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  1. Press release: MelodicRock Classics is honoured to announce the details for what will be one of the crown jewels of the label’s catalogue for years to come. Most fans of melodic rock will know the name Clif Magness. The American singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist/producer is a stalwart of the wider music business for over 40 years. And while is name will be very familiar, the depth of his songwriting talents may not be as well known. In rock circles he has two acclaimed solo albums plus a member of Planet 3, co-writes with Steve Perry and is best known for co-writing and producing several tracks on Avril Lavigne’s 2002 debut album, Let Go including the song “Losing Grip”. Further writing credits include Laura Branigan, Ted Nugent, John Farnham, Cheap Trick, Starship, Eric Martin, Robin Beck, Marc Jordan, Spin Gallery and Ignition. In pop circles he worked with original American Idol winner Kelly Clarkson on her debut album Thankful and the follow-up Breakaway. Magness produced the longest radio air played song in Australian history, “Perfect”, for Vanessa Amorosi; produced five songs for another American Idol contestant, Clay Aiken, on his debut album, Measure of a Man and co-wrote the first single “Lights Out” and five other songs with Lisa Marie Presley from her debut album, To Whom It May Concern. At the 33rd Grammy Awards, Magness won a Grammy Award for Best Instrumental Arrangement Accompanying Vocal(s) for the song “The Places You Find Love” from Quincy Jones’ album, Back On The Block. He received nominations for an Academy Award, Golden Globe Award, and Grammy for the theme song “The Day I Fall In Love” from the film Beethoven’s 2nd. In 1990, Magness’ collaboration with songwriter Steve Kipner resulted in a Billboard top 5 single for Wilson Phillips’ “Impulsive”. Early in his career, Magness co-wrote and produced the title track “All I Need” on Jack Wagner’s debut album. He has also either co-written and/or produced tracks for Celine Dion, Jessica Simpson, Amy Grant, Hanson, O-Town, Charlotte Martin, Rachel Loy, Wild Orchid, Judith Owen, Jude, Joe Bonamassa, The Urge, Kyle Vincent, Marie Digby, Andreya Triana, Days Difference, Ill Scarlett, Ivy Lies, Christina Grimmie, Caroline Sunshine, Jermaine Jackson, Barbra Streisand, Julio Iglesias, Sheena Easton, George Benson, and Al Jarreau. The time has come to showcase Clif Magness’ songwriting career, by opening his demo vaults to fans for the first time. ‘Road To Gold’ is the unleashing of 40 years of writing, covering different styles, eras and purposes, all with Magness’ own brand of melodic brilliance on display. Given the brief to ‘look through everything’, Clif, together with A&R guru Magnus Soderqvist and MelodicRock Classics CEO Andrew McNeice, found 60 tracks, which are compiled over 4CDs in chronological order. Clif Magness: “A lot of the songs included here in this compilation are songs that were written and recorded (with my vocal mostly) with the hope of securing recordings by major artists of the day. Therefore, song and singing styles vary depending on who I’m pitching to. For example, “Collection Of Hearts” was written with Alee Willis for Stevie Nicks. “The Boy Delirious” and “Forget That Girl” were written for Aerosmith; “Running Away” for Hanson; “Saving Grace”, “The Children”, “The Other Side Of Love” for Michael Jackson and “Love With a View” for Barbra Streisand. To make this package a truly special tribute to a great writing talent, Clif has been working on detailed song credits and liner notes to explain each song on the compilation. The 4CD Set will be housed in a double sized jewelcase and will be limited to 1000 units worldwide. It is expected CDs will be ready to ship at the end of May. A digital release will follow at a later date. Pre-orders will be available from April 19. Direct pre-orders of ‘Road To Gold’ will be priced at USD$75 (including worldwide shipping) All those that pre-order will receive a 1CD sized digital download, with highlights