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Favorite "B" Bands

"B" Bands  

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my instant choice is Baton Rouge.

okay, there are a lot of "one of my all time fave bands" i have, Baton Rouge is one of them.

long ago Bon Jovi; Babylon AD, Howe-era Bad Comp., Bangalore Choir, and now Brother Firetribe kicks some serious butts!

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Wow... another freakin' tough one... love, love, love Burning Rain and Bad Moon Rising, not to mention Bon Jovi, Beau Nasty, etc. but for sheer depth of the catalogue I'd have to go with Bad Company. The Paul Rodgers version of course, not the Bad Company cover band that formed after he left. ;)

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  • My Little Pony

This was a tough one. Black N Blue are amazing, and Brother Firetribe are solid, but The Brave beat seven shades of shit out of me when I first threw Battle Cries in my stereo. And it continues to kick my ass!

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This is pretty hard, because there are so many great bands on that list! But BON JOVI gets my vote! Don't like Bon Jovi now, but love the first 4 albums.




with Bonfire a close second and honourable mention to Brother Firetribe who are the best AOR offering there.


By the way what the hell happened to / is wrong with Bad Habit, Boston & Boulevard, which would have been my top 3 picks for AOR?



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Bon Jovi all the way, well is it only me that think that Keep The Faith and These Days are absolutely great ?


the first two are quite decent, Slippery tends to be boring at last, New Jersey is very good, but KTF and TD are the most matured and varied album and IMO, that's the peak of their career before they went downhill afterward.

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Wow! Most of the bands in this list are bands i never heard about.the only ones i know are Bad Company,Bon Jovi, Bonfire and Britny Fox.


Bad Company gets my vote, as i love the first 3 albums with paul Rodgers, and also think the 2 albums with Brian Howe that i own(Dangerous age and Holy Water) are good slabs of classy AOR.


Bon Jovi would be my second favorite: all their albums up to These Days are very good, and crush and Bounce are ok; i haven't heard the most recent ones.


Bonfire comes third; Fireworks and Point Blank are very good easy listening 80s melodic metal; and that's all i've heard from them.


Britny Fox, i only heard their 1st album, and i think it's decent sleazy hard rock, but nothing to write home about.


By the way, why bands like Black Sabbath, Blue Oyster Cult,Bathory, Bad English, Boston, Blue Murder didn't make the list?

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