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    • A bunch of new Christmas tunes (covers and originals) to enjoy during this pandemic.            
    • Not inspired by Spinal Tap as both were in production at the same time & Bad News came out in 83, Spinal Tap not until 84.
    • I really enjoy this band, but I have no idea who anyone is in this band. in fact that goes for amny bands these days. Maybe it's just not having the times to look it up, or maybe I just don't care that much any more lol
    • Enjoyed reading those comments as I couldn’t check the samples out until now.  I never judge an album on samples alone but Ive played through them a couple of times myself and absolutely love what I hear - big riffs, big choruses and bigger production.    The only couple of tracks I couldn’t warm to initially was My Kaleidoskope Ark, Silver Linings and Hard Love.   Shadows Of Eternity sounds killer.. really looking forward to hearing that one in full. It has a darker ‘Walls Come Down’ vibe to it. Hypnotized, Dirty Little Secret, Where Does It Hurt.. all great rockers too. In terms of the more light hearted fun songs, I agree it has a more overall darker vibe, but I’d definitely put Kilimanjaro and Dirty Little Secret in that category.    It’s hard to get a real feel of an album after 90 seconds but this sounds really solid and a huge improvement on Wall Street. Trond Holter is on fire and the album has a definite harder edge to it. Age is a class act and the production is great. So good to have these guys back, bring on January.  
    • Another "Parody" band, this time from the UK. In the mid 80s, "Bad News" released an album and they were definitely influenced by "Spinal Tap". They weren't just nobodies. As with Spinal Tap's legendary pedigree, the band consisted of British comedy royalty including three members of "The Young Ones", a classic 80s TV comedy. Aussies, Brits and Canadians should be familiar with it, but not so much Americans. It's a bit too much TBH. Not as subtle as Spinal Tap.    
    • I'm sure most of you have seen "This is Spinal Tap". If you haven't, then I would highly suggest you do so immediately.  The original "Steel Panther". The second clip is possibly one of the funniest music related clips ever!      
    • Shannon - Let the Music Play. Not everyone's cup of tea I'm sure, but I heard it today in the supermarket and was transported back to the eighties, as I am every time I hear it. Always loved this track.    
    • Cry Alone - Jimi Jamison 
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