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    • This track will be in my end of year top 10 for sure. Great album and very cool video.    
    • Anything For Money - Y & T
    • Yeah - Radioactive
    • Tindrum -Cool, Calm and Collected
    • Yeah, Amazon prices are ridiculous, and shouldn't be used as any sort of metric to compare to. 
    • Still $9.99 on the Retrospect site: Product-Ziggurat-Melodic Scandal-The Complete Ziggurat (retrospectrecords.com) (See Larger Image)     Melodic Scandal -The Complete Ziggurat Ziggurat   Price: $9.99 USD Availability:In Stock Format: CD Pieces of Set: 1           Here they are - both of Ziggurat's obscure and collectible vinyl albums "Ziggurat" (1979) and "Melodic Scandal" (1982) both released on a single CD for the first time ever!! This excellent Atlanta-based bands' highly acclaimed albums have been sought after for many years garnering many great reviews among top AOR collectors. Their classic arena rock sound mixed with dashes of southern rock and pomp rock lends to an aural feast of tasty keyboard / guitar interplay, lots of vocal harmonies, rich production and memorable songs. They impressed so much from the first album that their second release was produced by the legendary Eddie Offord with some musical arrangement help from none other than Steve Morse. Essential to any 70's and 80's melodic rock / AOR collection. Silver pressed and digitally remastered.     Listen to samples   Nightmare I’ll Keep You Free Hold On To Me Love Right Now Alone Tonight Sally Paradise   These files require QuickTime   Track Listing: 1. For Your Love 2. Nightmare 3. Just A Picture 4. I’ll Keep You Free 5. They Only Come Out At Night 6. Hold On To Me 7. Melathys (1982 Version) 8. Love Right Now 9. 8 Miles High/So You Wanta Be A Rock’N’Roll 10. Rounder 11. Alone Tonight 12. Winter Snow 13. Soft Passages 14. Will There Come A Time 15. And The Gypsy Said 16. Sally Paradise 17. Let Me Come Home 18. Run With The Wind 19. Melathys (1979 Version)  
    • There's a bunch of crazy asking prices for CDs on Amazon, in the $900+ range including some of the Frontiers releases. Given that they're all in that range I have to wonder if it was some sort of barcode generation error.
    • Only 4 songs out currently but really like the sound of this    
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