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    • Loved their first album. Really disappointed by the second.  After 2 or 3 spins I'd say this one's a lot better than the last. 
    • Looking forward to this one   1. I Salute You 2. Arianne 3. Night Drive 4. Chariot Of Fire 5. Bring On The Rain 6. Love Is A Beautiful Lie 7. Ticking Away 8. Battle Ground 9. Candle In The Window 10. Rock In The City Vinyl and CD pre-orders announced soon. 
    • I was only reacting to the statement 'I'd rather have the virus and the economy recover'  be careful what you wish is all. over and out. see ya 
    • Just to explain how good we have it here in Australia. Our total cases since the beginninga re around 10,000 Yesterday, the USA had over 60,000 new cases. that's 6 times our total since it began. What right to we have to complain. Like I said before, the US is fucked with this, and I don't mean that in a nasty way, I mean that in feeling sorry for how rampant it is there. :(
    • Jeez you love the drama, mate.  Yes, the disease will have long-term effects on some - a very small minority of all those who contract it. It may also come out in the fullness of time that Measles, the Flu, Conjunctivitis etc... whatever... that any range of diseases would also have caused long term side-effects to these same people if they'd contracted some other form of disease.  But, for the overwhelming, vast majority of people, these side effects you want to panic the whole world with will likely not exist.  I really don't get your fondness for these wild blanket statements you make.  The other thing I keep thinking about this thing is that for every diagnosed case of COVID-19 there are probably double the amount of people that may have also had it and not even known it, or not had it diagnosed.  Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying the virus is a great thing and sign me up - I want a copy. Just saying your thirst for drama is real. 
    • A great track from the new E19 album. Their fourth. These guys are always sensational value. Very underrated.     
    • Not great (and not bad) but I'll anticipate the rest of the album is better. I think I liked the last one too. 
    • I know nothing about this but sounds like extreme intelligence in motion again. I believe later this week the colour white will be removed from colour charts around the world?  I personally feel strongly that reading, writing and all forms of speech should be banned so as not to cause offence to anyone.
    • Irresistable - Steve Carrell is in this, so an instant watch for me. Was only ok though. Enjoyable enough, wouldn't go out of my way to see it again. Becky - only issue is that her age in this movie is 13, which is too young for what she does. Kevin James plays a white supremasist in this, so it's been removed from Netflix, which is kinda stupid. He is actually really good in it. Survive The Night - Bruce Willis, so I gave it a go. Rent-a-script. Seen it 100 times before.
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