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Which Skid Row Album Is Better?

Better Skid Row Album?  

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Slave to the Grind for me......while I like their first release, I've always thought it was waaaayyy overrated....



I honestly like both but what it boils down to is which one still sounds fresh & which one sounds dated? I think that's easy to answer...

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I love both albums but I'll never forget the first time I heard "SLAVE TO THE GRIND" I was completely blown away with how heavy it was...I kept asking myself "How did this band go heavier & not just follow the same formula as their debut?" I figured they would go more mellow but actually had the balls not to & with that they've always had my respect... :headbanger: Now if they would just bury the hatchet & reunite.... :whistle:

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so what was the story with Slave? didn't they refuse to let the record company listen to the tracks or something like that?



It was too heavy & non commercial if I remember correctly. Kinda funny huh seeing how it turned out :) I still feel the same as I did before when I posted about this. I like the ST album but Slave buries it and still holds up today unlike the majority of the ST album.

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'Slave To The Grind' by miles for me. The debut was good, but only had 2 or 3 songs that stood out as ones to keep playing, but the follow up was excellent all the way through, just full of great tunes.

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