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Found 35 results

  1. Just seen this yesterday and ordered it,sounds pretty good to me,always liked his voice in KOTG and Dirty White Boyz was a nice release to me also,so now he's releasing a new solo effort. http://www.melodicrock.com/articles/news-feed/2018/08/01/tony-mitchell-delivers-melodic-rock-gem-beggars-gold-sept-14
  2. From melodicrock.com: For the last 12 months I have been working on a legacy box set for the late, great BRETT WALKER. Titled ‘Last Parade’ (after one of the unreleased tracks), the special limited-edition package is set to pay tribute to one of the great songwriters of this genre and is scheduled for release in November via MelodicRock Records. Brett tragically and suddenly passed away in July 2013, with a special tribute paid to him by his band and wife at MRF3. I kept in touch, recalling various conversations I had with Brett about releasing his Person To Person songs and some of his unreleased demos, which collectors had been trading for some years. Brett’s wife Sheron and I agreed to look at what was available and see what could be done. Brett’s entire DAT collection was sent to me to digitize, which lead to an extraordinary discovery. Over no less than 47 DATs, it became evident that Brett was sitting on a treasure trove of unreleased material. I was blown away at the quality and the brilliance of these songs, with a cross-reference of styles present from throughout Brett’s career. Some of the older unreleased material will rival the classic ‘Nevertheless’ album for melodic rock brilliance. Fans of all eras will in fact, be blown away I’m sure. ‘Last Parade’ is the most complex project I’ve ever put together, mainly because of the vast number of songs. At last count there was 174 song files in the “Work In Progress” folder. There were at least 2 versions of almost every track on the DATs and sometimes 5 or even 6! Some are from all different mixes, others various audio quality and some completely different versions of known songs. JK Northrup has been busy mastering and remastering for the past several months! Either way...hours and hours of listening time and so many amazing songs. This post is also an open invitation for those that personally knew Brett or were just big fans of Brett to submit some text for the accompanying booklet. If you’d like to pay tribute to Brett or write some good memories, please do so by August 15 via email (ajm@melodicrock.com) Please share this info if you know someone that would be interested. Long may Brett’s music live on.
  3. Press release from MelodicRock Records: It is with great pleasure that MelodicRock Records announces the signing of Swedish hard rockers StoneLake for the release of their new studio release ‘Thunder And Rain’. It is the third release in a partnership with StoneLake’s founder Jan Akesson, following previous albums from S.A.Y and Jan Akesson’s Shadow Rain. This will be StoneLake’s seventh album and their first in 5 years. The band might have a new updated logo, but ‘Thunder And Rain’ is an album of classic StoneLake you know and love – high octane guitar riffs, pounding rhythm section and layers of vocals and keyboards brining the melody. Bound to appeal to fans of Swedish hard rock, TNT and Yngwie Malmsteen and the like… Jan Akesson comments: “We are happy to announce the release of our 7th album "Thunder and Rain" through Melodic Rock Records! After a break of nearly 5 years it's great to have finished the work of an album that we are very proud of!” Vocalist Peter Gundstrom: “With this work we are back to the roots where we once started off with melodic songs, harmonies and riffs like the old school! Everything comes from heart and soul and I am very humble still to be able and deliver what I love!” Jan concludes: “To release this album is great because this means that we are back for the future again! We feel that the songwriting and production gets better all the time and this have no ending as long as we love what we are doing! We would also like to thank Andrew for believing in us and that our cooperation goes on and on!” STONELAKE IS: Peter Grundstrom – Vocals, Backing Vocals Jan Akesson - Guitars – Keyboards, Backing Vocals Lasse Johansson - Bass Jens Westberg - Drums Produced By: Jan Akesson Recorded, Mixed And Mastered By: Jan Akesson AT UMP Unlimited Music Production facebook StoneLake Bio: In August 1984 guitarist Jan Akesson and singer Peter Grundstrom got to know each other after performing at the same show in different bands; Jan was lead guitar in Ravage and Peter was fronting Whitelight. Their meeting led to the conclusion of Jan’s work with Ravage and he became a new member in Whitelight in the fall of the same year. Whitelight’s focus was melodic hard rock, initially influenced by Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin and Bad Company and then by a ‘new wave’ of English, American and Canadian bands such as Whitesnake, Van Halen, Journey, Toto, Riot, Wrabit and Dokken. Whitelight played many gigs and produced many demos in search of that elusive record deal. After 3 years with Whitelight, in 1987, Jan decided to leave the band and went his own way to spread his wings with tougher, more guitar-oriented hard rock. Peter stayed in Whitelight, who changed their name to Kee Avenue. Jan went on to form new bands Why Not, Perfect Stranger and Dr Blue, playing many very successful gigs and making several acclaimed recordings. Kee Avenue split up in 1991 after the bass player and the keyboard player left the band. After this final breakup Peter went on to play and sing with several different, mostly cover bands, though he kept on writing songs, always looking for the right project to showcase his talent. In 1994 Jan decided to step back from live performance to concentrate on writing and producing songs in his new studio on the emerging digital recording platforms that would soon come to dominate the music industry. Finally, 15 years after the two first played together, Jan decided to give Peter a call, thinking that it was time for a ‘reunion’. A good meal and a few beers was the spark that lit a new beginning. The result was StoneLake. 'Thunder And Rain' will be released April 25 on MelodicRock Records. Pre-order available shortly.
  4. They're back with a new singer and album. To be released through MelodicRock Records in April. More details to come... www.captainblackbeard.net FB The latest video (taken from their previous effort 'It's A Mouthful'):
