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The Pretty Reckless


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With a female singer (Taylor Momsen) who is only 17, this is pretty good stuff. Blending some sleaze/punk and plain old rock. They released their debut album, Light Me Up, earlier this year (2010).

Taylor Momsen is appearantly an actress and a model but she sure rocks... :banger:







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After reading about this band and Taylor in Revolver magazine I gave a few of these tunes a listen on youtube a few days ago and while it's not my thing I do admit that she can actually sing. She was in Gossip Girl until recently and was The Grinch Stole Christmas(w/Jim Carrey) when she was younger.


I did read a story a couple of days back where she was in Glasgow but said she was in England on stage and that seemed to enrage some fans. Then again I don't think she's the first person to do that.

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I'm surprised there's not more talk about this band with some members like Geoff digging the more modern stuff.

Well I guess Geoff is on a vacation. I'm gonna be a little bit suprised if he doesn't comment on this when he gets back.


I like this release a lot. I have a physical copy of it coming to me within a few weeks.

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