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    • When you grow that third nipple in the middle of your chest........
    • Not long term tested. That's a fact.
    • Sounds great, but realistically, it's more likely that this is well supported by governments to enable covid/flu combo vaccines to be paid for by the person rather than just free covid shots and paid flu shots. Which is actually how it should be, but people won't like it. Kind like when they extend a freeway with a new tollway extension, but in the process of doing so 'improve' part of the existing freeway to allow that part to be tolled as well.
    • That's hilarious. I'm as worried about that as much as I am about 5G All of these vaccines are the most tested vaccines ever. There are NO significant short to medium side effects, which is all that any further testing could weed out. as for long term effects, they said the same thing about microwave ovens, mobile phones, etc I could ask you a range of questions and identify many things about you that could have long term side effects, whether it be lack of sleep, drinking coke, eating McDonald's, vaping, proximity to overhead power lines, anti depressants, alcohol, etc etc etc
    • Dead last....... in everything.
    • Moderna is aiming to launch a single booster vaccination that will protect against both Covid-19 and flu within two years, its chief executive has said.
    • This typical media spin: Read the headline: Data shows increase of vaccinated people among hospitalized Marylanders   And now read the sub-headline: Experts: Vaccine will not prevent infection, but it will help keep you out of hospital and prevent death   __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Vaccinated people in hospital numbers have increased but vaccine will keep you out of the hospital? Media does nothing but LIE
    • Where do I rank ?
    • Presence - Led Zeppelin
    • Beat to Death Like a Dog - Rhinobucket
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