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What CDs did you buy this week?

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Nice stuff, I've got that on vinyl, but I didn't find the time to spin it yet!

Classic...Ive never stopped listening to this bad boy on at least a weekly basis

Posted Images

Heart  - Live In Atlantic City  CD/Bluray

Cats In Space - Hologram Man/Scars  (Limited Edition Radio Promo) 2 CD

City Boy - The Day The Earth Caught Fire

City Boy - Heads Are Rolling

Soto - Inside The Vertigo

Soto - Divak

Jeff Scott Soto - Retribution

Robert Plant - Carry Fire

Verity - Solid Rock

Verity - Interrupted Journey

Rod Stewart - Blood Red Roses

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David Bowie-S/T

Def Leppard-Rock of Ages

Elton John-S/T

King's X-Ear Candy

Led Zeppelin-Essen 1973

Matchbox Twenty-More Than You Think You Are

Now Christmas-Compilation

Slipknot-All Hope Is Gone

Spacehog-Resident Alien


U2-Songs of Experience

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LAST AUTUMN'S DREAM - Secret Treasures
BATTLE BEAST - No More Hollywood Endings
BURNING RAIN - Face The Music
HARDCORE SUPERSTAR - You Can't Kill My Rock 'n Roll
OVERKILL - The Wings Of War
IRON FIRE - Beyond The Void
DUST BOLT - Trapped in Chaos
VENOM -  Storm The Gates
HERMAN FRANK - Fight The Fear
LORDI - Sexorcism
U.D.O. - Steelfactory
U.D.O. - Steelhammer
BEAST IN BLACK - From Hell With Love
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DEE COOPER - S/T (guitar shredder, produced by Herman Rarebell of the Scorpions)

LYNYRD SYNYRD - Pronounced Leh-Nerd Skin-Nerd

JULIAN BREAM - The Classical Guitar Collection


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Latest grabs:


Adrian Gale - Defiance

Mass - New Birth ( remastered version)

Sye - Turn On The Fire

Faithful Breath - Gold 'N' Glory

Snatch Back - Back In The Game E.P.

Fist - Name, Rank, & Serial Number (single)

White Spirit - Backs To The Grind (single)

Soulgrinder Zine Comp Vol II

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Fahran - s/t

Brian McDonald Group - Desperate Business

Pegasus - Beautiful Life

Lost Weekend - s/t

Max Bacon - The Higher You Climb

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Rain Or Shine - Seize The Night

Rain Or Shine - The Darkest Part Of Me

Fahran - Chasing Hours

Robert Palmer - Collected (3 CD)

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Toto - All In (1978-2018)  (Box)

Crazy Lixx - Forever Wild

First Signal  - Line Of Fire

Rammstein - Rammstein (Deluxe)

The Brink - Nowhere To Run

Jimi Anderson Group - Longtime Comin'

Soto - Origami

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Divebomb pick ups:


Messano - Messano

Betrayer - Death Shall Overcome

Murdered - ....And The Maggots Shall Inherit The Earth

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Crazy Lixx - Forever Wild ...finally arrived

Pretty Wild - Interstate 13

Bad Habit - Revolution(jap)

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On 5/30/2019 at 7:48 AM, kourosofsteel3 said:

Finally, mighty vinyl!




FUnny. I didn't pay much attention and haven't heard a note of this but do they fancy YES much?

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Doors-Best Of

Eminem-Curtain Call

Fall Out Boy-Infinity On High

Green Day-Uno

Led Zeppelin-Blues Qualude

Panic at the Disco=Pray For The Wicked

Rolling Stones-Forty Licks

Shadows Fall-Fire From the Sky


Yellowcard-Lights & Sounds

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On 6/1/2019 at 12:50 AM, martinsane said:

FUnny. I didn't pay much attention and haven't heard a note of this but do they fancy YES much?


Nope, by the way somebody told me that the cover resembles Rodney Matthews's covers, but he didn't make this!

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    • I know zero about cricket, unless your speaking of the darts game, that I can bury some ass in, Baseball will be my favorite sport until the day I stop sucking air.
    • Not gonna ruin it with a sneak peek. Was listening to Bia Bang today. Damn, they have some great stuff, want a new album from them. Gonna go and see if they have anything in the works.  
    • haha, yeah, I mixed up Electric Circus with Restless Gypsy. or perhaps I was thinking the LA Guns. Andy Timmons also did a song by that name. I know this as I wrote the lyrics for it.
    • Yep, need a few more listens to the EP though.
    • Van Hagar is my preferred VH. Over here, we really didn't get too much of the earlier stuff. Jump put them on the map, unless you were harcore 'metal' back then. I mean when 1984 came out I was 14 or 15, so I was just moving to hard rock, getting into Kiss and Maiden etc. I mean I Was Made For lovin' You pretty much put Kiss on the map in Australia, and then Shandi solidified them. So VH never toured Australia with Sammy or Dave. Sammy toured solo, and VH toured with Dave in 2013, but we never got to see the real Dave show. In the end, I'm not a huge fan of pre 1982 stuff. There are a few songs... More a fan of early Sammy stuff, post Montrose. The last album they had contained a few songs. Stay Frosty is great.
    • MLB. Don't even get me started on a Cricket vs Baseball/Softball comparison. That's a whole other can of worms.
    • Sorry Terry I was being a smart ass, you kept commenting on how good BTE was live, so I axed you again, truth is, I know your not lying or exaggerating, because I too saw them in 96 with Tonic, Sponge, and Our Lady Peace, BTE were extremely surprising, as they took to the stage and the guitarist opened with a fucking huge solo, I never saw it coming out of that Alpha Gama Ray fraternity looking dude, blew me away, but I gotta say, after that night, I went from having only heard of them, to being a lifelong Sponge fan, they were mind blowing, and their discs do them no justice to their live act.
    • Now I never said that, why you trying to do that bro? LOL, pretty smooth though, Rugby's a brutal and awesome game, I enjoyed the brief time I learned to play it, it's just not an easy sport to stay up on here, unless it's soccer or darts, we don't get a whole lot of international sports coverage, I mean I guess if I cared enough to go looking for it I'd find it, but I don't care, at all, I don't even care about American sports outside of the MLB this year, I refuse to watch them, and just like all the other leftist bullshit going on, they are too digging their own graves inserting the communist rhetoric into sports, and it may be unrepairable, this leftist shit is going to turn out to be a kiss of death to anyone who affiliates themselves with it, mark these words. sorry got off track there, oh fucking well!!
    • Oh I was most definitely lit, I was high as Giraffe pussy bro, there's shit that happened that one of my friends will say "remember when this shit happened" and I will not remember a single moment of it, you know like the years 98 to 2018, those years, so I am not to hard on myself for not remembering shit that I heard, because more times then not, I'll have heard it and completely do not remember, unless it stood out,, so yeah no bi-polar here, just completely fucking bashed for 2 decades, so don't be mean, or axe me to remember anything.
    • They certainly became more appealing to the masses under the Hagar regime but apart they were much better, Standing Hampton anyone? And yes I do prefer Dave over Sam in VH, the songs were more appealing to me, kind of like the Phil Collinless Leppard. As I prefer the Willis era. To each their own.
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