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When you're typing in a message/reply, see all the buttons above the text editing box? Choose the one labeled IMG. A popup box will prompt you for the URL to the image....



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This may sound dumb, but Whats the URL? Is that the location on my computer where the scan of the pic is or is it a webpage addy where the pic is?

The URL is the web address of the picture. If you're using Internet Explorer you can find it as follows:


1. Locate the picture somewhere on the internet

2. Right-click over the image

3. Select 'properties'

4. Copy the URL as displayed in the properties dialogue box

5. Follow Dan's instructions for copying the image into your post


With Mozilla (and probably therefore Netscape 6 or above) the instructions are slightly different. From memory:


1. Locate the picture somewhere on the internet

2. Right-click over the image

3. Click 'copy image location'

4. Follow Dan's instructions for copying the image into your post


Sorry, I'm not familiar with any other browsers, but the steps should be pretty similar to the above.


The above won't work if the image you want to submit is on your own computer. In this case you would have to upload it to some web space somewhere and refer to its location there. As far as I can see (Dan will correct me if I'm wrong) this board doesn't allow the upload of images from your own computer.


Hope this helps!

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Yep, I've got the board set to not allow uploads other than images for avatars, and there's both a pixel dimension and file size limit on that.


One thing to keep in mind: the absolute minimum the cover art images should be is 150x150 pixels (200x200 or larger is ideal); when I enlarge the images to 200x200, there's a loss of quality. A couple of the images that were uploaded here I couldn't use (Shotgun Messiah - Second Coming, Skid Row - Subhuman Race, Lillian Axe - Fields of Yesterday).


Also, as I process the images and add them to the site I'll be deleting the threads they were in; keeps everything nice and tidy. :D


Thanks for all the cover art thus far!



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