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Motley Mike

I, Napoleon?

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I actually enjoy this album. It's just too different to have ever had a chance. One of the few comparable bands I have found would be Insania (on Retrospect Records).

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I bought this album sometime around 1999 or so back when I was ordering CDs from a paper mail order catalogue (before internet).

Back then, with no YouTube etc I pretty much relied on the discription by which ever retailer I was ordering from, usually whichever band they were comparing them to. Cannot remember for the life of me who these guys were compared to, but it was obviously enough for me to take a punt and order a copy.

What I do remember though is playing the CD, saying "What the fuck?" and thinking it was some kind of joke.

The only song I kind of enjoyed was "Come back soon", but only because it made me laugh (it was catchy though).

It did not stay in my collection long and these days all I still have is a digital copy that never gets played.


Despite the story above, it still amazes me that this band got signed to such a large label. It doesn't surprise me that Geffen did'nt promote them any further.

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