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    • I'm confused.  Dan said Crazysam had guessed two albums correctly, and even placed them in the correct position.  But then you took the two you believed to be correct, and then put them in different positions? Walk us through your thought process. 
    • Yeah, but, like the article argues, the issue is multifaceted.  One of the problems I have noticed the most is how little support new music gets, especially when it's new music from old bands. I recall listening to the local Classic Rock station a couple years ago, and they were talking about the most recent AC/DC album. And at the end of the conversation they played "Thunderstruck." I thought to myself, I don't even care for AC/DC, but why the fuck wouldn't you play a song from that new record you were just talking about?  And that was just one incident. It happens countless times. Radio DJs are terrible.  Why would you not play new music from the old bands that are already frequently being played on your station? Or why would you not showcase new bands playing the same genre? Wouldn't you want to keep that music alive?  It's frustrating. I'm just glad I have this community to keep me informed, while I remain ignorant to all the 'new' trends. ;}
    • Somewhat forward and somewhat backwards... 3 out of 5 correct, but none in their correct spots.  P. S. To avoid confusion, everyone please number your responses, as some people count up from 1 and others count down to 1.
    • Well, I guess running and owning a site means you get to choose your own top 5, no matter how questionable those selections are! 😂
    • Pretty Reckless Death By Rock N'Roll Beast In Black - Dark Connection Nestor - Kids In Ghost Town  Bollywood - Rahshak Wicked Smile Smile - Wait For The Night
    • Streaming has killed the goose that laid the golden egg. People will say on this site "oh, but I listen to new music all the time". Yeah, but it is consumed like hamburgers. There is no relationship to be had with a virtual product. It is all lost when you replace your phone for a new one or even earlier when you stream playlists of random songs someone has chosen for you and then forget about them and move on. And streaming doesn't sound as good no matter how much people want to be deluded that compressed files are the same quality as a compact disc. It just isn't. One day there will be a revival I expect of music having more meaning culturally again. I don't think it is this hipster and boomer led vinyl resurgence, which is just going to the opposite end of making music less convenient than ever again. But it will come, I am hopeful, led by bands and fans who will reject the destruction of their love of rock by streaming.
    • Well well well, making some progress... 2 out of 5 correct and BOTH are in their correct positions.
    • I'll take a shot and if nothing else try to help narrow down which of those 3... Chez Kane Arion Beast In Black Nestor Flotsam & Jetsam  
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