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Found 3 results

  1. From various internet sources - http://www.pavementmusic.com/artists/janet-gardner/ VIXEN VOCALIST JANET GARDNER INKS DEAL WITH PAVEMENT ENTERTAINMENT - SOLO ALBUM TO BE RELEASED AUGUST 18TH, 2017 Best known as the lead vocalist of the all-female rock band Vixen. Teaming up with guitarist/songwriter/producer Justin James (having worked with Staind, Collective Soul, and Tyketto), Gardner has ventured into the solo realm to unleash a new side of her musical creativity. Together, Janet and Justin have penned a collection of emotionally charged songs with gritty grooves, infectious hooks, and inspired lyrics that merge hard rock influences from the last four decades. http://www.blabbermouth.net/news/vixen-vocalist-janet-gardner-more-solo-album-details-revealed.html "This is a very diverse collection of music. Justin and I combined forces with hard rock influences from the last four decades. If you like the seventies, the song 'The Good Or The Bye' is the song for you. If you like the eighties, 'If You Want Me', 'Candle' and 'Hippycrite' are for you. If you like the nineties, you might dig 'Your Problem Now' and 'The Grind', but they all have a common thread that is simply our sound together." 01. Rat Hole 02. Hippycrite 03. If You Want Me 04. Candle 05. Your Problem Now 06. Let It Be Over 07. Lost 08. The Grind 09. Best Friend 10. The Good Or The Bye First video from the album...heavier, more modern sounding than I expected
  2. STAR CRYSTAL - Follow Me (2016) First thing that impress from melodic hard rockers STAR CRYSTAL press release is their exotically named front-woman Susanna Radimovskaya sexy photos in an outrageously flamboyant tuxedo outfit. But wait, that's not the only exotic thing here, as this band comes from Ukraine and on their debut album "Follow Me" the deliver ten pretty strong '80s melodic hard rock / AORish songs. Yes indeed, seems the Eighties have arrived to Ukraine as well, and Star Crystal are determined to make it big on the Sunset Strip. The band's aim is to recreate the female fronted glam hard rock of the '80s, when Vixen, Heart or Saraya dominated the genre's scene. And they don’t do a bad job at all: Susanna Radimovskaya has a suitably fulsome set of pipes (and the looks), and there’s kicking chunky riffs, nice keyboard fills, big hooks and vibrant guitar breaks. Production and mix could be a lot better, but who cares when you can rawk to tunes like ‘Follow Me’, ‘Hey You’ and ‘USA’. Or enjoy melodic numbers like 'I Go Home' or the pretty AOR of 'Forgotten Love'. https://youtu.be/zzqPMPUBJfA Despite the indie production minor flaws (at times over bright), the material and individual performances from Star Crystal promise a great deal, and it’s nice to hear this sort of music delivered with such verve by a young band. Throw a little money at the production and it’s easy to imagine Star Crystal opening for some of the old stagers and giving them more than a run for their money. Quite Recommended. 01 - Don't Give Up 02 - Follow Me 03 - Forgotten Love 04 - Hey You 05 - I Go Home 06 - John 07 - Love Song 08 - Miracle 09 - U.S.A 10 - Destiny BUY IT ! itunes.apple.com/us/album/follow-me/id1069739328 . Teaser for new video: https://youtu.be/_n78TSALglY
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