from the set for advance listening. The full digital audio will be delivered the day the sets ship out. The full track listing is as follows: Disc 1: 1979-1983 01. Slip Away 3:17 02. The Rest Of The Night 4:07 03. Reach For Me 2:58 04. Do You Ever Think Of Me 3:06 05. Look What You’ve Done 3:02 06. Make Me Believe It 3:16 07. What Goes Around 3:30 08. Let ‘Em Talk 3:08 09. Late Night News 3:23 10. Chain Reaction 3:58 11. Workin’ It Back 3:07 12. When Will I See You Again 3:28 13. Tell Him 2:43 14. I Know What You Know 3:47 Disc 2: 1984-1987 01. Top Of The Hill 3:23 02. Kia Manni Kai 4:57 03. Hold On 3.17 03. Lisa, It Still Matters 4:00 04. Hold On To Me 4:17 05. Runnin’ Forever 4:11 06. Black And White 3:52 07. Over Tokyo 3:23 08. The Other Side Of Love 3:48 09. Saving Grace 3:29 10. The Children 4:44 11. If I Had My Way 3:31 12. Livin’ In A Gorgeous Hell 3:46 13. Shake Off The Rain 4:03 14. Steam 3:33 Disc 3: 1998-1995 01. Livin’ By The Letter 3:40 02. Halfway To Heaven 4:15 03. As Good As It Gets 3:50 04. Cry 4:19 05. Yeah Yeah Yeah 3:31 06. Love With A View 4:39 07. Look The Other Way 3:33 08. I Will Survive 3:38 09. I Think My Heart Is Ready 4:01 10. Johnny B Bad 4:18 11. Nueromancer 3:59 12. Collection Of Hearts 4.11 12. You Love Who You Love 3:49 13. The Boy Delirious 4:23 14. I Know I want Your Love 4:14 15. Down 3:24 16. Feel 4:05 Disc 4: 1996-2018 01. Forget That Girl 3:58 02. Her New Day 4:28 03. In The New World 3:58 04. Katies Suicide 4:01 05. Livin’ The Dream 2:33 06. What You Want 4:45 07. I’ve Fallen Into You 3:14 08. Running Away 3:07 09. Craving 3:25 10. Different Today 3:49 11. Those Were The Days 2:53 12. Will you Wait 4:05 13. Me Just Being Me 4:00 14. Crave The Touch 2:13 15. Let Me Let Go 3:58 16. (She Said) Just Kiss Me 3:19
  2. From MelodicRock Classics: MelodicRock Classics is excited to announce that Tom DeLuca's long lost second studio album has been liberated from the vaults. DeLuca’s acclaimed cult favorite debut ‘Down To The Wire’ was released by Epic Records in 1986. He was also signed with MCA Music (Universal) as a songwriter and was working on his next album for Epic when the label went through a mass firing of staff, including his A&R person. That label restructure quashed any hope for a second album. As often happens, tracks were leaked and pirated over the years, some incorrectly titled and others with poor audio quality. For the first time, DeLuca now delivers the ‘official’ second album ‘Street Rock’, correctly marked and in the original intended sequence. Two additional bonus tracks have been added - the anthemic rocker “Take It Like A Man” and DeLuca’s original version of “Satisfied Man,” a hit he co-wrote for Southern rock band Molly Hatchet. Tom DeLuca: “When MelodicRock Classics contacted me about releasing songs I recorded years ago but had never released, it came out of the blue. These are songs that had special meaning to me at different phases of my life, but I never expected them to be heard. I hope the listener will enjoy them as much as I enjoyed writing and recording them.” Tom Deluca is an American songwriter who started his career in Nashville, TN. Born in Pittsburgh but growing up in South Florida, he moved to Nashville in his early 20s, and within two years had his first publishing deal. He moved to Los Angeles in the 90’s when he was signed by Epic Records as a solo artist and still resides there today. In 1986, Tom’s first album called ‘Down To The Wire’ was recorded in London and produced by James Guthrie (Pink Floyd). Deluca produced or co-produced ‘Street Rock’, with the exception of “Satisfied Man” which was produced by Terry Manning (ZZ Top, Lenny Kravitz). As a songwriter, DeLuca has enjoyed success with a number of cuts including "Man Alive" (Diesel), "Bound For Glory” (Angry Anderson), "Down By The River" (Meredith Brooks), "Are You Satisfied” (Jon Stevens), "Heart Over Mind” (Jennifer Rush), "Women In Chains” (Joe Perry), “Guilty” (Tora Tora), “Zone” (Southern Sons), "Chance Of A Lifetime" (Micky Dolenz of the Monkees), "Satisfied Man" (Molly