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What CDs did you buy this week?

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Fireblast - Dreams To Life

O'Regan - Tunnel Vision

Marty And The Bad Punch - Moon Over Baskerville

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Stone Sour - House of Gold And Bones PT 1

Rockett Love - Grab The Rocket

Madman's Lullaby - Sins of Greed

Station - More Than The Moon

Nitrate - Real World

Steelcity - Fortress

James Christian - Craving

Issa - Run With The Pack

Vega - Only Human

Kissin Dynamite - Ecstasy

Monster Magnet - Mindfucker

Sebatien - Act of Creation

Refuge - Solitary Man

The Dead Daisies - Burn It Down

Salty Dog - Lost Treasure

Prayer - Silent Soldiers

Last Autumn's Dream - Fourteen

Serious Black - Magic

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Angel - The Casablanca Years (Box Set)

Treat - Tunguska

Uriah Heep - Living The Dream (Deluxe) CD/DVD

Groundbreaker - S/T

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Dream Child - Until Death Do We Meet Again

Dallas - s/t

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Replicant- Negative Life


Rat Bastard Syndicate - Ignite

Rat Bastard Syndicate - Reinforce

Sentinel Beast - Depths Of Death (Lost And Found release)

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Duane Allman-An Anthology




Billy Joel-The Stranger

Ted Nugent-Great Gonzos Best Of

The Outfield-Voices of Babylon

Otep-Sevas Tra

The Police-Regatta De Blanc

Whitesnake-Slip of the Tongue

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Ozone - Self Defence

Cloudscape - Crimson Skies

Logan - The Great Unknown

Legion - Animal Inside

Primal Fear - Delivering The Black + 3 (CD/DVD Deluxe Edition)

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Dee Snider - For The Love Of Metal
Halestorm - Vicious
Warrior Soul - Back On The Lash
3.2 - The Rules Have Changed
Airrace - Untold Stories
Doro - Forever Warriors, Forever United
Eisley/Goldy - Blood, Guts And Games + 1 (JAP)
Enuff Z'Nuff - Diamond Boy
Frank Hannon - From One Place...To Another Vol. 1
Frank Hannon - From One Place...To Another Vol. 2
King Company - Queen Of Hearts
Lee Aaron - Diamond Baby Blues
Mad Max - 35
Maeder - s/t
Ultraphonix - Original Human Music
Alice In Chains - Rainier Fog
Michael Schinkel's Eternal Flame - Smoke On The Mountain
Daughtry - Cage To Rattle
Femme Fatale - s/t
Stream - Chasin' The Dragon
Lynch Mob - Rebel

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Cinderella - The Mercury Years (Box Set)

It Bites - Live In London (Ltd Edition Box Set)

Saga - So Good So Far - Live At Rock Of Ages   2 CD/DVD

Newman - Decade II

Paul Carrack - These Days

Saxon - Thunderbolt  (Tour Edition) 


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Past few weeks:

Tempt - Runaway (autographed)

Monk Shyne - Band Of Brothers (CD Single)

Ryder - For What It's Worth

Dee Snider - For The Love Of Metal (autographed)


Eternal Plague - The Lust Of The Wretch

Lunachicks - Drop Dead Live

Viral Load - Backwoods Bludgeoning

Evolocity - Evolocity

Extreme Noise Terror - A Holocaust in Your Head

Real Delusions - Finnish Speed & Thrash Explosion 1987 - 1991-( Comp CD)

Exmortus - The Sound Of Steel

Alien Weaponry - TU

Gigantour Live 2 CD Set Comp


Paralysis - Life Sentence


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Oops, forgot my shipment from Hells Headbangers:


Original Sin - Sin Will Find You Out

Savage Thrust - Eat 'Em Raw

Buccaneer - Buccaneer


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Vindictiv - s/t

Watchmen - s/t

Appearance Of Nothing - Wasted Time

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No Sleep For Lucy - Until The End (autographed by the band)