  5. From melodicrock.com: MelodicRock Records is excited to announce the release of one of the finest melodic hard rock records for 2018 – JK Northrup & David Cagle’s first collaboration together, titled ‘That’s Gonna Leave A Mark’. There is no doubt whatsoever that this record is gonna leave a mark on fans of hard rocking, guitar driven melodic rock, with a production to die for and songs dripping in hooks and melodies. JK Northrup & David Cagle ‘That’s Gonna Leave A Mark’ arrives March 30 worldwide. A very early demo form of this album was on select digital platforms under the Liberty & Justice banner, but ‘That’s Gonna Leave A Mark’ is a whole new ball-game from the ground up. MRR’s Andrew McNeice: “I’m immensely proud and excited to finally be releasing this killer record from JK and David. I’ve worked with JK since the very first MR.com compilation over 15 years back and he’s been there for me as a mastering engineer every time since. His work with me remastering some important archive releases in the last couple of years has only further emboldened my respect for him as a first rate professional and someone who can bring out the very best results in any situation. On top of that, he is a Grade A gentleman who I value as a friend and college. Everyone I have recommended Jeff to as an engineer or producer has ended up using him and continuing that relationship. But I’ve long felt that his name is undervalued as a writer and guitarist and I think this record is his finest achievement to date and a truly stunning release – in all facets – the guitar playing, the writing and production and David Cagle is one hell of a vocalist who I think we need to work with again ASAP!” Jeff Northrup: “David Cagle and I had worked together in the past and started this album back in 2014. Unfortunately, it was shelved due to 'circumstances'. We knew we had something special even then, and the time was right to pull out this great collection of songs, dust it off and polish it up. The result is 12 of the best songs put together on any album I've been a part of! Fast forward to 2017… After rewriting some of the lyrics, some arrangement changes, re-recording guitars and vocals, then bringing in the powerful rhythm section of Larry Hart - bass (Montrose, Gypsy Soul, King Kobra) and Steve Brown - drums (Montrose, Oleander-and Mick Brown's younger brother), the album has truly come to life! Larry and Steve have been playing live together for a couple years and are TIGHT. I've played on a few albums with Larry including King Kobra, Shortino-Northrup and Gypsy Soul, which began in 1987. When you hear the opening track 'The Night Is Mine', you'll know right away that you are going to Get Rocked HARD!!! David's modern approach on vocals is a breath of fresh air and I pull no punches on guitar!! With some heavy, powerful rock songs, to more main stream rockers and a couple killer ballads, it's all here!!! Although a predominately guitar driven album, Eric Ragno does a masterful job playing keyboards on 6 songs. The title track, 'That's Gonna Leave A Mark' was written by myself several years back, but sounds as fresh and powerful as if written today. Some of the lyrics are based on true life experiences about love, hate and a relationship gone bad, which is reflected in the artwork that was done by the great Nello Dell'Omo. 'The Siren' cuts out your heart and leaves you still alive, clutching your chest. Been there, done that!!! I truly am excited for everyone to here this album!! Cheers!" ~ JK Northrup JK Northrup's professional career began in 1982 when bassist-songwriter Bruce Turgon (Lou Gramm, Foreigner) heard his demo tape and asked if he would like to record with him in Los Angeles. That offer was accepted and the next thing that happened was they were in the studio at Pasha Records being produced by the legendary Billy Thorpe (Children Of The Sun). In the next room, Quiet Riot was mixing their debut album 'Metal Health'. Billy asked JK, Bruce and Frankie Banali to tour for his new release and that's how it all began! Since then, JK has recorded with, toured with and produced some of the biggest names in music and that list continues to grow today. Not only known as an elite guitarist, songwriter and producer, but also as a recording engineer and mastering specialist. In 2017 alone, JK produced, mixed and/or mastered some of the top-rated rock albums for a who's who of recording artists. Having written songs that have been recorded by artists such as Foreigner, King Kobra, Great White, XYZ and including television and movies, the list continues to grow. JK has appeared on over 30 albums over the years as a songwriter, guitarist and producer, and has mixed and mastered many others. Now in 2018 comes a new album called JK Northrup & David Cagle, 'That's Gonna Leave A Mark'. This album showcases all of JK Northrup's skills as a songwriter, guitarist, producer, recording and mastering engineer. In JK's words, 'I'm just getting started! Enjoy the ride folks'. For more detailed bio and discography, please visit www.jknorthrup.com Award-winning international singer David Cagle has recorded vocals on more than 1000 songs over the past 10 years for clients all over the world, covering multiple genres of music. Although a singer of many styles, Cagle is most known for his melodic, soulful rock voice. A few of Cagle's credits include: - February Fallen: Black and White (all lead and backing vocals) - Marty and the Bad Punch: Moon Over Baskerville (all lead and backing vocals) *Winner of 4 awards at the 2015 German Rock and Pop Awards - Brannon: Welton St. and The Road Less Traveled (all lead and backing vocals), and many individually released singles *Winner of multiple international songwriting competitions - Majestic: V.O.Z, Epsilon 1, Epsilon 2 (lead and backing vocals on select tracks) - Fiction Syxx: Tall Dark Secrets (backing vocals on Given Sight and Your Promised Land) 'That's Gonna Leave A Mark' guest performers: Gunnar Nelson - backing vocal on ‘Forever Starts Tonight’ Richard Kendrick - backing vocal ‘Can't’ Kelly Keeling (MSG, Blue Murder) - backing vocal ‘For Sure Thing’ DanZoid (Ted Poley, Bridger) - drums ‘That's Gonna Leave A Mark’ Produced, Recorded, mixed and mastered by JK Northrup at Alien Productions Music Studio www.alien1111.com www.jknorthrup.com JK Northrup & David Cagle ‘That’s Gonna Leave A Mark’ arrives March 30 worldwide onMelodicRock Records
  6. Stefan

