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rip-off ebay seller [japanrarehunter]

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9 hours ago, Crazysam said:

It is bad enough trying to make sure disc images are legit before buying/bidding, now we have to even be careful that the OBI strips are real?  When I first started rebuilding and adding harder to find cds to my collection some years back I wasn't aware how prevalent bootleg discs and shill bidding was.  It's crazy how far scammers will go and a real shame that collectors have to become overly suspicious of everyone because of some bad sellers.  

many bootleg CDs was made in Greece and Russia, you know. but we don't know who made them, so need to know how to differentiate bootleg and original one. but luckily(?) now we know who made the fake OBI. so as long as anybody doesn't resale his fake OBIs, the solution is so simple, don't buy from him. did you find any rare Japanese CDs with OBI in his ebay items? then don't buy them.

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