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    • Well, he and his wife are separated, but I don't know what the cause was.  ;}
    • He is from a very connected family. His dad was PM in Canada. A bit like the Bush family of political animals. It's so funny how people think anyone can one day lead a country in a democracy. Yeah right. If you are rich and from a connected family like Trudeau maybe.
    • Information Society track from the 80s.  Information Society synthpop track from the 80s. 
    • I absolutely love that and was surprised to read its a cover 
    • Well then my friend, if you haven't heard the aforementioned "Evidence One", then you're in for a treat with these tracks from their Killer three albums. Get on the main site and cross reference his name. He's quite prolific.  I'll even throw in a Killer "Duran Duran" cover from another one of his great projects "Midnite Club". Just ignore the first 10 seconds.      
    • *Idea stolen from Loudwire Things we always whine about and it's getting old (like all of us). 1. Hard rock bands these days are not as big as they were in the 80s. (There will never be another band as big as Motley Crue) 2. Bands who have changed their style from their early albums. (I like their old stuff better than their new stuff) 3. Bands who don't ever change their style for decades. (Ho hum another ACDC album that sounds like ACDC) 4. Bands who sound like classic rock artists or styles. (Send in the clones...) 5. Bands who change members and keep their band names. (Ain't nothin' but a gold digga) 6. Albums being too commercial or not commercial enough. (sell outs or I wish they'd be more radio friendly) 7. New sub-genres not fitting in the scene. (They have a dance beat!!!) 8. Unnecessarily inventing new sub-genres to categorise "rock". (It is neo-AOR-Scandi-glamwave) 9. Grunge "killing" hard rock. (Damn junkies killed my Damn Yankees...) 10. They only released one melodic album so they don't count in our scene. Or, they are slightly too "metal" to be in our scene, or slightly too "pop" to be in our scene. (Judas Priest is out. Metallica is out. Jethro Tull is out. Soundgarden is out...)
    • No dude, this has nothing to do with that, 2 of these guys are liberals of the highest order, who if anything have fallen to the middle of the road,Maher taking the biggest step, cause you know how they canablize anyone who steps outside the line, this is much more then just liberal schlocks holding an unliberal view, these are guys who have never strayed from the path
    • ????? Cause he's a fucking pussy, how did he get voted in?
    • Why the fuck didnt they re record this and release it on one of their albums? it's been a long favorite of mine.    
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