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What CDs did you buy this week?

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Latest acquirements:


Sin Circus - Chemical Youth

Deathride - Born Of Fire

Little Green Men - V

Salvation - Salvation CDR (autographed)


Nuse - Forever Starts Today

Nuse - The Pain Collection

Lyken21 - Cyellical Insight 🤘🤘🤘🤘

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Nice stuff, I've got that on vinyl, but I didn't find the time to spin it yet!

Classic...Ive never stopped listening to this bad boy on at least a weekly basis

Posted Images

Bee Gees-Best Of Vol. 1

Thomas Dolby-The Golden Age of Wireless

John 5-RequiemKid Rock-Rebel Soul

Korn-III Remember Who You Are

Rock Selects-Compilation


Saliva-Rise Up

U2-Out of Control Live 1981


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Braxton Bragg - Braxton Bragg 

Joe Lamont - Secrets You Keep 

Midnight Sin - Sex First 

Nasty Bulletz - Right Time To Rock You

Tongue N Cheek  - Snatch This Up 

The Reggie Knighton Band - The Reggie Knighton Band 

The Order  - 1986

Down & Dirty  - Taste Of Rock & Roll

Cyndi Lauper - The Best Remixes (JAP)

Walkway - Top Shelf Content

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Sons Of Apollo  - Live With the Plovdiv Psychotic Symphony (3 CD/DVD)

Tarja - In The Raw (Deluxe Box Set)

Europe - Bag Of Bones

Europe - Walk The Earth

Europe - War Of Kings

Elyose - Theogyne

Elyose - Ipso Facto

Elyose - Reconnexion

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Ordered the new releases from

Rockett Love - Greetings From Rocket Land

Jimi Andersen Group - I Belong

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From last night's show:


Swashbuckle - Crime Always Pays

Winter Nights - An Endless Apocalypse

Anticosm - The Call Of The Void

Krusifire - Demo cdr

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Bill Engvall-A Decade of Laughs

ELO-The Essential ELO

Peter Frampton-Now


Led Zeppelin-No Quarter Live in Seattle 1975

Mastodon-Once More Around The Sun

Nirvana-From The Muddy Banks of the Wishkah

Sargeant Fury-Still Want More

Snoop Doggy Dogg-Doggystyle

Velver Underground & Nico-S/T

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Vintage Vinyl grabs:


Amon Amarth - With Oden On Our Side

Gojira -Box Set ( which includes Debut CD, Debut cassette, T- Shirt and Laminate Pass)

Kid Rock - Rock N Roll Jesus

Used Bin rescues:

Lick The Blade - Graveyard Of Empires

Spacewalk - A Salute To Ace Frehley

Los Angeles - Neverland

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Supernova Plasmajets - Supernova Plasmajets 

Atlas - In Pursuit Of Memory 

Code Red  - Incendiary 

Wildness - Wildness

Midnite City - Midnite City 

Panorama  - Around The World 

Alex Beyrodt's Voodoo Circle - Raised On Rock 

Shakra - Snakes & Ladders

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Flying Colors - Second Flight:  Live At The Z7  2 CD/DVD

Flying Colors - Live In Europe

Europe - Live At Shepherd's Bush Empire  CD/DVD

Europe - Live At Sweden Rock  2 CD

Europe - The Final Countdown 30th Anniversary Show: Live At The Roundhouse  2 CD/DVD

Status Quo - Backbone


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Arrived today...

Black Star Riders - Another State Of Grace

Platinum Overdose - Murder In High Heels

Edited by lettard
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Saffire - Where the Monsters Dwell 

Rock Alliance - s/t

Xtasy - Second chance + 1

Sapphire Eyes - Breath of Ages +1 

Silver Dirt - Payback Time

Srdjan Brankovic Expedition Delta - 2

The Steel - The Evolution of Love

Mr Riot - Same Old Town

Ailafar - Heartbeat 

Mad Margritt - Love Hate and Deception 

AOR - More Demos From L.A. 

