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    • Is anyone brave enough to back against the GOAT taking his team all the way again? They did a number on the Eagles...
    • I work for a commercial building company called "Advance Management" (ADVance Management), as a result most of our equipment and tools have ADV written on them. I can't get away from the cunt.
    • Rap and Hip Hop, especially in the 80s, was rife with it. That's what all the songs were about back then.
    • I really, really hate those fucking threads.
    • Just sounds like nothing that would interest me. If the rest of the CD sounded like this video Id probably check them out though.  
    • I've had this idea to work out who may be the most influential people in our little genre right now. I've put it in Flaming cause I think it may be controversial... 1. Sefanio Perugio (label owner). They aren't the only label in town but they take a sizeable chunk of both current and legacy artists releasing music in 2022. And Sefarino appears to take an active interest in the direction of the label and is also often responsible for the MANY project releases of Frontiers ever year. This all makes him #1 in the most influential people in 2022. 2. Alessandro Del Vecchio (songwriter, producer, musician). Speaking of Frontiers  one man seems to have his fingers in every second pie. That is ADV, the man we often joke as being a villain by having a large impact on the "sound" of so much in our genre. 3. Slash (guitarist, solo and band member). Immediately recognisable by people whether they know hard rock or not, Slash is consistently featured in media and popular culture for his iconic style. Not only that, he continues to influence more kids to pick up the guitar than everyone else. He also is set to release a new solo album and Guns n Roses album in 2022. 4. Ozzy Osbourne (singer, pop culture icon). His most recent album was the best selling hard rock album of the year, the only rock album in the top 100. Beloved for his back catalogue as well as his reality TV, Ozzy continues to influence the latest generation. 5. Dave Grohl (singer, drummer, friend to everyone in the biz). Dave Grohl plays an elder-statesman role in the industry and has an active presence in the media. Dave Grohl's love of legacy rock and metal groups keep the flame alive in popular consciousness. 6. Wolfgang Van Halen (solo artist). Having grown up with a very famous dad, WVH released his first solo album last year and... it was good! Seemingly everywhere since his dad's passing, he has used his new platform to forge an identity in our genre. Frequent social media commentary on all things rock. 7. Gene Simmons (mogul). In the news last year for his "rock is dead" comments, which to be fair are a little accurate if based on sales. However, coming from a hero of the genre, it seemed like a kick in the guts. Also, Kiss seemed to be relegating themselves to a Last Vegas residency until covid killed that. This makes The Demon the most negative influential person heading into 2022.  8. Erik Martensson (band member). As member of two of the best and most popular groups in hard rock (WET and Eclipse), Erik had a big year and continues to be influential for the upper echelons of modern music and what people listen to in our genre. 9. Dee Snider (media personality and musician). Seemingly has resurrected his career on two fronts. Dee has released some new music that people seem to like, and has also become somewhat of a spokesperson for what he refers to as "hair metal".  10. Alice Cooper (shock rocker and nice guy). Alice continues to release new music, continues to adapt to new trends and continues to nurture new talent (see recent artists Nita Strauss and Orianthi) that go onto other things. He also hobnobs with celebrities and is a living icon of the genre and rock in general. 11. James Gunn (director). James makes the list as an influential Hollywood director who has an affinity for the music. His latest project, Peacemaker, has a soundtrack that is littered with modern sleaze rock bands. This is invaluable exposure for artists trying to make a living in a tough marketplace. 12. Jeff Scott Soto (singer). Continues to release quality albums and also guest on a number of projects. JSS is considered by many to be "the voice" when considering the best singers of the genre.  13. Eddie Trunk (historian). Eddie has been involved with the scene since the glory days. He is an important voice, particularly for legacy acts. Unlike many in the media, he didn't shun our genre when OT was popular to do so, but remained an important champion of the music. Ask most bands from the 80s still around and they will speak highly of him. 14.Lzzy Hale (band member). As leader of her band, Halestorm, Lzzy is an established presence in the genre. Her good looks, and undeniable talent has seen her become recognised by most hard rock fans in a (let's be honest) male-dominated field. Also, she rocks! 15. Michael Sweet (singer and concept bands). He's been active for about 40 years now and in the last several years has been prolific releasing 2 solo albums, 1 main band album, and a number of concept albums of quality. His voice hasn't lost much power and his songwriting has become heavier while still being melodic. 16. Andrew Watt (guitarist and producer). Making his name as producer for a number of mega-selling urban artists, Mr. Watt's true love is 80s metal. He has used his influence to resurrect (again) Ozzy's career and introduce his music to fans of Post Malone.  17. Sammy Hagar (singer). The elder statesman in the industry, Sammy has seen a recent resurgence in relevance due to his "Circle" and friends releases. It seems the metal public are reminiscing about Sammy's legacy and seeing it in a positive light. He is a bridge from the 70s to now and appears to be ageing nice and disgracefully, still the red rocker, still liking a party, ever honest in his views. 18. Danny Rexon (singer and songwriter). Danny has become somewhat of a leader in the Scandi-Sleaze movement. Ever consistent in his main band, Crazy Lixx, he has recently added production to his resume and looks to have a long career still ahead of him. 19. Magnus Karlsson (songwriter and instrumentalist). Not quite ADV, but has his considerable talents attached to a number of projects. Karlsson brings an operatic, dramatic flair to his numerous hard rock outings that all attract critical acclaim.  20. Myles Kennedy (singer & guitarist)). Through his solo, guest (Slash) and band (Alter Bridge) involvement, Myles has a lasting impact on the genre. A recognised name, his talents have made him an important voice in the scene and he also has the respect of Metal and (non-80s style) hard rock community.   _____________ I'm not wedded to this list. I'm sure there are influential people who I have forgotten or who others think are more worthy. 😀  
    • Eminem was good at that practice too.
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