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Got the s/t debut on right now and it's definitely different from other stuff I've heard from them. I expected as much since they were on a metal label. The debut is definitely heavier 80's style classic metal.


I'm guessing their change in direction is what casued the separation with the record label.


Sorry never saw this thread.


Yeh the debut is 80s classic metal, bordering on power metal even at times.

I got rid of it.


The new glam release.... ROCKS! love it! GOt it yet Linds?

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Haven't go the latest one, but will probably pick up the jap pressing.

Track 2 "Innocent Rosie" could be my track of the year.... yeh thats right a sleazey glam song !


if you're glam, you'll have to change your ID to phaffaz


that looks black .... like niggaz

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I can see what you mean about the vocals, Geoff, but I'm loving this. I've been trawling through the Sleaze/Glam Forum, checking out some of the suggested bands and this is the first one I've really liked. The songs sound great, fantastic guitar, I simply have to buy it!

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4. True Girls Are Sixteen

What the hell does that even mean?


It means that if you're not Sixteen then your a false girl.


Hang on, my daughter is 6, what does that make her?

A pre-girl? A semi-girl?



Has to be one of the worst song titles going (is there a thread of 'worst song titles'???) but I still like the music.

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Been listening to this album today and very impressed!!! Didn't like the first track much, but then it really kicks off and for me almost every track is a winner. Sleaze/glam/hard rock of the highest order, great, great tunes and not punky at all, which is how I like my sleaze rock. The best album I've heard for a long time, fantastic. Highly recommended.



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