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    • Heaven ( Australia ) - In The Beginning 
    • Well bro, congrats, I can honestly say I have never heard this band, let me check them out and get back
    • King Henry comes through again !
    • Some of my faves,some have longer,epic intros,some are simply too catchy: Magnum - Days of no trust Van Halen - Dreams Atlantic - Can't hold on White sister - Promises Ac dc - Hells bells GNR - November rain WASP - Inside the electric circus Winger - In the day we'll never see Theocracy - Tower of ashes Iced earth - Melancholy 1st Avenue - Going for the gold Cutting crew - The scattering Avantasia - Sign of the cross Roxus - Stand back Ensiferum - Into battle Helloween - Invitation/Eagle fly free Asia - Arena Harem scarem - Stranger than love Red dawn - Flying high Def Leppard - Hysteria Giant - Innocent days Lillian axe - true believer Beggars and thieves - No more broken dreams Tesla - love song Kamelot - Centre of the universe Bruce Springsteen - Born to run Journey - Escape Stryper - Abyss/To hell with the devil Queensryche - Eyes of a stranger Ozzy - Diary of a madman Heartland - Paradise Chris Eaton - Vision Tyketto - Burning down inside Petra - Beyond belief White lion -Lights and Thunder Meat loaf - Out of the frying pan LeBrock - Interstellar Alias - Waiting for love Aquaria - And let the show begin Angra - Nova era Charlie -Never too late Dokken - Kiss of death House of lords - Sahara Christopher Cross - Sailing Joshua - Stand alone Strangeways - Where are they now Dare - Runaway Gibonni - Nije vrime od nedije Eros Ramazzotti - Dove ce musica Europe - The final countdown Whitesnake - Still of the night Deep purple - Stormbringer Toys of joy - Watching your moves Genesis - throwing it all away Toto - Home of the brave Fate - Can't stand losing you Chicago - Waiting for you to decide Virgin steele - Veni vidi vici Sabaton - Primo victoria Walk on fire - Heart of gold Kiss - Turn on the night  
    • The Toi - Water Into Wine Overloud - Altered Ego
    • Dunno if Giant's "I'm a Believer" was already posted, as there are a lot of videos no longer working.   
    • I agree. The more rocking guitars suit them well. This is year's best for me.
    • Burning Witches - Warlock
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