    Star Chase - Afterlife

    From FB: Hey guys, Starchase is back with our second album "Afterlife" available early 2018 through MelodicRock Records. More details to follow but here is the cover artwork. Watch this space for the release of the first single coming soon
  7. From Melodicrock.com: MelodicRock Records is delighted to announce the release of the new SCHERER / BATTENalbum ‘BattleZone’, released worldwide September 22. Scherer/Batten is of course, none other than vocalist MARC SCHERER (Scherer/Peterik) and star guitarist JENNIFER BATTEN (Jeff Beck, Michael Jackson). Together the pair have teamed up with the same musical talent that featured on the 2015Peterik/Scherer album ‘Risk Everything’ together with some fresh new faces to help craft an absolute melodic rock gem. ‘BattleZone’ features material exclusively from the Jim Peterik (Ides of March, formerly of Survivor, Pride Of Lions) songbook. Featuring 8 rare musical gems from Jim’s songwriting vault, the album also features 3 brand new tracks, written for this project. That’s 11 new classic songs, produced by Jim Peterik and featuring the impressive lineup of: All Lead Vocals: Marc Scherer All Lead Guitars: Jennifer Batten Backing Vocals: Marc Scherer, Bill Champlin, Bryan Cole, Brian Hemstock, Danette Pahl Alternate Lead and Rhythm Guitars: Jennifer Batten, Mike Aquino, Dave Carl, Jim Peterik Bass Guitars: Bill Syniar, Klem Hayes Keyboards: Jim Peterik, Christian Cullen, Chris Neville, Barb Unger Drums: Dave Kelly, Ed Breckenfeld Sax: Mindi Abair Additional credits include: Executive Producer: Danette Pahl Engineered by: Larry Millas Mastered by: Larry Millas at World Stage Studios and JK Northrup at Alien Productions Mixed by: Jim Peterik and Larry Millas Keyboard Programming: Larry Millas and Christian Cullen Art Direction and Cover Art: Nello Dell'Omo Jim Peterik comments: “As a long time enthusiast of Marc Scherer's vocal chops and the expertise of rock guitar goddess Jennifer Batten, you can imagine how excited I am at the release of Scherer/ Batten ‘BattleZone’ album. As a song writer and producer, it was a dream come true mining some lost gems from my many years in rock, producing them to a new lustre and even writing three brand new cuts with Marc and Jennifer - Cuts Deep, The Harder I Try and the title track BattleZone. Andrew McNeice and Danette Pahl of Melodic Rock Records gave me the artistic leeway and financial support to create the album of a lifetime. Working with one of the best engineers in the business, Larry Millas, and musicians like multiple Grammy Award Winner Bill Champlin of Chicago, bassist Bill Syniar (formerly of Survivor), Mike Aquino (guitarist and singer from World Stage), and two-time Grammy Nominated saxophonist, Mindi Abair, along with Dave Kelly and Bryan Cole, brought depth and texture to the tracks that is palpable. You can hear our excitement in every song. I guess you can see I'm pumped. I dare you to crank up BattleZone or Tender Fire or Crazy Love and not rediscover why you fell in love with melodic rock in the first place. I double dare ya!!” Jennifer Batten: “It was such a pleasure to jump into such a high level inspiring project! Marc’s vocals are out of this world, the grooves are kickin’, and working with Jim Peterik is so joyous and creative. I can’t wait to take this to the stage!” And finally, the vocalist fronting this extraordinary project, Marc Scherer: “Even something as innocuous as lunch with Jim Peterik can inspire great things… It was during one such meeting that Jim and I conceived of an album showcasing his lost musical treasures. Thanks to the contributions of long-time Peterik enthusiast and personal friend Danette Pahl of MelodicRock Records, we now have lift-off! While the brain trust of talent surrounding Jim enhances any idea, this album is extra special because it features a collaboration with one of the world’s greatest guitarists, Jennifer Batten – who played three world tours with Michael Jackson and two with Jeff Beck. They say you know when it’s right in the first 30 seconds, but in this case, you can sense the magic in the first few notes. BattleZone blends the songwriting craftsmanship and storytelling genius of Jim Peterik with the artistry of some of the most amazing musicians in the business. As Jennifer observed, the battle can be internal: the fight to be better, to raise the bar and challenge yourself while stirring the musical cauldron. I truly believe that we have captured lightning in a bottle and I’m so eager for everyone to share in this experience.” Scherer/Batten ‘BattleZone’ will be released via MelodicRock Records on CD & Digital September 22.
  8. From melodicrock.com: MelodicRock Records is pleased to announce a partnership with the fantastic East Coast melodic rock favourites SHOTGUN SYMPHONY for a complete overhaul of their discography in one special, limited edition package released March 1. SHOTGUN SYMPHONY – The Last Symphony is a 4-Disc set housed in two double jewel cases, with each one individually sealed, with a special slipcase that both discs go into. It was designed especially for this occasion. Featured on the discs will be the albums Shotgun Symphony, On the Line of Fire and Sea of Desire all re-mastered from the original tapes! On the 4th disc is a collection of the band’s rarities over the years - b-sides, bonus tracks, song demos, live recordings + a newly recorded version of Carousel of Broken Dreams with the band’s original line up and producer from the debut CD. This is the first time the original line-up (including Ron) have been in the studio since 1999 and the first time working with Alan Douches (producer of the debut) in 25 years. The 4-Disc set will retail for $50 (including shipping) and is strictly limited to 500 units worldwide. THE LAST SYMPHONY $50 (Incl Worldwide Shipping) PRE-ORDER NOW! RELEASED MARCH 1 Shotgun Symphony: Tracy White - Vocals Mike Maino - Guitars Charlie Calv - Keyboards Ed Avila - Bass Ron Sivulich Jr. - Drums www.shotgunsymphony.net DISC ONE: SHOTGUN SYMPHONY 01. Highway to Tomorrow 02. What Happens to Love 03. Way Back Home 04. Turn Around 05. Broken Promises 06. Lost Child 07. She's in Love 08. Running 09. Bitter Sweet Poison 10. Goodbye to the Night DISC TWO: ON THE LINE OF FIRE 01. Generation Clash 02. Tell Me Why 03. On the Line of Fire 04. Hard to Hold Onto 05. Thaw 06. Solitary Zone 07. Into the Vibe 08. What It's Like 09. Salvation 10. This I Know 11. Big Mistake 12. Still The Same DISC THREE: SEA OF DESIRE 01. Sea of Desire 02. Believe in Me 03. Dancing on Fire 04. S.O.S. 05. Heart of Glass 06. What I Wouldn't Give 07. The Way That You Feel 08. Phases 09. Inside Out 10. Between the Eyes (Eyes of Anger Part II) DISC FOUR: THE BONUS TRACKS 01. Carousel Of Broken Dreams (New 2017)* 02. Highway To Tomorrow (Live 2010)+ 03. Lost Child (Live 2010)+ 04. Look Away (Unreleased 1993)† 05. What Happens To Love (Unedited Version 1993)† 06. Running (Song Demo 1992) 07. Turn Around (Live Acoustic 1994)• 08. Broken Promises (Live Acoustic 1994)• 09. Goodbye To The Night (Live Acoustic 1994)• 10. The One (Song Demo 2010) 11. A New Beginning (Song Demo 2010) *Produced by Alan Douches & Shotgun Symphony +Taken from the “Live from Firefest” CD courtesy of www.rocktopiarecords.com †Taken from the debut CD recording sessions •Recorded live at the FNAC Paris
  9. Stefan

