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All That Remains: "For We Are Many" review

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Probably not too many melodic metalcore fans lurking 'round these parts, but for the 1 or 2 who may be interested, my review of All That Remains: "For We Are Many" is now available over at Hardrock Haven. Click the link below to check it out:


All That Remains review


Upcoming reviews from yours truly:

Bullet: "Highway Pirates"

Tuck From Hell: "Thrashing"

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Never really got into these guys at all and I can't remember if I tried the last album or not. I think in the end I did after Tim also said how melodic it was. However, if I did they must have failed me. Sing to me again, just how good was the last album? The intro there leads me to believe it was very accessible. Were there many growls on it or was it mostly clean vocalled stuff?

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I think the last Overcome cd wasn't good at all. It had some moments but mostly weak. I saw the Hold on vidoe and that song was really good. It seems like they have become less heavy on this new record.


I still think The fall of ideals is one of the best modern metal albums that has been released so far...

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I hate bumping threads of old albums that don't relate to my current post, but there's no point creating new threads for what I'm about to bring to the table. If only it was just an All That Remains general thread.


Anyway, the guys have dropped a new album this year:




1. “Safe House”
2. “Madness”
3. “Nothing I Can Do”
4. “If I’m Honest”
5. “Halo”
6. “Louder”
7. “River City”
8. “Open Grave”
9. “Far From Home”
10. “Trust and Believe”
11. “Back to You”
12. "Never Sorry"
13. "The Thunder Rolls"
It's not a bad album. They're not really going to win any song writing awards anytime soon, but they're okay by me.
'Far From Home' is my favourite song, but no sounds on youtube for it. :(

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    • What the hell?
      Wonder which band member convinced his daughter to dance in the clip?
      Kinda creepy video.
      Weird choice for a bunch of 50 year olds...
    • In theory it is D2. It is the Revolve line up with the vocalists swapped. Makes you kinda think that the only reason that was the last D2 album and no follow up is due to Poley. I remember Ravel saying there would be no more D2 as the recording process of Revolve was such hard work, and seeing as all three other members are recording together here, it kinda starts to look like the issue is with the vocalist.
    • From sleazeroxx.com: Playhouse to release new album ‘The Rock N’ Roll Circus’ on November 10th Canadian hard rockers, Playhouse, will be releasing their first new album in more than 25 years with the release of The Rock N’ Roll Circus on November 10, 2018. The group will be having a CD launch party at the Piranha Bar in Montreal, Quebec, Canada on November 10, 2018. Playhouse‘s “Story” on their Facebook page states (with slight edits): “Formed during the height of the 80’s hard rock invasion, five high school friends wanted to play loud! The year was 1987 and they had one goal, to be the biggest rock band to ever come out of Canada. Playhouse released two E.P..’s; 1989’s Little Monster and the follow up; Tongue, Tied & Twisted in 1990. With a reputation for high energy shows and big chorus anthems. they quickly started filling every club they played. Now armed with a dedicated fan base solidly behind them, local promoters came calling. Soon, Playhouse found themselves opening for the likes of Extreme, Killer Dwarfs,Brighton Rock, Harem Scarem and many more. Then after 8 years together in the Rock n Roll Circus, the band called it quits…and now, almost 25 years later, THEY ARE BACK! In the fall of 2016, the band reunited and entered the studio for the first time together in over 20 years with veteran recording producer and lead guitarist for Slaves on Dope, Kevin Jardine to record three new songs. The first video “On Fire” was released in September 2016 with a follow up video released a few months later for “Stand Up And Fight.” In November 2017, Playhouse returned to the stage after 25 year with their sold out comeback show in Montreal, Canada.   Check out this earlier thread on these guys: https://heavyharmonies.ipbhost.com/topic/35094-playhouse/        
    • no......it.......doesn't 
    • Drinking my Beaujolais nouveau (Vive La France for your beautiful traditions!!!!!) while spinning them back to back on vinyl (Jaysus, sound is incredible on both vinyls!!!!) and still GOC wipes the floor with Tunguska(what a waste of a great title, btw!). 
    • wow. I'll leave that comment there. in terms of this album - it's a boring one paced generic album. Martennson needs to regather himself for the Eclipse album next year and produce something truly exciting 

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