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    • Here in my part of the world, it's not animals that we have to deal with, it's people on two wheelers! They ride their bikes like morons. No one bothers about the traffic rules. They come from left, right, front, up. I generally lose my cool almost everytime i am driving.
    • Yo sorry dude  You can answer the very  first question if you like 
    • Great news on the hopeful new album next year,would fit in with their release every 2 years since the debut but the re-recording of a 9 year old song from said debut doesn't make sense nor add anything to it for me
    • Dunno what to think as apart from their debut album I was never that much of a fan of the other releases apart from THC Grooove from Freakshow but i'll give em a chance and as Alpha pointed out Lies, Deceit, & Treachery sounded very good indeed in their short lived career.
    • Glad to hear that you're ok... we don't really have to deal with wild animals here on the roads...the odd rabbit,fox or badger here and there and very occasionally a sheep or cow .
    • To kill you I guess 😂
    • I don't know why you're on an internet forum spreading hate at the age of 13, rather than being out riding a bike, climbing trees and playing outside with your siblings and/or friends... but I guess things are different in 2019.  Well I kinda did say I don't hate gay people I hate the confusion that's spreading around the world with it. I don't hate you either, seems you won't let this rest though.  Also, none of my friends live close by, and my siblings don't play with me, plus it's completely snowy everywhere. Of course, kids play in the snow too, at least here, but how old are you when you just kinda stop? Doesn't mean I don't go outside and do stuff though. It is a little bit not fun when it gets 20 below 0 though. I mean, I probably have gone outside in 30 below or lower I actually have no idea. ┐(°,ʖ°)┌  But somewhere below zero and it's not bad. I'm done 'spreading hate' as long as everyone else is willing to go back to the thread's original topic.  To me, that didn't quite tie up the ends but if it didn't I guess now it does. I'm finished with the conversation. Back to Whitecross & WhiteHeart. 
    • Fucking kangaroos. What are they good for? 
    • Good you're OK. We have the freaking moose running around everywhere that you don't wanna hit.  Those animals are huge. And pretty frightening when they appear in front of your car going zillions miles an hour in the dark. You're glad if you make it out alive 'cause the car certainly won't. I have had plenty of close calls, never hit one though.
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