Hatchet) and "Son Of Detroit” (Kid Rock /David Alan Coe). Other songs have been covered by James Christian, Aldo Nova, Joanna Dean, Steelhouse Lane, Paul Dean and Gary Richrath. ‘Street Rock’ will be released by MelodicRock Classics on CD & Digital March 25, with Pre-Orders and Advance Digital Audio available in February. Track Listing: 01. Can’t Get Enough of You 02. Even The Strongest Heart 03. Still I Wanna Fall 04. You’re My Religion 05. Remnants of Yesterday (Instrumental) 06. Shotgun Wedding 07. Only The Young 08. Never Let Me Know 09. Think It Over 10. Don’t Talk About Love Bonus Tracks: 11. Take It Like A Man 12. Satisfied Man
  3. Press release:: For American Grammy and CMA nominated singer/songwriter James House, there was life before Nashville. House is best known as a country star for his three hit Nashville records, recorded for MCA and Epic Records in the years spanning 1989-1994 and his Song Of The Year nominations for the likes of Dwight Yoakam (“Ain’t That Lonely Yet) and Martina McBride (“A Broken Wing”). But before that, James House was a rocker, making his solo debut on Atlantic Records in 1983 with an acclaimed self-titled record that featured James co-writing the album’s 9 songs, plus a young Alan Pasqua on 2 co-writes. The album featured a superstar lineup including Jimmy Haslip (Blackjack), Mike Baird (Journey, Rick Springfield, Van Stephenson), Alan Pasqua (Giant), Rick Derringer and more. For whatever reason, it was never released on CD, with fans demanding its release for years. “I did sessions, from vocal coaching Dustin Hoffman on Ishtar to singing opera-like tracks for a never released Zorro play” says House. “My Atlantic record was produced by Gary Katz who produced Steely Dan’s records. He brought in great musicians. One of my favorite guitarists Rick Derringer played guitar and David Sanborn played sax. That was an incredible experience as were all the sessions and recordings I did during this time.” James House’s rock roots didn’t stop there. Over the next several years, James became one of the go-to writers and singers for those classic 80s soundtracks. Working with such notable studio musicians such as Jeff Porcaro and Steve Lukather (Toto) plus yet to be discovered artist Bruce Hornsby and others, James was in the writing and recording rock songs and movie soundtrack phase of his career. Songs were included in such high-profile movies as Dream A Little Dream, Gleaming The Cube, Teen Wolf, The Wraith and Fire With Fire. MelodicRock Classics owner/A&R Andrew McNeice was obsessed with one particular ‘lost’ recording of James which got this project rolling. The closing credits for one of his favourite 80s movies, Scenes From The Goldmine featured the song “Time Enough For Love”, a heartfelt mid-tempo anthem that McNeice loved for years and was determined to see released officially. A desire to release an official soundtrack for that movie remains unfulfilled, but a relationship with James was established and a new mission created – to put together an Anthology of James’ rock work, from the 1983 Atlantic debut, plus as many of the soundtrack songs as could be found. Thus began a three year journey, trying to track down as many of the songs recorded as possible. Something that proved to be a bigger challenge than both anticipated. Masters for all the material except for one song were lost, as were the masters for the Atlantic Records album. James managed to track down a still sealed copy of his LP, which was specially transferred and remastered for this release. The soundtrack songs were a far bigger challenge. James managed to locate copies of several songs, including the never before heard version of a song he wrote for the Dream A Little Dream movie that was sung by Fee Waybill for the soundtrack. Other tracks came from several sources thanks to co-writers tracked down by McNeice as well as audio sourced from original copies of the few soundtracks released. Special thanks go to friend of the label, Ken Potocki, who tracked down two songs on the list himself. The big