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    • I'm fully aware of the repercussions of US politics on the rest of the world and my own country. I've mentioned it many times on here. I'm just a bit too far removed to get too riled up about it. I can understand that being a neighbor could make a difference, but i'd be more concerned about Trudeau if I were you.
    • What I find amusing is that some people think that they are unaffected by happenings on the other side of the planet...we live in a very interconnected world these days and having an unhinged president in the most powerful country should be a concern to everyone...
    • New video for 'Sorry'.    
    • Doesn't come close to the level of their classic albums, but for a band that's been cranking 'em out for half a century, it's a pretty solid effort, easily the best thing they've done since "Razor's Edge" (the pinnacle of their career, in my opinion). I went in expecting another throwaway effort and came away with a half-dozen no-frills rock songs that get the job done. Yeah, half the album is filler junk, but that's pretty typical for an AC/DC release.
    • Much appreciated mate I will check them out, definitely interested in the ZRecords release. 
    • Yeah great album   Aordave89 if you're checkin em out their album is self titled and their debut release called "Blaze" was re-released by Zrecords a few years ago..both very good discs. The above track appears on both releases..original and reworked versions.
    • Not heard these guys before - Will definitely be checking them out. Cheers! 
    • It's the NFL, so that doesn't surprise me.   
    • 10 and 0 and the Ravonettes took an L.     I too like the Hawks Russ, I do hope Russ gets some recognition sometime. He and Ben both 1st ballet hall of fame canditates and neither have received 1 MVP vote in their illustrious careers. SMFH.
    • Flame  - Don't Look Down. I remember picking this album up in a bargain bin not long after it was released. I new nothing of the band and the cover art was a bit dodgy, but it was only $2, so I thought why not? I couldn't believe how good the album was and when I got to this track I was in heaven.     
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