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    • I don't know why you're on an internet forum spreading hate at the age of 13, rather than being out riding a bike, climbing trees and playing outside with your siblings and/or friends... but I guess things are different in 2019.  Well I kinda did say I don't hate gay people I hate the confusion that's spreading around the world with it. I don't hate you either, seems you won't let this rest though.  Also, none of my friends live close by, and my siblings don't play with me, plus it's completely snowy everywhere. Of course, kids play in the snow too, at least here, but how old are you when you just kinda stop? Doesn't mean I don't go outside and do stuff though. It is a little bit not fun when it gets 20 below 0 though. I mean, I probably have gone outside in 30 below or lower I actually have no idea. ┐(°,ʖ°)┌  But somewhere below zero and it's not bad. I'm done 'spreading hate' as long as everyone else is willing to go back to the thread's original topic.  To me, that didn't quite tie up the ends but if it didn't I guess now it does. I'm finished with the conversation. Back to Whitecross & WhiteHeart. 
    • Fucking kangaroos. What are they good for? 
    • Good you're OK. We have the freaking moose running around everywhere that you don't wanna hit.  Those animals are huge. And pretty frightening when they appear in front of your car going zillions miles an hour in the dark. You're glad if you make it out alive 'cause the car certainly won't. I have had plenty of close calls, never hit one though.
    • Link or it didn't happen? Is it something I can view in Australia? 
    • This doesn't mean anything at all to me unless they announce recording plans. 
    • Great news about the new album, but yes, the point of that re-recording is a bit puzzling. 
    • I remember about two years back I was driving down at Sussex Inlet on the NSW South Coast - we were actually having a slow drive around some local backstreets with the kids looking at the kangaroos everywhere. As I was driving one came bouncing out from someone's backyard and slid right across the bonnet of my car like a Mel Gibson in Lethal Weapon or the like. He was a massive one too. He did leave a small and insignificant dent in the car, but it was kind of cool. 
    • I'm very happy to let this end here, but anyone who knows me knows I just need to tie up a few loose ends.    I did actually only ever intend to reply to this thread with that first post I made - which, despite it not being exactly to your liking, it was just my honest take on the question you asked in the opening post of this thread. Someone else turned it into this.   I don't know why you didn't just lead off with something like this, and keep it to something like this. Fair questions, and relevant to what I actually posted.  To answer, my favourite songs of all are actually mostly lyric-based. But, all those lyric-based gems have amazing hooks, melodies and a killer musical track. It goes without saying that not every song can have great lyrics, but I still love a great hook, melody and great hard rock. And I may strongly dislike the lyrics to some songs, but I have a strange relationship with christian songs. I consider them kind of like car-crash songs - I think the lyrics are so, sooo stupid, but I'm not going to forsake the songs because of that. Truth is, he could be singing about the devil and Satan in place of God and I would like them every bit as much, if not a little more than the christian dribble. Anyway, I can listen to 'Without your love' in it's entirety and it never specifically references god or jesus once. I could probably play that in the car with a friend and they might not guess it's a christian song. That's my type of christian tune. Discreet to the point that you can take it either way.  'Collide' is just a really, really cool tune. Again, apart from the "he gave his life for you" line, this could easily pass for a non-christian song. Even the line in the second verse about waiting for god to make it right doesn't come across to me as over-bearing christian dribble. Another tune you could possibly play to a casual observer and they might not pick up that it's christian... maybe, lol. It's one that you can either take as heavily religious, or not too much. I choose the latter... but again, it's just a really cool tune either way.  And like I said, I'm as "hard headed" as I am after listening to christian lyrics because I just think the overbearing lyrics are stupid and embarrassing and if anything it strengthens my resolve and makes me dislike christianity even more... because those stupid lyrics are ruining cool songs. But I still like the good hooks and melodies.  That is very disappointing as his opinion means the world to me. I will do everything in my power to change his mind.  Haha. And that's probably why Petra dislikes me so much, because I admit I'm as PC as a hand on a thigh in 2019. I sadly do not respect a lot of opinions (as a random, unrelated example - religion), but in turn - and this is important - I don't expect or require anyone to respect mine. Anyway, thanks for the words. I also think I could count the e-confrontations I've had on one hand wrapped around my member in the decades I've been here, and was therefore taken aback by this whole thing.  If we have volunteers in the crowd I can certainly make the battle with Karpetface last longer than 15sec. I can toy with him for a while and slowly break each bone in his body one by one if that will bring the crowd more joy? As for lasting 15sec with my co-stars in films, it's really a non-issue. It's only happened in about 8,000 of my 14,000 flicks. No big deal.  You've said a lot of silly things, but that's just plain stupid. Why on earth would I hate you? What on balls' earth makes you think that? I only "know" of you over a few over-reactive internet posts, but I'm going to hate you for that? That's beyond silly. You asked at some point what being 13 years old has to do with anything and answer it every time you tell us how much you hate something. You say you hate me for whatever pointless rubbish has been discussed in this thread, and you hate Freddie Mercury... because he had sex with men? Surely you can see that's not a reasonable way to think? If anything, I feel a bit sorry for you because you've been born into religion and know no other way. To you, it does seem reasonable to hate someone because they are gay, or for whatever I have allegedly done on this forum.  And when have I said I hate "God," or even acknowledged what I think "God" is? If you're a reader, I recommend a very interesting book called 'Conversations with God' by Neale Donald Walsch. I hope that's the one I'm thinking of. It was definitely called 'Conversations with God' and I can only assume that was the author. Very interesting read, though.  Or if you like something easier to read and more suited to your age (and I don't mean that condescendingly - I have read this book in recent years and still enjoy it throughly), I always liked 'Sati' by Christopher Pike... yep, that Christopher Pike.  But I certainly don't hate, or even dislike you. I don't think we're going to be pen pals and I don't know why you're on an internet forum spreading hate at the age of 13, rather than being out riding a bike, climbing trees and playing outside with your siblings and/or friends... but I guess things are different in 2019.  Good point. When are we going to start up a climate change thread on the forum? That'll no doubt be a smooth ride.  Ah, there it is. Sorry, I am happy to let this rest, but living in Australia, I am not active on the forum at the same time as y'all, so I miss all the major activity and just come in and collect the scraps after the fact.  I'm making posts back to back,  Intelligence I lack When I bend over I have an appealing crack I like the look of her stack When I dance I spin like a tack I spent last night with Cody at Brokeback I think into my heavyharmonies.com account Petra would like to hack ---------------------------- Sorry for that, but saying "collect the scraps after the fact" left me with no alternative but to break into that.  I want to know about the agnostic christian too! Sorry mate, I just sent photos based on the feedback I got last time. You've been constantly "liking" the photos I post of Whorehe on Instagram so I assumed that's what you were after. Don't really want to put this out on a public forum, but that video you posted on Redtube of you, uh, servicing yourself to a photo of Whorehe... it found it's way into my Favourites collection- I mean onto my screen one time before I quickly forgot it. But either way, I saw it and I'm only catering to your preferences as far as I understood. Sorry if I misunderstood. Now explain agnostic christianity to me.  It is an actual illness I have. If someone directs something at me, I feel like it's ruder to ignore it than to reply to it. Surely there's merit to that. Surely? Grrr. Meow.  
    • I get what you mean by "mega." That was quite the vocal performance. I still don't like the song, though 
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