hold out was James’ most popular song that has never been released previously – despite fan calls for it over the last 30 years! The sentimental ballad “In It For Love” from the Paramount Studios movie Fire With Fire, has never even been heard in full before, having just an edited version of the song featured in the movie. But thanks to months of back and forth correspondence with Paramount, a master was found and is included in this set. House said “It took years to find some of these songs. One of them “In It for Love” from the cult 80’s movie Fire with Fire was never released and took over 25 years to find. I have gotten a steady flow of fan letters and emails over the years asking for the full version this track. Only a minute from the movie clip was out there and over the years people have edited that version trying to make a complete recording. It’s one of my favorite songs I’ve ever recorded. It was buried in the archives of Paramount Movie Studios and just this past year I was able to get help there in finding the master recordings. The brilliant Jeff Pocarro from Toto played drums on this track.” There are two songs that remain elusive to all. No one with any connection to the songs or their movie use were able to find an original full copy of the songs; “Gleaming The Cube” (from the movie Gleaming The Cube) and “Running Out Of Time” (from the movie Cold Steel), but edited versions with a decent audio quality have been restored and remastered and added at the end of the album as a medley with a third edited tune “American Dream” – just for the sake of completing the full James House puzzle. This compilation of his classic rock tracks is a time machine back into the 80’s music and teen movie scene in Los Angeles. House still lives in Nashville where he is still in demand as a songwriter/producer. Lately he’s been writing with Blues Rock Titan Joe Bonamassa on his last 5 #1 albums and producing Australian country-pop singer/songwriter Zoee. James House – The LA Tapes: Classic Rock Years will be released May 27 as a 2CD set via MelodicRock Classics. Pre-orders start April 19. CDs shipped out at the end of May. The Full Track Listing is: Disc One: 1983 01. Cool Boy In Spain 4.28 02. Outside 4.39 03. Steal Your Love Away 4.01 04. Wait For Me 3.34 05. Hot On Your Tail 4.09 06. Jude 3.50 07. Bittersweet 3.47 08. Talk To My Machine 3.51 09. The Edge 3.50 Disc Two: The Soundtrack Cuts 01. Bad Mistake From The Movie “The Wraith” (1986) 02. Flesh On Fire From The Movie “Teen Wolf” (1985) 03. You Better Wait From The Movie “Dream A Little Dream” (1989) 04. Time Enough For Love From The Movie “Scenes From The Goldmine” (1987) 05. Listen To My Heartbeat From The Movie “Scenes From The Goldmine” (1987) 06. The Seeker From The Movie “Scenes From The Goldmine” (1987) 07. Leave My Heart Alone From The Movie “No Man’s Land” (1987) 08. I’m In It For Love From The Movie “Fire With Fire” (1986) 09. All The Money In The World From The Movie “Million Dollar Mystery” (1987) 10. Million Dollar Mystery From The Movie “Million Dollar Mystery” (1987) 11. Goin’ For Gold From The Movie “Million Dollar Mystery” (1987) 12. Born To Race From The Movie “Speed Zone” (1989) 13. Medley: The American Dream From The TV Movie “Jay Leno and the American Dream” (1986) Gleaming The Cube From The Movie “Gleaming The Cube” (1989) Running Out Of Time From The Movie “Cold Steal” (1987)
  4. Press release from MelodicRock Classics: MelodicRock Classics reaches back into the vaults for yet another unreleased project from the past, featuring a veteran musician and a major talent vocalist, who sadly passed away from cancer in 2003. A Story Unfolds is the moniker given to a previously unreleased project featuring producer/songwriter/musician Don Cromwell (Air Supply, Ransom, Eddie Money) and vocalist Chris Barr. All the tracks were written and recorded between 1986 – 1993, with the album remaining on the shelf until now. Andrew McNeice: “It is a great privilege to be able to pay tribute to Chris and his vocal talents with this release. While Chris may