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What CDs did you buy this week?

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UFO - Strangers In The Night (8 CD box) UFOREVER!  

Nice stuff, I've got that on vinyl, but I didn't find the time to spin it yet!

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Bush-The Sea of Memories

Human League-The Best Of

Elton John-Here and There

Kiss-Lick It Up

Ted Nugent-Double Live Gonzo

Rock Star Supernova-SA/T

George Strait-The Best Of

George Thorogood & The Destroyers-Greatest Hits;30 Years of Rock

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Foreigner~ Foreigner 

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Latest grabs:


Toxic Ruin - Subterranean Terror

Toxic Ruin - Mortal Insolence

In Battle - Kingdom Of Fear

Imperial Vengeance - At The Going Down Of The Sun

Dead To This World - First Strike For Spiritual Renewance

Viking Skull - Doom, Gloom, Heartache & Whiskey

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Timothy Lewis - Lost Angels

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My latest finds:


Bone Digger - Got Bones In It

Scars Of Life - 2002 Demo CDR

Warsenal - Barn Burner

Rahway - Undefeated

Stranger - No More Dirty Deals 

Burning Tree - Burning Tree

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I just got back from my vacation in Crete and these were in the mail:

Eddie and The Tide - Looking For Adventure

Deadline - Fire Inside

The Summit - Higher Ground

Kee Marcello - Redux: Melon Demon Divine  (Reissue)

Aretha Franklin - Aretha (2 CD Expanded Edition)

Marabel - High Expectations

Daughtry - Leave This Town: Tour Edition + 3 (CD/DVD Edition)

APD (A Perfect Day) - The Deafening Silence

Mindfeels - XXenty


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Marillion - Afraid Of Sunlight (Deluxe Box)

Golden Earring - Complete Studio Recordings (Box)

Hanover Fist - S/T

Art Nation - Transition

Mick Devine - Hear Now

Gunship - S/T

Gunship - Dark All Day

Electric Youth - Innerworld

Bruce Springsteen - Western Stars + Songs From The Film

Mylene Farmer - Live 2019

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Slash's Snakepit - Ain't Life Grand

Airbourne - Boneshaker

Michael Bormann's Jaded Hard - Feels Like Yesterday(signed)

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Pretty Maids - Undress Your Madness

Work Of Art - Exhibits

also bought Cats In Space - Cats Alive...simply because I didn't own it(not really a live cd type of guy)

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Doomsday Outlaw - Hard Times 

Creye - Creye

Stephen Pearcy - Smash 

Magic Dance - New Eyes 

The Brink  - Nowhere To Run 

Clif Magness - Lucky Dog

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Green Day-Revolution Radio

Kid Rock-First Kiss

Tom Petty/Heartbreakers-The Last DJ

Queensryche-Frequency Unknown

Santana-Beyond Appearances

Saxon-Denim and Leather

George Thorogood & The Destroyers-Greatest Hits 30 Years

Neil Young-Hawks & Doves

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Work Of Art - Exhibits

Pretty Maids - Undress Your Madness

213 - Three Little Worlds

The Flower Kings - Waiting For Miracles

Trust - Fils De Lutte

Cradle Of Filth - Cruelty And The Beast: Re-Mistressed

The Enid - U

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King Diamond The Spider's Lullabye on vinyl lp remaster

Slayer Seasons of the Abyss on cd

Iron Maiden greatest hits cd 2008

Judas Priest Sin after Sin and Ram it Down on cd

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Pierced - Pierced

Natu Sabverata - Existing To Ensure Your Destruction

Eviction - Struggle With Society...  Who Will Win?

Eviction - The World Is Hours...Away!

Jersey Dogs - Thrash Ranch

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    • Back to the 80's we go... (2 CD reissue)  
    • Another band with a great debut and a "meh" second album.
    • Definitely like that one. Another one for the list I think.
    • I think you mean, including but not limited to Israel, right? Arent you lovin this bro?? he's blown my mind in 1 week, im sold, those people didnt need jobs working on the pipeline, fuck em, black people dont have jobs so those people shouldnt either, what kind of heartless scumbags dont let every single person who wants to come in, come in? I mean we dont need to know whos here, what diseases they could catch coming in, cause fuck it, Coronas already here right?? we dont want those 3rd world people coming and possibly catching all the corona thats here right? and since global warming is the 1st and foremost threat we are up against, Im just completely relieved they got down to brass tax on that one, and suddenly free speech went to becoming the battle whine to the call to stiffle, America is now really the laughing stock of the world, and it's Trumps fault.
    • Yeah where all you Biden blowers??? why aren't you on here bragging up what a great job he's doing, common, ya gotta be stoked? I mean, everything he's done, he wasted no time getting down to brass tax, his actions have done more to make the US  great then the last 4 presidents combined, why aren't you guys on here sayen "Told Ya So"
    • Listen at least once a week, Stop Breakin My Broken Heart and Her Body Compliments The Beat are some of the greatest shit ever, the whole cd is imo a fucking brilliant masterpiece, and its mind blowing how it could just be so great and never be noticed??
    • I don’t know what’s worse.. the song or the dude on the far right.. sorry mate 
    • 2 times my entire cd collection was completely jacked, once in 05, and when I put my shit in storage to go to rehab in 18, once again all my cd's were jacked out of my storage shed, along with every last piece of recording equipment, guitars, bass, drums, Roland ED, my moms grand piano, all my mics including my beloved Nuemann, my boards, gear, fucking about two hundred large in shit, it was all insured, the CD's as you know, cant just run out and buy new copies of XOX, as im finding out, but yeah the great cd heist, many other things were taken, oh well, after it happens twice, ya start getting a weird attitude towards it, a fuck it attitude, like the feeling of sickness and being nauseated wasnt as strong, maybe it's cause i was clean? IDK, but yeah if I found who did it, and  I check places for some of the CD's knowing they would never just be in certain places cause of their rarity, I will fucking serve prison time, so hope I dont catch them.
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