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Will The Thrill Thanks For Your Support!

Guest Happydude

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Yeah big deal. I don't post much. I ordered a Cd I thought was cool and was letting people know.





Now you're just being a bit of a dick. That's my territory sir.

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Yeah big deal. I don't post much. I ordered a CD I thought was cool and was letting people know.

Now you're just being a bit of a dick. That's my territory, sir.

Guess I sort of thought 66 Mustang's comment was a little unwarranted (no offense, man, just sayin'). Didn't know there was a minimum number of posts required each year if you wanted to continue posting. Seemed to me Happydude was just passing on info. about a band he thought folks here might enjoy. I personally didn't care for the band, but if had been something I liked, I couldn't have cared less that the guy only posts once every 4 or 5 months. Now if he finds another cool band, he probably won't bother telling us about it, given the shellacking he took here, and that's our loss, not his.


Or maybe I'm just tired and reading it wrong and he really is a dick. (Just kidding.) ;)

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Album cover = 9/10 (would have been 10/10 without the hands).


I'll give the samples a go asap.

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Passing thoughts from yours truly:


I love boobs, that cover is awesome.


The music sounds good, but also sounds like a guitar player mixed/produced it.


They need a real singer, the guy's not bad but backing vocal quality (I speak from experience ;) ).


I hope Happydude keeps passing along his finds, regardless of how many posts he has. Don't be a stranger bro! :)

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Tunes actually sounded okay. Not great... vocalist is only okay, as Pete says, but I'd pick this CD up for cheap if I saw it. :) As everyone says, hope to see you around again, Happydude. Always appreciative of new bands to check out. :)

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  • 12 years later...

Hello everybody, 10 years later :).  I appreciate you all checking out my album back then.  I'm still at it because I live for this stuff.  My fb page is here https://www.facebook.com/willthrillrocks and I have a second record called "Sorry To Disappoint Ya".  It's on the streaming platforms and what-not.  Anyway, I hope you're all still alive and kicking.  The last few years have been tough, especially 2020.  I'm finishing my 3rd album right now and the tunes are only getting better.  Take care of yourselves, and let's all do what we're best at as we make the world a better place.  Also I sell/stream all my stuff on Bandcamp here: https://willthethrill.bandcamp.com/album/sorry-to-disappoint-ya



Will "The Thrill"

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    • An absolute must have album, KILLER!!! stuff...  
    • This whole transgender sport thing is a joke IMO....I mean who really cares who or what is competing in the Olympics these days, most of them are on performance drugs of one kind or another anyway....half the women look like men and some of the men look like women depending on which sport they are competing in....I just don't give a fuck anymore....I watch NHL, MLB and NFL....they can put women or transgender in any of those leagues and I'll have a good laugh....
    • Firstly, thank you for those kind words. I was moved.  Secondly, yeah, the whole transgender sport issue is a disgrace. I honestly can't understand how it's allowed.  Joe Rogan's been calling this shit out from day one.        
    • just feeling very emotional right now, and wanted to let all my HH brothers know how I feel, without being offensive or getting cancelled,  I just wanted to tell you guys that your all Fags and if you were any bigger pillow biters, you'd have to have your wrists permanently set in the limp position, especially you G-Off, I noticed since you met that new guy you dont even come on here anymore, must be getting to much weenie, anyways, your all homos, and queers, and I wouldn't be surprised to find out your all chicks with dicks, especially the wops and nips, but I think your all Crackers so I dont have to bring race into this, well that and im not a dumbocrat, Nolan I dont know if you or G-Off take more weenie, but it would be interesting to compare stats, anyways if you cant tell I had to unload this somewhere since I just got my Twitter account banned for saying that these faggot transgendered people, who are fucking men, should be able to compete against woman, in sports, cause it's pretty obvious nobody who could compete in athletics against their own gender, have to go compete in a lower level, I mean if they ever want to feel victory, isnt that why anyone would want to be a man and compete against a woman? sorry im lost, i cannot even guess the mindset behind that, you can dress like a fag and still compete against dudes, right?
    • Yay! Also one of the best guitarists, you get lots of people that copy Vai, Malmsteen, EVH e.t.c. and do it superbly well but never seen anyone come close to getting Steve Howes style. Although on recent live albums (less said about them the better)  it sounds like he has slowed a lot from his heyday.
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