    Dogface - ReLeashed

    This is getting the remaster treatment. This was one of my favourite releases on the great MTM label. Press release: MelodicRock Records is very pleased to be giving one of the best melodic hard rock albums of the 2000s another run, releasing a brand-new version of the classic DOGFACE debut Unleashed on January 22. This time it’s called ReLeashed, because this is a turbo-charged record – remastered and remixed! Band founder, guitarist, writer and producer MARTIN KRONLUND has gone back over the album and given it a fresh new mix from original master files, as well as adding some fresh parts and even a new twist or two! Featuring the masterful Mats Leven on vocals, who delivers one of his most powerful and menacing performances alongside Stefan Egeman on bass; Anders Skoog on Hammond Organ and Patrik Engelbrektsson on drums. Thin Lizzy guitarist Brian Robertson guests with additional lead guitar on 3 tracks. And we’re not done there. ReLeashed also adds two exclusive bonus tracks: - A Little Ain’t Enough (originally recorded for a 3rd Dogface MTM Music release) - Pray For Me (from the debut recording sessions, reserved to be a Japanese bonus track) Over to Martin for comment: “The main reason why we do this is the enthusiasm and encouragement from Andrew and Melodic Rock Records. Without them, we would not have done this. When we started and opened up the project, we realized that we haven’t heard the record for more than 10 years. It was a passing stage, but it raised many nostalgic feelings. Dogface Unleashed was our first album and is like a baby to us. Fortunately, we found the main tracks on a backup hard disk and took it into my studio where everything came alive again. It was there and then we decided not only to remaster, but to remix the whole album. It has been a fantastic project that brought the original band back together, and we realized we still have a lot in common, musically and when it comes to friendship that we really have missed. This can be something to build on for the future - who knows! Many thanks to Andrew and the team at MelodicRock Records that you believe in the music of Dogface!” We do believe indeed! Dogface ‘ReLeashed’ features the following track listing: 01. Right Between Your Lies 02. Don't 03. I Don't Care 04. I Will Be There 05. A Single Reason 06. Rule the Night 07. You're Taken Me Down 08. Let It Out 09. Spit It Out 10. Set Me Free 11. Suicide 12. A Little Ain’t Enough (bonus Track) 13. Pray For Me (bonus track) Pre-orders available next week.
  10. From melodicrock.com: BOULEVARD Back With New Studio Album 'Boulevard IV - Luminescence' MelodicRock Records is proud to announce the second release for September 22 – the AOR masterpiece that is the first BOULEVARD album in 27 years - ‘Boulevard IV - Luminescence’. It took just one listen to this supremely recorded album for MRR to realise that the guys had to be signed immediately. For those fans of the band’s first two MCA released records – ‘Boulevard IV - Luminescence’ is so worth the wait. From the breezy AOR perfection of Out Of The Blue, to the more intense and layered first single Life Is A Beautiful Thing and one of the best ballads you’ll hear in What I’d Give, to the moody essence that is I Can’t Let You Go that features an outstanding lead vocal and accompanying saxophone; ‘Luminescence’ is a very diverse album, gelled by the performance of a lifetime and the best possible production and mix studios likeAbbey Road can offer. MRR and Boulevard are proud to preview the lead track off the new album 'Boulevard IV - Luminescence' -'Life Is A Wonderful Thing' Boulevard is a Canadian band that got their start in Germany with the release of their first single “Rainy Day in London” in 1984 which went to #45 on the Billboard charts in Europe. Members are: David Forbes (vocals), Mark Holden (saxophone), Andrew Johns (keyboards, vocals), Dave Corman (Guitar, vocals) Randall Stoll (drums), Cory Curtis (bass). Known for their solid rhythms, layered melodies and vocal textures the band enjoyed success overseas prior to landing back in Canada. In 1987 the band signed a deal with MCA/Universal, which would see their first internationally released albumBLVD producing the hit singles ”Never Give Up” and “Far From Over” establishing them as a fixture of the Canadian Music scene in the 80’s. Their self-titled debut album was recorded at Ocean Sound and Little Mountain Sound in Vancouver by producer Pierre 'Baz' Bazinet and was mixed by notable rock producers Bob Rock and Mike Fraser and Umberto Gatica. Following two very successful tours with Glass Tiger and Boston, in 1988 Boulevard were awarded the coveted Peoples Choice Award by Music Express Magazine as “Best New Group”. Following the success of their first Album the band released Into The Street – in 1990, Produced by John Punter which produced the singles “Crazy Life” and “Lead Me On”. In 2014 the band were invited to perform at Firefest in Nottingham England, and played their first show in over 25 years, in front of many diehard fans. Many consider this to be one of the best shows ever at Firefest. 2015 the band released “Boulevard - Live from Gastown” a DVD which features all five of the bands Canadian top 40 singles, as well as some classic tracks from the bands repertoire. The DVD was filmed live on February 27th 2015 at Vancouver’s legendary Warehouse studio. Boulevard is back, bigger and better than ever with a brand new album titled ‘Boulevard IV’, The bands first studio album in 27 years. The band stays true to their passion charged rhythms, textured melodic landscapes, and powerful lyrics in this this Beautifully crafted body of work that will take the listener down the Boulevard of what is possible. Credits: Produced by Mark Holden, Dave Corman, and Eric Mosher David Forbes: Vocals Mark Holden: Tenor & Alto Sax Andrew Johns: Keyboards & Vocals Randall Stoll: Drums & Percussion Dave Corman: Guitars Cory Curtis: Bass Recorded at: Abbey Road Studio, London U.K.: Engineered by Chris Bolster, assisted by John Barrett. Warehouse Studio, Vancouver B.C: Engineered by Eric Mosher, Zak Blackstone & assisted by Matt Harvey and Ryan Enockson. Westsonic Music, Vancouver B.C.: Engineered by Dave Corman Guest artists: Keith Bennett: Harmonica Keith Scott: Guitar on Slippin Away Al Vermue: Guitar on Slippin Away Artwork: Brent Lunney ‘Boulevard IV – Luminescence’ will be released worldwide September 22. Pre-orders available shortly.
  11. "Rian is a melodic hard rock band from Stockholm, Sweden with a unique combination of 80’s AOR and modern American rock." Rian: Richard Andermyr - Vocals, Guitars Jan Johansson - Drums Jonas Melin - Bass FB
  13. Stefan

