pretty upset by how bad it was (not to mention that he wasn't seeing any money from it).



NP - .38 Special - 'Strength In Numbers'



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Reborn Classics? Wow, that's a blast from the past!


Didn't those come out of Italy? I believe a lot of vintage boot stuff originated there...





I think it did.

But have to agree with the other about the sound quality - absolutely bad!

I guess it was the early days of LP to CD bootlegging!

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