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    • From Frontiers: Stardust, a Hungarian melodic rock/AOR band, will release their much anticipated debut full-length on October 9, 2020. One of the hottest new AOR bands to come out of the underground European scene, Stardust's independently released self-titled debut EP stirred up quite a buzz in the underground melodic rock scene. The band were put to the attention of Frontiers' staff during one of the Frontiers Rock Festivals. Impressed with the band's melodic rock stylings on their debut EP, Frontiers moved swiftly to sign the band to the roster. Of the band's sound, vocalist Adam Stewart says, "We love Def Leppard, Winger, Journey and all the 80's stuff..So, we took those influences and mixed it in with our own 'Stardust' way of doing things. " Of notable mention is that none other than the mighty Mark Spiro (Bad English, House of Lords, Giant) and Swedish guitar hero Tommy Denander helped the guys with songwriting and production for their debut album. "One day I got a note from Mark Spiro! He wrote, 'Hey man, I found a good song that you would really love, what do you think?' I immediately listened to the song and it blew my mind! '2nd Hand Love' is a typical Spiro song with a magical atmosphere and a catchy chorus. I jumped right on it and made a new, modern kinda musical arrangement for the song. A riff centered verse, a bluesy chorus and a brand new intro part," explains Stewart of first single, '2nd Hand Love'. “Our first EP got really good feedback from the fans, not only from Hungary, but from around the world,” says Stewart. “I am certain that our debut album will be enjoyed by even more melodic rock fans thanks to our new cooperation with Frontiers. Stardust plays AOR/Melodic Rock with catchy melodies and lyrics, so Frontiers is truly a perfect home for us!" Founded by two friends, Adam Stewart (lead vocals) and Tim Keeley (drums) in 2015, the band is rounded out by Facey (lead guitar and vocals), Dave Legrand (keyboard), and Ben Martin (bass and vocals). The group's style is an amalgam of the classic melodic hard rock and AOR genres, with hooky choruses, beautiful keyboards, vocal harmonies, and loud guitars in the style of their favorite mid-80's bands, bringing to life this well beloved music in the 21st century. Stardust is the latest in a long line of amazing AOR/Melodic Rock signings for the label, so be sure to stay tuned as they are truly a rising star in the melodic rock scene. Line-up: Adam Stewart - Vocals, rhythm guitars Ben Martin - Bass Dave Legrand - Keyboards Facey - Guitars Tim Keeley - Drums   Tracklist: 1. Runaway 2. Heartbreaker 3. Bullet To My Heart 4. Perfect Obsession 5. 2nd Hand Love 6. Shout It Out 7. Can’t Stop Loving You 8. Eye To Eye 9. Hey Mother 10. Blue Jeans Eyes (Bonus Track) 11. The River Is Rollin’      
    • Black Swan - Shake The World Pretty Maids - Undress Your Madness Harem Scarem - Change The World Khymera - Master Of Illusions Russ Ballard - It's Good To Be Here The Outlaws - Dixie Highway Night Flight Orchestra - Aeromatic Robert Hart - Pure Five Finger Death Punch - F8 Gotthard - #13 Hollywood Monsters - Thriving On Chaos Richard Marx - Limitless
    • Why is it that I picture Cody walking around his neighborhood in a trench coat and gumboots? Speaking of pictures, did you not have your phone with you? You really dropped the ball on that one mate. The next time this occurs I expect full video footage accompanied by a "meet the cast" video extra.  Don't let us down again! You're better than that.  
    • I would've watched I would've asked to join the fun as well...
    • Of course you'd watch any anyone who says otherwise is being untruthful.  Out of curiosity, did you romanticise yourself as you watched? 
    • Agree about Nirvana (liking them, that is).
    • Always liked Nirvana even though most people on this forum blame them for the grunge wave.....also I don't mind occasionally listening to Johnny Cash and Gordon Lightfoot....
    • I've always loved Nickleback and 3 Doors Down.
    • Never took to any of those bands, but didn't bag them. just didn't listen to them. I guess they are the older versions of Black Veil Brides and Five Finger Death Punch where there is some kind of movement against them for whatever reason. Too screamo, too modern. I'm not sure. Maybe others can comment of why they don't like them and what genre they are lumped in to. But I like them both. Another one might be Papa Roach. I never really did them, until recentlyand was reallty surprised at the catalogue.
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