    Mecca - The Demos

    Press release from melodicrock.com: The name MECCA is synonymous with quality AOR and melodic rock. Each of the 3 albums released to date have been crafted over several years, with each song racking up a seriously impressive number of demos, alternative versions, re-writes and re-mixes before being labelled “done”. So, while we wait for a new set of songs to go through that lengthy process, Joe Vana has given MelodicRock Records the green light to delve back into the many folders of Mecca music that has built up since the 2002 debut, to bring you a very cool limited edition release – MECCA “The Demos” But these aren’t any old demos; these are still of the highest quality and represent a rare insight into the recording process all artists go through. MECCA “The Demos” will feature songs from all three of the Mecca albums, plus the songs exclusively featured on several past MRCD compilations and several others that have never previously been released. Fans will hear songs you thought you knew, but with alternative lyrics or chorus hooks, plus work-in-progress home recordings, alternative mixes and even a couple of guest vocalists lending a hand. MECCA “The Demos” will be restricted to 1000 units only and released November 3. Full details of the 2-Disc set, along with an audio preview will be announced shortly. Joe Vana has asked that I make a digital download of this set available for free to all that purchased any of the Mecca 3 Tshirt and/or LP packs. Mecca 3 LP refunds are currently being discussed after plans to manufacture have been scrapped after multiple attempts to get quality units produced efficiently and economically. As a continuing gesture by Joe to get all of his fans squared away, he has asked that those few fans that still haven't received a refund AND all those that ordered the Fan Pack get the free download....and this will be expanded to free downloads of Mecca IV (in the works) and other exciting projects slated for 2018 release.
  14. Stefan

