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Lillian Axe's new lead singer is..........


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we surely can't judge an album by merely a sample

I fully agree with you on this, but by the same token, if you want people to buy the new album, surely you let them hear the best/most catchy song(s) first.

This is why bands release singles prior to to an album release. They dont pick songs that are unlikely to chart and are also likely to sell people on buying their album.


Maybe this is just the only song they have fully recorded, but unless they thought this was the song was most representative of the upcoming album, they should have held off until something was recorded that is.


I will be the first to admit that I havent bought a LA album since Poetic Justice (and I am one of the few who thinks that is the best of the first 3) as what I have heard since has not impressed me, but this sounds like its not going to do anything to change that for me.

You have got to check out "Psychoschizophrenia" and "Field's Of Yesterday".

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