be a new name to many, Don Cromwell is a seasoned veteran of the rock scene. Magnus Soderqvist introduced me to several songs from Don and Chris, with Don digging deeper to deliver the entire set of songs that made up the various recording sessions for what has become A Story Unfolds.” With so many songs to choose from, the label was quick to choose its usual route when given the opportunity to do so – offer a special double disc release featuring the tracks decided for the full A Story Unfolds album and adding the rest of the tracks on a bonus disc, so fans can get the complete musical story of the collaboration between Don and Chris. About DON CROMWELL: Originally from the East Bay Area in Northern California, Don spent several years in the Seattle music scene before relocating to Southern California. He became a fixture at the avant-garde label Unicorn Records, writing songs for and performing on many of their diverse releases. From 1983 through 1987, Don toured as the bass player with the renowned pop group Air Supply. While with the band, he worked with top producers in the studio, co-wrote songs on the hit album "Air Supply," and appeared in numerous videos and television performances. Following Air Supply, Don played bass with rock legend Eddie Money, touring and recording with him over the next six years. Don teamed up with long time Eddie guitarist - Tommy Girvin - to form the group Ransom, releasing an album in Europe and Japan in 1997 titled "Trouble in Paradise." Ransom also released a second CD "Better Days" in 2010. He produced Air Supply vocalist Russell Hitchcock's solo CD "Take Time" and won the award for best producer at the 2016 Hollywood Music in Media Awards for his song "Where Do I Belong". Don continues to work with both new and established artists and has a weekly internet radio show / podcast "Don Cromwell LIVE". About CHRIS BARR: An American singer-songwriter, musician Chris was born and raised in California. As a teen in the late 60’s and early 70’s he became heavily influenced by the music scenes that were happening in both Los Angeles and San Francisco. That eventually led to forming the band Rock Rose and the self-titled album on Columbia Records produced by the successful duo Lambert and Potter. He later went on to record another self-titled album by the band Small Talk on MCA Records, with some of the original Rock Rose band members. Chris worked both sides of the desk in the music industry doing A&R at ABC Dunhill Records, sitting in on many sessions with upcoming artists such as Steely Dan, Rufus with newcomer Chaka Kahn, 4 Tops, Steven Bishop, Blood, Sweat and Tears, 3 Dog Night just to name a few. He began his collaboration with Don Cromwell and A Story Unfolds was born. The marriage between the two artists and the process in which they worked gave way to a catalogue of music that holds up today. In later years Chris composed for movies and tv. Prior to his death in 2003, and going back to his roots, Chris was on the verge of developing a boutique record label where undiscovered artists could have easy access to getting their projects heard. A STORY UNFOLDS will be released by MelodicRock Classics June 24, with pre-order and instant digital delivery available later this month. Audio preview soon! “The Album” 01. Real Things 02. Nowhere Town 03. Two Times 04. Just In Time 05. Back To Her Old Self Again 06. Man In The Middle 07. So Special 08. Like Lovers Do 09. One In A Million 10. One Way Or Another 11. Small World 12. Someone Like You 13. Cool Lies 14. Crazy Tonight “The Bonus Tracks” 01. That Ain’t Living 02. Not A Pretty Sight 03. Isn’t It About Time 04. We Stand 05. You Should’ve Lied 06. Time Stands Still 07. Remember Me 08. Playing To Win 09. Second Time Around 10. A Fine Love
  5. From MelodicRock Classics: MRC008 – HEADWAY (Featuring Steve McClintock) – Headway 1CD Limited Edition Unreleased pomp-AOR / melodic rock album from 1980 featuring vocalist and guitarist Steven McClintock. Includes original master tracks plus a couple of live bonus tracks recorded in 1981.