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    • Is that a man bun or did Danny cut his hair?
    • Appears to be running fine now. I had to submit another support ticket for them to re-apply the fix that they had done before I upgraded... sheesh.
    • From Frontiers: BREAKING NEWS: Crazy Lixx Announce New Album, "Forever Wild", To Be Released May 17, 2019 Swedish hard rockers Crazy Lixx are back with another gem of an album that harkens back to the best of ‘80s hard rock, while also keeping a foot firmly planted in the 21st century. “Forever Wild” further cements the band's status as one of the leaders of the Scandinavian led hard rock revival, cleverly melding a sleaze/hair metal approach (reminiscent of Motley Crue, Warrant, and Winger) with voracious hooks and melodies. With huge choruses, instantly memorable riffs, wailing, emotive guitar solos, and massive production by Danny Rexon and Chris Laney, "Forever Wild" is sure to resonate with old fans and new listeners alike. Singer Danny Rexon says, "Ruff Justice was the first album where I took on the full role of producer, including recording, engineering, editing and some of the mixing. Naturally, there were things that I learnt along the way and, in retrospect, things that could have been done better. On the new album, I was once again the producer, but this time I brought in a whole lot more experience with me and had a clearer picture of what needed to be done to get a GREAT sounding album. So, you could definitely say that the new album is a natural progression from 'Ruff Justice'. It’s actually the first time in the history of the band where the same band members have recorded under roughly the same conditions, in the same studios, with more or less the same equipment and with the same producer. For the first time, you can hear continuity from one album to the next, so I’d say if you’re a fan of 'Ruff Justice', I bet you’ll enjoy this new album the same, if not even more!" The band explores a wider range of styles than ever before on “Forever Wild”. From the hard rocking and anthemic opening track “Wicked” to the AOR inspired upcoming single “Silent Thunder,” to songs like "Eagle", that sounds like it came off a Bon Jovi album circa 1986, Crazy Lixx manage to blend a love and reverence for ‘80s hard rock with their own unique stamp on each track. Rexon continues, "I think the way the album turned out has a lot to do with the current line-up that we established in 2016. I’ve always been a fan of melodic hard rock and hair metal, but with previous members, we’ve been pulling a bit more in different directions at times, so the result hasn’t always gone towards the goal I’d like them too, certainly not as much as it has on this album. I can honestly say that the way Crazy Lixx sounds today is a lot closer to how I envisioned the band to sound in the early 2010’s (around the time of 'New Religion') than how we actually sounded 5-6 years ago."  With “Forever Wild", Crazy Lixx have set the bar very high against their own revered and celebrated catalog. Their best album yet? We’d say so! Don’t miss Crazy Lixx while they’re on the road in support of the album either, as their live shows are a sight to behold! Danny concludes, “On release day (May 17th), we have an album release show in our hometown of Malmö, along with fellow Frontiers band Creye. I’d recommend this event for all the fans that want to see some new songs live for the first time and get a chance to hang out with the band, get the new album signed, and all that fun stuff. After that, we’re lining up a bunch of summer festivals to kick off touring. I think there is a definite summer vibe to this album and the new songs will really fit well on an outdoor summer festival. Really looking forward to this summer’s shows.”    Tracklist: 1. Wicked 2. Break Out 3. Silent Thunder 4. (She's Wearing) Yesterday's Face 5. Eagle 6. Terminal Velocity 7. It's You 8. Love Don't Live Here Anymore 9. Weekend Lover 10. Never Die (Forever Wild) Line-up: Danny Rexon – vocals  Joél Cirera - drums  Jens Anderson – bass guitar  Chrisse Olsson - guitar  Jens Lundgren - guitar    
    • This is actually an EP (first one of three), not a full-length album. Released March 15th. Samples: amazon.com Tracks: 1. Carousel 2. Taking Me Home 3. Let the Sunshine In 4. Dancing in the Moonlight 5. Love of Mine
    • It's definitely destined to be a top 3-5 finisher, at least.
    • Sounding great,this could well be my chart topper album for 2019 but so much competition still to be unleashed this year...but a great track as usual from these guys.
    • It's all part of Frontiers' new ham-fisted approach to PR
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