    Devoid - Cup Of Tears

    From melodicrock.com: MelodicRock Records is excited to bring the peddle to the metal with a brand-new artist for fans of hard hitting, but very melodic metal. Introducing DEVOID – a debut album with the star power of a seasoned veteran artist; it features the respected vocal talents of Carsten ‘Lizard’ Schulz and special guest appearances by Mattias Ia Eklundh (Freak Kitchen - guitar), Henrik Danhage (Evergrey - guitar), Daniel Palmqvist (Beyond The Katakomb - guitar) and Magnus Karlsson (Primal Fear/The Ferrymen - guitar). DEVOID is the brainchild of French guitarist extraordinaire Mael Saout (Shadyon). Combing both technical finesse and outstanding arrangements with extremely memorable chorus hooks, the debut album ‘Cup Of Tears’ doesn’t have to hide behind the greats of the melodic/prog genre. Apart from establishing a brilliant line up for the band itself, featuring German vocal powerhouse Carsten Lizard Schulz, Shad Mae also managed to include some stunning guest performances by some of the finest guitarists out there! Line Up: Shad Mae (guitars) Carsten Lizard Schulz (vox) Jorris Guilbaud (keys) Ben Toquet (bass) Ben Wanders (drums) Tracklist: 01. Soldiers 02. Otherworld 03. Collective Heart 04. The Clock Is Ticking 05. Killing Hands 06. Religion (Preview Track) 07. Agony 08. Final Breath 09. Colours Fade To Grey 10. Mind Keeper 11. Cup Of Tears 12. Hollow Point Co-Produced/Mixed and Mastered by Gwen Kerjan at Slab Sound Studio Artwork by Nello Dell'Omo DEVOID ‘Cup Of Tears’ will be released via MelodicRock Records on Friday October 13!
  15. Press release: New artists are what will sustain and grow this scene. It is essential to develop and expose new talent and despite the challenges of doing such, MelodicRock Records continues to bring the best undiscovered artists to the ever hungry fans of all things melodic. On November 25, one of Pittsburg’s most gifted singer/guitarists will make his mark. Please make room in your music collections for BRYAN COLE and his sensational debut album ‘Sands Of Time’. Melodic rock fans have been in need of an album just like this – the classic sound of bands like Giant, Bad English, Survivor and both Pride Of Lions and Brett Walker – the latter two artists both included in the material that comprises Sands Of Time. Bryan Cole - "I have to say that I took a lot of time and care in recording my debut album ‘Sands Of Time’ and I knew I would go through the same process in finding the right label home for my music. I'm proud and honored to be a part of the MRR family and all the talented acts on their roster. Andrew McNeice and Melodic Rock Records, truly cares about their artists and I'm humbled and honored that they gave me a chance to make MY music and give me the extraordinary opportunities that the label offers Sands of Time is truly the first album project that is so honest, so pure and so Me! Every musical and vocal influence from my earliest memory, through my adult life is shown ever so clearly in this record and I'm so proud of it!" The whole idea for the record came from Bryan recording a demo of the classic Brett Walker/Carl Dixon song ‘More Than a Memory.’ The feedback was unanimous, with Bryan receiving very positive and encouraging responses. “I knew I was on to something very special. I began searching and writing material with the hopes of finding enough great songs to record a EP or full length album. During the course of this grueling process, I had experienced many personal and life changing experiences. The loss of several loved ones had brought me to my lowest point emotionally and I felt I couldn't go on being creative and making music. Out of the blue, I received a message from an old friend in Nashville, TN that heard my demo and had an idea of the perfect person to hook me up with.” That person would be none other than Jim Peterik from Survivor. Bryan grew up listening to Survivor, Journey and many other classic AOR/Melodic Rock groups of the late 70's and 80's, so working with Jim was a dream come true. Jim Peterik contributed four amazing songs to the project that followers of Jim will recognize quickly. Bryan continued to look for more songs that fit his style and lyrically had the right substance that he was looking for. Songwriters Joie Scott, Larry King and Steven McClintock, graciously lent their writing talents to the project. Bryan decided to record a second great Brett Walker song and to complete the album, and together with his long time writing partner DJ Gleason the duo wrote two songs to round out the album. In conclusion, Bryan elaborates on the album recording process: “In addition to all of the great songwriters, I wanted to bring in the right group of musicians to help in the recording process. My first pick was former Giant bassist Mike Brignardello. I've been a Giant fan from their first record and they have always been a major influence on my music. I contacted Mike through a mutual friend and he jumped at the chance to be a part of the record. The recording took approximately one whole year, with recording all of the tracks in my home studio in Pittsburgh, PA and Mike Brignardello recording his tracks in Nashville. I then appointed my longtime friend and mix engineer Doug Kasper, to mix the record at Tonic Recording Studios in Pittsburgh. Throughout this process, I began friendly conversations online with various industry folks including Andrew McNeice of MelodicRock Records. I had expressed interest in finding the right label home upon completion of the record. I just had a great feeling that MRR, was going to be the right fit. I was right! After submitting some rough mixes, I was offered a record deal with MelodicRock Records! The label appointed Nello Dell'Omo to do the artwork and design and JK Northrup for final mastering. Both are absolutely brilliant! I'm honored to have worked with them. To sum things up... Sands Of Time is a true inside look of who I really am. The musical and vocal influences that helped to mold me into the artist I am today and who I will continue to learn from. The happiness and sadness, as well as the struggles. They are all grains of sand that make me who I am.....the beginning.” ‘Sands Of Time’ track listing: 01. Burning With A Reason (J.Peterik, J.Van Zant) 02. Hard To Find An Easy Way (B.Walker) 03. When Love Breaks (S.Mcclintock) 04. What Kind Of Fool (J.Peterik) 05. Turn To Me (J.Peterik) 06. I’ll Be There For You (B.Cole, D.Gleeson) 07. We Lost The Fire (B.Cole, D.Gleeson) 08. More Than A Memory (B.Walker, C.Dixon) 09. Is It Really Love (S.Mcclintock) 10. Courage To Love (J.Peterik) 11. Nothing Matters (J.Scott, L.King) It’s time to take a look into ‘Sands Of Time’ with the lead track ‘We Lost The Fire’, one of Bryan’s original tunes, showing his guitar and vocal skills off perfectly. The album is released November 25 via MRR.
  16. Press release from melodicrock.com: Please join us in welcoming Greek rock stars DANGERANGEL for the release of their hard hitting brand new studio opus All The King’s Horses, to be released September 30. All The King’s Horses is a major step forward for the band in terms of both production and songwriting. And along with the usual high energy, in your face performance from the guys, this combination makes this an album that will put the band firmly into the minds of all hard rock fans worldwide. This time around, the production has been undertaken by the band, with new engineer for the mixing and mastering process. The songs are more powerful, heavier and more complex in their structure. The music has evolved, the lyrics have evolved, using the previous album as the stepping stone to the end that the band had in mind more than 4 years ago. This new album will be the defining moment for DangerAngel. An exclusive limited Special Edition of the album will be available direct from MRR, featuring a bonus DVD that will include the band’s new videos recorded for this album plus an “Official Bootleg” Live set, recorded in Athens, May 7, 2016. DangerAngel are: Tony V – Drums Rudy Rallis – Bass BJ – Vocals (Soto) Ethan Snow – Guitars Ahas – Keyboards dangerangelband.com FB Tracks: 01) To Kill A Saint 04:16 02) Dia De Los Muertos 03:38 03) Dead In The Water 04:41 04) Who You Are 03:59 05) Call My Name 04:01 06) Best Of Me 4:38 07) All The King’s Horses 07:04 08) Speak To Me 05:03 09) Will You Follow 04:16 10) How About Right Now 04:41 11) Devil’s Waltz 04:29 12) Hollow Men 04:24