  6. For fans of soundtracks anthems. From MelodicRock Classics: MelodicRock Classics is excited to announce a partnership with singer/songwriter/producer STEVEN McCLINTOCK to release a pair of phenomenal melodic rock records to feature the acclaimed singer’s voice. With over 40 years as a successful musician, singer, songwriter, publisher, producer & manager, Steven McClintock is the owner and driving force behind 37 Records and Management. With over 350 cuts and over 25 films and dozens of TV shows to his credit, Steven is also very involved in publishing with Tim James at McJames Music Inc. with writers like Stephen Petree, Chad Petree, Jeremy Dawson from Shiny Toy Guns and Grammy nominee songwriter Pamela Oland. The second record in the partnership with Steven is something that will excite many fans of classic hands-in-the-air 80s anthems. Steven McClintock the voice behind many cult 80s action films, the voice of the feel good soundtracks that these films championed through the best decade ever. For years now, many of these songs have been traded over the internet and featured on YouTube, with audio taken directly from the movies themselves or other poor-quality sources. But now gathered in one place are all the legendary tunes from such movies as Deadly Prey, The Bounty Hunter, Space Mutiny, Born Killer, Nightwars and more… Curated by MelodicRock Classics over two discs for a free-flowing selection of melodic rock anthems and heartfelt ballads, Steven McClintock’s Soundtrack Heroes is a real treat for fans of 80s rock and 80s action films. Included are a couple of never before released songs, which never featured in films, adding value to the collection. Tim James Auringer comments on the writing partnership: “After placing a song in one of David A. Prior’s movies In late 1986, David called and asked if we knew how to score a movie. Having never scored a movie before we of course said, “yes”. That began a crash course in film scoring and a journey of composing music and placing over 60 songs in 20 films for David A. Prior and Action International Pictures. Steven McClintock and I solicited the assistance of some friends (Mark Mancina, Garm Beall and Tim Heintz) who had also, naturally, never scored a motion picture before. Some of these films have gone on to become cult classics, such as Deadly Prey and Space Mutiny. The later becoming one of the favorite “Mystery Science Theater” episodes of all time. Sadly, David A. Prior passed away a few years ago, but his films continue to be shown all around the world on late night TV. We had fun working on these films and thank David for the opportunity to be involved in so many of his movies.” ‘Soundtrack Heroes’ is another gem from the archives, one which MelodicRock Classics is excited to bring to fans. Masters were supplied by Steven, with MRC’s JK Northrup remastering expertise again at work. STEVEN McCLINTOCK ‘Soundtrack Heroes’ will be available for CD Pre-Order and Advance Digital Audio Delivery from this Friday January 14, with CDs shipping to fans during February. Track Listing (and movie featured in): CD1 01. Turn On The Night (Chase) 4:16 02. When Love Breaks (Crossing The Line Theme) 3:55 03. Edge Of A Dream (Space Mutiny) 3:55 04. Never Say Die (Deadly Prey: Deadliest Prey) 3:01 05. Running With The One I Love (Chase) 3:02 06. Do You Remember Love (Rage To Kill) 3:15 07. It's Only Love (Rapid Fire) 3:13 08. Read My Lips (Lost Platoon Theme) 3:14 09. I Believe In The Battle (Hell On The Battleground) 4:16 10. Is It Really Love (Code Name Vengeance) 3:27 11. Long Thin Line (Born Killer) 3:39 12. You're A Mystery (Previously Unreleased) 3:09 13. For A Moment (Rage To Kill) 4:08 14. Maybe Love (Jetsons: The Movie) 3:46 CD2 01. Freedom (Mankillers) 3:29 02. Keep This Motor Running (Born Killer) 4:16 03. Just A Little (Bounty Hunter) 2:39 04. Chase Theme (What's Going On) 3:07 05. Forbidden 3:10 06. Here You Are (Chase) 3:17 07. Talk To Me (Previously Unreleased) 3:17 08. Home (Hell On The Battleground) 3:58 09. Shadow Of A Doubt (Operation Warzone) 4:26 10. This Fire (Operation Warzone) 2:52
