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    • night drive is great....just what I want from these guys 
    • If I had a choice, it would be a new Danger Danger album with Paul. As much as I loved Ted's D2 albums, my fandom of the band quadrupled when Paul joined. 
    • Burn Bitch Burn - KISS
    • Fantastic album for me but the music does cry out for some grittier/harder vocals absolutely 
    • I'm confused. So if a black guy went to a Trump conference and did this the orange messiah would be up offering to pay the legal costs of anybody who punched the guy.  What's right and wrong here? 
    • I actually like that 2 vocalist release.    Just like Allen/Lande....Laine/Poley would be awesome. Call the album Danger Meets Danger. 
    • Agreed. That music with Ted's vocals seemed out of place. 
    • Yeah, that's pretty obvious, and it's their claim. Unfortunately the way they went about it was tos ay that they weren't effective against the virus, to stop the public buying them out. Fucking idiots. Now a huge portion of the population thinks they are a waste of tme, when it matters to wear them. This is what lies (blatant lies) get. How about they said "masks are effective, but we need all we can get for health professionals" They how about the government comandeer what they need so the public can't savage stock piles? Treat epople like idiots and they will act like idiots. Then don't complain that people are acting like idiots.
    • OK, I'll skip the twp above, two of the best. 100 In A 55 - old school-ish rock Torn To Pieces - a song Leigh wrote as a trbute to his father, probably their best ballad, along with Purple Beautiful - like many of their songs this is more on the uplifting side, rather than the usual depressing love lost type song. Footsteps - this one takes a few listens to totally get and get into, but it's worth it. Play it loud, so the beat echos through your chest. Another positive song. Be Legendary - off their most recent album, possibly written about me
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