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    • Got my refund today, fucking stupid, I was looking forward to this, oh well Loudness in March, havent seen them since 82, I was 5, my very first concert, super stoked for that.
    • Thats not even close to what I said.
    • I'm not trying to convince you of anything, you made statements concerning Atheism, that were incorrect, I figure if your going to talk about something you might as well be accurate in what your talking about, so thats all im trying to convince you of, never did I once talk down to you, or tell you that what you thought was stupid, I simply told you what Atheism is really, I gave MY opinion on it, then I basically said believe whatever you want, I wasnt being a dick, nor am I upset or anything, being an Atheist im pretty use to it, that's all, theres no reason to get huffy about it either, nobody can prove anything, it's all personal taste, nothing more.
    • And there you go again. "I am right and you are wrong" and "I don't have a belief cause I believe in nothing" and "insert_insult about your belief" and "why do you get insulted when I insult you". It's tiresome.  This thread is just like atheism: It is just words about nothing shouted into an empty room that no-one hears.
    • Can I convince a turtle that how they see the world is not right, and could you convince a lion that their worldview is incorrect? No. So why make this about the differences and rather we should focus on ROCK N ROLL!
    • Most of the world believe in a higher power, not the same one, and as time goes on that number is becoming far smaller, look how offended you get, why is that? This absurd notion that Atheists are trying to convert people is also asinine, atheism is not a religion or a following, there are no centralized meeting places, they don't all get together to worship nothing, it's very simple, I've already said it, we just don't believe, spaghetti monsters are just as believable to us, as is the prove it argument, atheists don't have to prove a negative cause they aren't making any claims, we simply reject the god nonsense that's it, there's no more to it then that.
    • Now now, don't spout off lies, you ever heard of the crusades? Where are these death camps located, do not say Hitler, his was not atheistic in meaning,  there's a world of difference in an atheist killing somebody as opposed to an atheist killing in the name of atheism, your claim is false and no matter how hard you try, you'll never convince anyone otherwise cause it's simply not true, plus I'm not poking at you for being a believer I'm simply correcting what you stated that most atheists claim life is an accident, which is also not true, I think I can speak to this being an Atheist myself, I don't expect u to believe what I believe, I'm not going to attempt to proslatize or try to convert you, I was just clarifying that minor mistake you made, that's all
    • That's nonsense. Athiests don't think there's a god. No more . It's not a moral code, unlike religions.   
    • Just for the record, I'm not an Atheist either.
    • What if there's a plastic Jesus on the dashboard ??
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