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What CDs did you buy this week?

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Tony Mills - Beyond The Law

Pump - Breakdown To Breakthrough

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UFO - Strangers In The Night (8 CD box) UFOREVER!  

Nice stuff, I've got that on vinyl, but I didn't find the time to spin it yet!

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Pat Benatar-Wide Awake in Dreamland

Bush-Man On the Run

My Darkest Days-S/T


Billy Idol-Vital Idol

Led Zeppelin-In Concert & Beyond Live In Buffalo 1973

Ozzy Osbourne-Under Cover

Slash-World On Fire

Steve Stevens-Atomic Playboys

12 Stones-S/T

Zebrahead-Playmate of the Year


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7 hours ago, Dead Planet said:

Damage S.F.P - S/T

Nice, how's the rest of it. I'm waiting for mine to arrive yet.

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  • 2019 Gold Donors

Package from Rock Candy arrived:


Krocus - Metal Rendezvous ( to replace my copy that had wax damage)

Bad Boy - Back To Back

Fortnox - Fortnox

Stone Fury - Burns Like A Star


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Diamond Head - S/T

Diamond Head - The Coffin Train

Raven - Over The Top: The Neat Years 1981-1984 (Box Set)

Raven - Complete Atlantic Recordings

Raven - Extermination

Raven - Walk Through Fire

Robby Valentine - Master Of Our Minds  (CD Single)

Motorhead - Stage Fright CD/DVD

Shehili - Myrath

DarWin - Origin Of The Species

The Rods - Brotherhood Of Metal

The Rods - Heavier Than Thou

Kenny Loggins - Nightwatch (Jap)

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Bystander - Not So Innocent (Long Island Records)

Everest - s/t (Long Island Records)


And both still sealed!



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Finally got out and to a flea market and for about $10 this is what came home with me:

Massacre-From Beyond (2011 Digi Re-iss +4)

Nile-Annihilation of the Wicked (DigiPac)

Saddleback Shark-The Killing System 

Yoko Ono-Season of Glass (1997 Ryko in green tinted jewel case)

Winger-II In The Heart of The Young (Mint Condit/TRADE FODDER!)

Pretenders-Viva El Amor!

Milli Vanilli-Girl You Know It's True (Yep, original issue/TRADE FODDER! I gots mine already)

Social Distortion-Greatest Hits (TRADE FODDER)

Social Distortion-S/T (TRADE FODDER)

Hitting Birth-Thirst of the Last 3 Years

Saturday Night Fever Soundtrack (2 Disc/TRADE FODDER)

Michael Jacksons-History (2cd)

Hank 3-Attention Deficit Domination (digi)

Hollywood Vampires-S/T

Iggy and the Stooges-Ready To Die

Roger Waters-Amused To Death (2 disc-CD/BluRay Audio)(Sealed)

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For the first time in a long time I went on a buying binge online, from eBay, to discogs, to several country's Amazon websites.

Rush - The Studio Albums 1090-2007 (7 CDs)

Jorn - 50 Years on Earth, the Anniversary Box Set (12 CDs)

Vanden Plas - The Epic Works Box (preorder, 11 CDs)

Harem Scarem - The Ultimate Collection Box (14 CDs)

Toto - All In Box Set (13 CDs)

Harem Scarem - The Melodic Rock EP

Harem Scarem - United (SHM CD + DVD)

Harem Scarem - This Ain't Over, the Avalon Years

Harem Scarem - Live at the Siren

Harem Scarem - Raw and Rare DVD

Enchant - Dream Imagined Box Set (10 CDs)

Angra - 5 Original Albums (5 CD set)

Therion - The Nuclear Blast Recordings (5 CD set)

Lacuna Coil - The Presence of the Past (13 CDs)

Judas Priest - The Complete Albums Collection (19 CDs)


There still are a few box sets I'm keeping an eye out for...

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Queen - A  Night At The Odeon (Deluxe Box Set)

Queen - News Of The World (40th Anniversary Box Set)

Def Leppard - The Story So Far: The Best Of Def Leppard

The Rods - Hollywood

Work Force - S/T

Diamond Head - What's In Your Head

Diamond Head - All Will Be Revealed

Raven - Nothing Exceeds Like Excess


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Tarrga - Lost & Archives Vol. 1

Tarrga - Lost & Archives Vol. 2

R.O.X.X. - Blind In Vegas (2 CD)

Backhill - Shadow Man

GIG - Brave New World


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Finally got around to picking up because I swore I already owned it  :)

Midnite Club - Circus Of Life

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On 7/15/2019 at 10:37 AM, Stefan said:

Tarrga - Lost & Archives Vol. 1

Tarrga - Lost & Archives Vol. 2R

R.O.X.X. - Blind In Vegas (2 CD)

Excellent choices and boy do I love those Tarrga discs. 

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Sabaton - The Great War

Cats In Space - September Rain (Radio Promo)

Pattern Seeking Animals - S/T

Beyond The Black - Heart Of The Hurricane (Black Edition)

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Blood Red Saints - Love Hate Conspiracies

Frontline - The State of Rock + 2 (Reissue)

Frontline - Heroes

P.A.L. - Prime

Jari Tiura - King of Lions

Newman - Decade II (2 CD)

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