  17. From melodicrock.com: MelodicRock Records is very pleased to announce an extension of the relationship with S.A.Ymastermind Jan Akesson, working with the guitarist/vocalist/songwriter/producer on his debut solo album ‘Ascension’, set to be released August 26 under the moniker Jan Akesson’s Shadow Rain. Jan Akesson's Shadow Rain is an intense, in your face hard rocking rollercoaster that is both unique and melodic as well as very familiar to fans of the debut S.A.Y album, released on MRR in 2015. Guitars and menace run through the album’s 10 tracks, whilst each throws in a hook and melody that draws you back in for more. Tracklist: 01. I Can’t Tell You No 02. The Promised Land 03. City Of Light 04. Into The Fire 05. Sound Of A Broken Heart 06. A Sound For Death 07. After The Love Is Gone 08. Cross The Universe 09. Love On The Run 10. Fool For Your Loving Jan Akesson's Shadow Rain is: Jan Akesson: Vocals, Guitars, Backing Vocals Additional Musicians: Sven Svantesson - Lead Guitars Lasse Johansson - Bass Jens Westberg - Drums FB
  18. Press release from melodicrock.com: It is with great pride and enthusiasm that MelodicRock Records can announce the addition of two super stars of the melodic rock scene to the label. We’re talking none other than Vic Rivera and Jamie Rowe, collectively known as ADRIANGALE! AdrianGale has signed to MRR for their next studio album, which is under way currently, with plans to take it slow, get everything perfected for a release in early 2018. And of course, with a new start comes a new logo, commissioned by MRR and designed by the label’s long-time collaborator Nello Dell'Omo. Andrew McNeice, MRR: “I’m so excited to have these two fine gents involved in the label. Vic and Jamie are two of the nicest guys in the business and my friendship with both goes back as far as the very first AdrianGale release. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Vic on the Poley/Rivera album, but now I get the chance to work with one of the finest names in melodic rock. We will all work together to make the new AdrianGale album their most exceptional yet. I’ve given orders to both Vic and Jamie to just go crazy. Go nuts. Make it big, make it loud and make it a statement.” Vic Rivera: “It’s been a long time coming, but I’m elated that Jamie and I have joined forces with our great and trusted friend Andrew and MelodicRock Records to herald in a new era for AdrianGale! It already feels like home - we’ve cultivated a tremendous amount of respect and friendship for one another over the course of the last 17 years, and it’s with those principles in place that we set upon this endeavor. Jamie and I have a unique and undeniable chemistry on all levels that we feel has translated to the music we’ve made and we’re eager to continue on with that tradition. Of course, we have you, our incredible fans (friends, really), to thank for liking what we do in the first place – words can’t express the amount of gratitude and love we have for you all, and we can’t wait to bring you new music!” Jamie Rowe: “It’s a really great feeling to know that our long-time friend, Andrew with Melodic Rock Records, is going to release the next chapter of AdrianGale music! Over the years, I’ve had my hand in a number of projects and AdrianGale is clearly a stand-out amongst them. The chemistry that Vic Rivera and I share is evident and I feel we make some of the best melodic hard rock in the modern era. What started as a studio project in 2000 has evolved into a true collaboration based on a strong friendship, mutual respect, and a love for what we do. It’s always a joy to record music that people want to hear… and the A/G fans are worthy of our best! We plan to give it to them.” Stay tuned for progress updates and teasers into the recording process and look for the band to pop up for select live appearances. 2018 will be the year of the ‘Gale!
  19. From FB: HAPPY NEW YEAR! Outlasted would like to say thank you to all likers, business partners, friends and family. What a ride it has been so far! We shot a video in May, played live for the first time in November and we’re almost done recording the debut album. Two more songs and it’s complete! Look out for the video release of the first single in february 2015. Happy new year and cheers! Members: Glenn Wikran - Vocals Terje Fløyli - Guitars Odd-Børge Hansen - Piano & keyboards Aleksander Schjølberg - Bass Rune Erling Pedersen - Drums 'Someone Like You' preview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HdA8SvkPJ-Q
  20. From melodicrock.com: MelodicRock Records is excited to announce a new partnership with French melodic rock band PARIS. The band’s new album ‘The World Outside’, will be released via MRR on July 1 in two configurations – the regular edition and a limited Special Edition featuring 2 exclusive bonus tracks. This follows the band’s debut album ‘Only One Life’ (produced by Alessandro Del Vecchio) which was released in 2013. PARIS are: Frédéric Dechavanne: Lead & Backing Vocals, Keyboards Sébastien Montet: Lead & Rhythm Guitars For album number two, the PARIS story hasn't changed: it's still the story of two friends since the youngest of age, growing up in the suburbs of Paris and fancying the same kind of music in the second half of the eighties! Life separated the pair geographically, but music kept them united. ‘The World Outside’ is expertly produced and mastered by Steve Newman - further entwining himself in the PARIS story. The British melodic rock singer/producer had added background vocals on the debut and repeats that role here, adding his voice once again to the rich harmonies on this album. The result is the perfect mix of the band’s pleasing AOR debut, with the harmony drenched trademark that is found on the NEWMAN records. Rounding out this album’s lineup is Steve's English teammates David Bartlett (bass) and Rob McEwen (drums), ensuring the best possible presentation for these songs. And because the PARIS story is all based on friendship, Seb made sure that Robert Säll was involved again on one song, like on the debut and Alessandro Del Vecchio adds backing vocals on one track. Frédéric says: “We're still writing songs together and we have a bunch of great tunes waiting in the vault, either for a next PARIS album or for any band or artist that requires new material.” Credits: Frédéric Dechavanne: Lead Vocals, Keyboards, Additional Background Vocals on ‘End Of My World’, ‘Looking For You’, ‘This Broken Heart’ & ‘Stronger’ Sébastien Montet: All Guitars, Keyboards, Additional Background Vocals on ‘Don’t Say A Word’, ‘In My Eyes’ & ‘When You Find Love’ Additional Musicians: Steve Newman: Background Vocals, Additional Guitar On ‘Unreachable’ David Bartlett: Bass, Background Vocals Rob McEwen: Drums, Percussion Special Guests: Robert Säll: guitar (main solo) on ‘When You Find Love’ Alessandro Del Vecchio: Background vocals on ‘End Of My World’ Jean-Marc Perz: Additional Background Vocals on ‘Don’t Say A Word’, ‘In My Eyes’ & ‘When You Find Love’ Produced & Mastered By Steve Newman Arranged by PARIS and Steve Newman Recorded at Chrome Dome, London (UK), Studio 109, Herblay (France) and Magic Moon Lane, Lüneburg (Germany) Executive producers: Frédéric Dechavanne & Sébastien Montet RELEASE DATE: July 1 GENRE: Melodic Rock / AOR CAT#: MRR046 Tracks: 01. End Of My World 02. When You Find Love 03. Looking For You 04. Kitesurfing 05. This Broken Heart 06. I Feel Fine 07. Tears In Your Heart 08. In My Eyes 09. Haunted 10. Unreachable 11. Stronger (Special Edition - Bonus Track) 12. Don’t Say A Word (Special Edition - Bonus Track)
  21. Stefan

