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What is the rarest album you own?

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Yeah, I suppose their's a difference between what's rare and what's in demand. So I'm not really sure where mine fall.


Hot Boy - Barely Legal

Intuition - Turn it On

Jillson - Deadly Girl

KK Wilde - Rock N Roll

Moriah - Mirror Man


I still think people confuse "rare" for "expensive."


The rarest albums I have are two from a Punk Rock band called Seed (S/T in '99, and Rockstar in '01). There were probably only a few hundred pressed of each, but I probably couldn't even give them away. Nobody knows who this band is.



Good point. I suspect a lot of us own demos and/or 'self-released' material that had a limited run, and so would be considered 'rare' ... perhaps the question should be what's the most expensive/highest value album in your collection?

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Rarest for me is Junkyard - Put Em On Ten and Pull the Knobs Off because I didn't know about it when it came out & then spent 3 years trying to find it. Now I never see one listed anywhere.


Another is the Bernie Torme "Official Bootleg"


The last real rare one I have is an original press copy of Blind Gypsy - Never Coming Home


I also have a copy of 3 Guns West - S/T. I know that's rare. It was my uncle's band & they were never heard of lol

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Karpet's comment is my favorite ever and one I have been living by yelling to people for years!


I can think of a thousand bands in my collection that fall into that category, that have music far superior to the Ebay top 10 "rarest" that only myself and James Staryder Gebbia (RIP) has ever heard of and/or appreciated.


One that immediately comes to mind is a Seattle band (locals are my fave's) called Hello Goodbye. Released a cd in the early 90's very Enuff Z Nuff/Redd Kross like, I sent a copy to LV Kix/Dave and he has it in his top rotation still after about 10 years, yes its that good and alas unknown to EVERYONE!


The rarest I own and I may have mentioned it earlier on in this thread is a long play by my pal Jim Paulson (The Lemons, New American Shame, The Best Kissers, Point Defience) of a band he was in a half dozen years ago called Top Heavy Crush. The cd in question is a studio made cdr of which the engineer made 5 copies right on the spot after the recordings were completed. No artwork, but the disc has printed album info on it. Killer music, but NO ONE will EVER hear it, except for me. :)



I also have, which I think its very cool and I started a thread here about it and that is a Samantha 7 pre-release/demo. Track order is different and so are a number of the mixes. I've searched high and low for info and have found none!

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How bout those Steelers? haha just kidding. I'm a fan too.


So if you're gonna brag... You could share :D

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    • This band does absolutely ZERO for me.
    • Love it!  Very new-breed DRN... I don't normally dig that type of thing from my favorite 80's bands, but I'm good with it here.  Once again, Daiker is all over this one. Look at Mel slide into everyone of those notes on bass.  Dude is SOOOOOOOOOOOO damn good.  Such a shame he's virtually unknown outside Portland, Oregon (and a those of you in-the-know for this type of music).
    • The guitar-work is great.  I think it's a pretty decent cover. Look, I've been a HUGE fan since 1983, so you'll be hard-pressed to get me to say anything negative about this band.  Those of you who weren't around to see them on the Pyromania and Hysteria tours... God I feel badly for you.  "Top of their game" is a HUGE understatement.  The Beatles of my era for sure.
    • Only point I was looking to make was that I agreed with the prior post above which had mentioned being frustrated that the guys hadn't put out many new releases over the last 15 years and that it may be beneficial to work with a better producer again.  Your follow up post pointed to the time between their earlier releases being similar and I responded to explain how I felt that was different, no worries though, we just see things differently
    • Inglorious indicated a few months ago that they had finished recording the songs for their third album, hinted as being heavier than their prior releases, which should be released via Frontiers in February 2019.  The first song/video from the upcoming album is out now https://www.planetrock.com/news/rock-news/inglorious-say-heavier-third-album-is-done-and-reveal-release-date/    
    • From 84 (the year after Pyromania) until 99 they released 4 studio albums, yes, but from 2000 until 2015 they released 3 studio albums, not 2. Not really that much difference. They also released the covers album, so that was pretty much the same level of output. They still continue to tour regularly and had issues such as Campbells cancer scare and recovery from that, plus the musical landscape is vastly different to that first time scale you mention.   Really not sure what your point is here?      
    • Uh...it doesn't sound bad.  Not as raw as the original and I think that hurts this version. But...if you're gonna do a cover, get the lyrics right.  "It's the eye of the tiger, it's the dream of the fight?"  Uh... no.
    • Damn good album...Has moved up my list also. I think as of now my top 4 are probably: Kissin' Dynamite Shiraz Lane Treat Maverick I'm not even bothering listing #5 as I'm saving a spot in the top 5 for Midnite City....Almost expecting that it'll slot in at either #1 or #2. And probably a good chance Nordic Union pushes the list also. Another release I'm really digging is Hearts On Fire.  Not officially out yet but have been listening to it for a month or so from doing a premium pre order.  Not quite making my top 5 but probably in the 6-8 range at the moment.

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