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    • Sounds good , will listen to the album !
    • The Holding absence album is one of my favourites this year too , great stuff , I tried listening to their debut album and couldn't really get into that one as much  Anchors & Hearts sounds good , will check out the full album Have you heard the new We Were Sharks album ? Pretty nice sounding album    
    • Was an awful match...after all the hype
    • The more favourable to win teams such as England,France,Germany,Spain and Portugal to name but a few are really flattering to deceive for me,Netherlands and Belgium have just been ok also...Italy look the best bet atm playing good solid attacking football and being their usual miserly selves at the back,they have won their last 10 matches on the trot and scored 31 since they last let one in! 59 for in the last 19 games and 3 against...29 match unbeaten run...that speaks for itself...but it is a tournament so anything can happen on the day...maybe Wales will suprise them today?  
    • Yeah mate, 100% agree. I'd have assumed you get a page promotion for calling all men pigs. That's one of the flavours of the decade, isn't it?  If I'm being completely honest, though, Russ, I'd ban you for life off my website if you said "men are pigs" on it. Isn't that on the greeting card for feminists worldwide? 
    • Like you say, hit and miss band, but there is some absolute gold on those first two albums. Amazing stuff on there. Gotta be totally honest and say I can't actually singularly remember the guitarwork, aside from appreciating that the dude could certainly play. Will have to re-associate myself with him/them. 
    • Her apology letter basically sounds like the one the girl from the Bachelor must have copied. And the apologies are as cringe worthy as the whole situation. Because these are people in public spaces they have to offer these apologies, but surely they're thinking what the fuck is this? Where the fuck has this actually coming from, and what the actual of all fucks am I actually apologising for?  Again, I just really don't understand what these cunty people get out of creating these scenes. I don't know this Ellie Kemper lass from a bar of soap (I only ever watched and loved the US version of The Office), but I'm going to go out on a limb and assume that she, like most people, probably has no interest at all in being racist. So what is being achieved by these maggots, labelling her this way?  
    • Good stuff... Loved the first 2 albums, which were top quality
    • This is a really strong and varied album stylistically and a touch better than the first volume. So good to hear that even at 70 years old, his voice has hardly lost anything.  If this is to be his curtain call, it's a fabulous way to bow out. 
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