    Mecca - III

    Mecca III L to R: David Hungate - Bass David Browning - Synths Joe Vana - Lead Vocals Shannon Forrest - Drums, Producer Tim Akers - Piano, B3 (Not Pictured) Joey Vana - Guitar Steve Lukather - Guest Solo Mark Baldwin - Guitar Sol Littlefield - Guitar Ethan Forrest - Guitar http://thebandmecca.com/ www.facebook.com/MeccaTheBand
  22. From melodicrock.com: MelodicRock Records is pleased to announce another blast from the past, partnering with the one and onlyJOHNNY LIMA to reissue his long out of print self-titled debut (1996) album and the similarly out of print Made In California (2003). The albums will be issued on a double disc jewel case with deluxe slipcover limited edition package. And yes, of course there are bonus tracks! The 2-Disc set will retail for $25 (including shipping) and is strictly limited to 500 units worldwide. www.johnnylima.com DISC ONE: JOHNNY LIMA (Original Debut Release; Remastered) 01. Never Gonna Let U Go 02. Little Runaway 03. Here for You 04. Rock 'N Roll River 05. Crazy 06. If I Had a Heart 07. Speak of the Devil 08. Another Lonely Day 09. Something's Gotta Change 10. Into Your Arms 11. Reckless Heart 12. Fly Angel 13. Fire Of Love (Bonus Track) 14. Drift Away (Bonus Track) DISC TWO: MADE IN CALIFORNIA 01. Made in California 02. Best Night of My Life 03. The Chosen One 04. Go On, Go Away 05. We've Got Tonight 06. Another Girl 07. Help 08. Love Ain't Enough 09. Something About You 10. Where Are You Now 11. Welcome to My Paradise 12. Rock N Roll Generation (Bonus Track) 13. She Gets Around (Bonus Track)
  23. Stefan

    Room Experience - s/t

    New project featuring Pierpaolo Zorro Monti (Lionville) and Davide Dave Rox Barbieri (Charming Grace, Wheels Of Fire). Debut album in the making.
  24. This sounds great! Press release: Exactly one year out from their critically and fan acclaimed second album Heaven & Heartbreak, Australian melodic hard rockers THE RADIO SUN return with their new album Outside Looking In. MelodicRock Records is once again thrilled to work with THE RADIO SUN for the release of their brilliant third album on September 30. The boys continue where they left off, with vocal harmonies, soaring guitar solos and catchy choruses once again dominating. Ex-Danger Danger vocalist Paul Laine lends a hand with production duties and also features on the song Wink and Smile with a dual lead vocal alongside lead vocalist Jason Old. Guitarist Stevie Janevski was also buzzed to have Brett Garsed of John Farnham and Nelson fame play a guest solo on the track Falling For you. The first single 'Switch Off The World Tonight' reminds us of classic Damn Yankees with its catchy intro and feel-good chorus. And here it is right now, making its worldwide debut!
  25. Stefan

    Roadkill - Extinct

    Press release from melodicrock.com: MelodicRock Records is once again turning ‘metal’ for a new release September. And we didn’t have to look far. MRR is proud to announce the signing of the first Tasmanian band to the roster. ROADKILL will release their new album Extinct via MRR on September 9. Formed in April 2006 - ROADKILL is an 'old school' styled high octane, rock 'n' roll band that re-introduces that genre to the world! ROADKILL released their debut album, "God Bless America" in 2007, produced by Brett Collidge at Izaneer Studios in Tasmania. It contained 12 in-your-face anthems including, Get Outta My Way, Lazy, God Bless America, Living In Hell, Day After Day and Hollywood – all proving popular in concert. The band were then 'off the road' for two years from 2008 - 2010 due to two band members being involved in separate, serious car accidents while another member had to leave due to heart problems. After a couple of personnel changes, the band settled with the current line-up of: Neil Steel - vocals, Zig - guitars, James Basser - guitars, Ted Tedington - bass guitar and Brendan 'Squid' Shelverton - drums. The bands' second album finally surfaced in 2012. "Profanity & Innuendo" was produced by Michael Shelley (Tyrant/Rogue Sharks) and featured a more 'hard rock' flavour and included more anthems: Sex Drugs Rock N Roll, Rude Crude And Tattooed, Dirty Girls, Backstabbers and Every Dog Has It's Day. Now ROADKILL are set to release their new 10 track album, "Extinct" on September 9. The new album is a major step up for the band. The sonic energy is palpable. The set was produced by Joe Haley (Psycroptic) and the overall sound incorporates classic hard rock songs full of tenacity including the lead video, 'Ready For War', out now. ROADKILL state their influences include some classic rock heavyweights such as AC/DC, Judas Priest, Scorpions, Accept, Skid Row, Buckcherry, Guns 'N' Roses, Black Label Society, Motorhead, Primal Fear, Van Halen and a plethora of other great 'classic' bands. ROADKILL delivers a full frontal attack, with music that is aimed straight at the hearts and minds of rock fans - who crave and miss their dose of high octane, charged rock 'n' roll!

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