Jace Pawlak - Promise 

Models - Out of Mind out of Sight + 3

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The Defiants - Zokusho

Crashdiet - Rust

Axe - Final Offering

Hardware '86 - S/T

Michael Schenker Fest - Revelation

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The Defiants - Zokusho

Crashdiet - Rust

91 Suite - s/t

Tom Keifer - Rise

Pre Ordered Mark Devine - Hear Now

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CSN&Y-4 Way Street


Goo Goo Dolls-Magnetic

Heavy Metal-Geomatrix

Linkin Park=Living Things

Marvelous 3-Readysexgo

Phillip Phillips-The World From the Side of the Moon

Mark Slaughter-Reflections In a Rear View Mirror

Stone Temple Pilots-High Rise

Glenn Tipton-Baptism of Fire

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    • MLB. Don't even get me started on a Cricket vs Baseball/Softball comparison. That's a whole other can of worms.
    • Sorry Terry I was being a smart ass, you kept commenting on how good BTE was live, so I axed you again, truth is, I know your not lying or exaggerating, because I too saw them in 96 with Tonic, Sponge, and Our Lady Peace, BTE were extremely surprising, as they took to the stage and the guitarist opened with a fucking huge solo, I never saw it coming out of that Alpha Gama Ray fraternity looking dude, blew me away, but I gotta say, after that night, I went from having only heard of them, to being a lifelong Sponge fan, they were mind blowing, and their discs do them no justice to their live act.
    • Now I never said that, why you trying to do that bro? LOL, pretty smooth though, Rugby's a brutal and awesome game, I enjoyed the brief time I learned to play it, it's just not an easy sport to stay up on here, unless it's soccer or darts, we don't get a whole lot of international sports coverage, I mean I guess if I cared enough to go looking for it I'd find it, but I don't care, at all, I don't even care about American sports outside of the MLB this year, I refuse to watch them, and just like all the other leftist bullshit going on, they are too digging their own graves inserting the communist rhetoric into sports, and it may be unrepairable, this leftist shit is going to turn out to be a kiss of death to anyone who affiliates themselves with it, mark these words. sorry got off track there, oh fucking well!!
    • Oh I was most definitely lit, I was high as Giraffe pussy bro, there's shit that happened that one of my friends will say "remember when this shit happened" and I will not remember a single moment of it, you know like the years 98 to 2018, those years, so I am not to hard on myself for not remembering shit that I heard, because more times then not, I'll have heard it and completely do not remember, unless it stood out,, so yeah no bi-polar here, just completely fucking bashed for 2 decades, so don't be mean, or axe me to remember anything.
    • They certainly became more appealing to the masses under the Hagar regime but apart they were much better, Standing Hampton anyone? And yes I do prefer Dave over Sam in VH, the songs were more appealing to me, kind of like the Phil Collinless Leppard. As I prefer the Willis era. To each their own.
    • Burdens of being bi-polar...   Or maybe just a little lit.   Cool band nonetheless. 
    • Yes they were quite good. I personally loved them. Incredibly tight, energetic, played the dickens out of their respective instruments and had what looked like a hell of a time doing so. Hell the set still resonates 25 years later and as I mentioned earlier the Natural Woman inclusion was so random but so cool. I totally dig/dug Kevin's voice, very unique and teh rest of the band was so tight as well, smh. As I ruminate they more and more remind me of another band no one likes and should have been bigger is TPOH (The Pursuit of Happiness). Maybe a little Ruth Ruth too. Another in the ilk of uber talented bands that no one cared about and should have and talk about distinct voices, Chris Kennedy, forget about it and these guys too were a 3 piece, hmmm. Here is an old Letterman clip from around that time:  
    • For you, Darkstone Woah, He Working Class Man !!
    • "The Power to Rock". From the new "Fierce Heart" album. They also do an updated version of "Out For Blood" from their '85 st debut. I love that song.  Another great "comeback" album. I don't think these guys have released anything since that debut. That's 35 years between drinks.        
    • Fuck!, I'm loving this album. Thanks for the heads up Sam.
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