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    • Meh, I see Australia as mini-USA to a large degree. We follow most things from there. Overall I see it as kind of more dangerous in some areas. Thjere are things I don't like. I'd prefer non compulsory voting, like the US, I'd prefer a presidential system of government and am pro republic fo Australis (sever those ties with England), but there are many things here that I'd prefer to live with and I think are far better than in the USm\, nut most people would also say that their country is the best for a range of reasons.
    • The best country in the world myth is used as a political tool to make people think all is well and you're better here than anywhere else in the world. USA has this exceptionalism culture in politics and us brits have always had it too. Plenty of others use it.  Are they bad countries to live in? Certainly not. Best in the world? No metric shows that. Same with the 'land of opportunity'. A myth perpetuated to make people work hard. Reality remains that the most surefire way of being successful is having a rich father. 
    • Excellent job you are doing, Whiplash. Feel sorry, you will be having CDs in dreams.
    • I picked this one up many years ago after hearing 'One Night' which reminded me of Lynch Mob.Good Max Norman production job too. RIP Mick Zane.
    • I'm not saying the US is a bad place because it isn't...I think there have been a lot more people coming to Canada from the US than there is going from Canada to the US at least since 2016 lol...as for the best country I might pick one of the Scandinavian countries but like you I haven't been to that many places to be certain...
    • Easy Action -  That Makes One
    • Norm the Kangaroo ruled. where Claude the Crow  ( must be Red in feathers ).
    • I don't know about many other country's, but this one has all I could want, and more, don't know where this sentiment that the US is a bad place to live is, kind of makes me curious, I guess if you go to a good city, I don't see how it gets much better, if you go to a bad city, I'm pretty sure it's on the other end of the spectrum as far as a good city, if all these people come from South America, there is Mexico, Canada, Asia, Russia, Middle East, it's not like America is the only option, therefore it must be somewhere at the top, though not living in many other country's, I can't say one way or another.
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