  7. Reissue out August 26. From MelodicRock Classics: 2AM is the brain child of vocalist Dave Lloyd (Nutz/Rage) and guitarist/songwriter Mark Thomas. The high-tech AOR duo delivered their one and only album in 1987, before splitting in 1988 after being dropped by their label RCA, leaving behind a true classic that fans have traded audio copies over the last 30 years. Unfortunately, there is a sad side to this reissue. Mark Thomas was only recently discovered to have passed away several years ago after dropping out of the industry many years earlier. In 2003 Judges sitting in the High Court in London ruled that American singer Bobby Womack had stolen the 2am song ‘You’re The One’, awarding Thomas GBP57,000 in royalties. Unable to afford to pursue Womack in US courts for payments that never came, Mark left the business with a bitter taste. It is hoped that this official remaster, which comes on the 35th Anniversary of the album’s release, will help remind fans of what a fantastic writer and guitarist Mark Thomas was and close the 2AM story on a positive note. There are no additional songs recorded at the time that could be used as bonus tracks, but there is one additional track ‘Right Now I Need You’ that was a B-side on the 1987 12” single ‘Somebody Someday’. 2am ‘When Every Second Counts’ has been lovingly remastered from the original CD audio by JK Northrup, giving the songs fresh new life. MelodicRock Classics presents 2AM ‘When Every Second Counts’ August 26. Limited Edition 500 Units. Track Listing: 01. Never Gonna Let You Escape 4:02 02. You're The One 4:13 03. Somebody Someday 3:48 04. Who Will You Run To 4:47 05. Too Late 4:53 06. Lost Souls 3:52 07. Running With The Same Old Crowd 3:44 08. Never Feel This Way Again 4:03 09. Dreams And Promises 4:35 10. Now You're Leaving 4:03 11. Right Now I Need You (B-Side) 3:33
  8. Reissue out August 26. From MelodicRock Classics: CHRIS IRVINE is a Belfast born singer/songwriter who released his debut album in 1992. The self-titled album contained the official single ‘Frozen Rivers’, which will become the new title for this 30th Anniversary Deluxe Edition of ‘Chris Irvine’. With help from the original label and various participants in the release, including the man himself, CHRIS IRVINE ‘Frozen Rivers’ revisits the lost classic, adding a generous selection of bonus tracks, packing this special release with previously unreleased AOR gems. Chris comments: “I’m delighted to be able to have the opportunity to finally deliver the definitive version of this album, with the artwork I envisaged as the artist when it was recorded. When you’ve spent hours, weeks, and months toiling in the studio, writing and recording your music, it becomes a living, breathing part of you. You nurture it and build up an idea of how it should be presented. Unfortunately, I didn’t get that level of involvement on the album’s initial release. I am truly grateful to Andrew McNeice and MRC for allowing me the opportunity to give fans of the album something really special on the 30th anniversary of its release.” Producer Phil Radford: “Back in the late 1980’s I was working as an in-house writer/ producer at Red Bus music in North London. My partner Pete Yellowstone and I were introduced to Chris as a potential new artist to work with. We were immediately struck by his powerful and soulful vocals, his enthusiasm and obvious talent. Over a few months we worked on studio ‘down time’ which was evenings and nights writing and recording these songs. These late long smoky sessions were very productive and Chris came up with some powerful performances behind the mic! Very much a product of the times, the big clean 80s pop AOR sound is clearly what we were going for. We mixed it in studio 2 at Red bus studios on an SSL desk with either Graham Bonnet or me engineering. Even though the album wasn’t received as widely as it could have been at the time, I’m glad to see it still has many fans from all around the world.” MelodicRock Classics presents CHRIS IRVINE ‘Frozen Rivers – 30th Anniversary Deluxe Edition’ August 26. Limited Edition 500 Unit CD; all audio remastered from original masters by JK Northrup. Pre-orders available this week. Track Listing: Album: 01. Frozen Rivers 4:18 02. Vital Signs 3:46 03. Never Listen To Rumours 3:41 04. Hypnotise 3:34 05. In Need Of An Angel 3:54 06. Really Need To Know 4:01 07. You've Got The Right 4:07 08. Kicking Up Dust 3:23 09. Can You See Me Now? 3:39 10. Get A Grip 4:00 Bonus Tracks (Unreleased Demos): 11. Room With A View 4:37 12. Wind In The Wires 3:32 13. You Got The Right 4:09 14. Find Our Way Back Home 4:20 15. Jody 3:16 16. Am I What (U Really Want) 5:33 17. Truth 4:20 18. Love Still Hurts 4:31 19. Can You See Me Now (Ext. Vers.) 4:27
  9. Press release: MelodicRock Classics is excited to delve back in to rock n roll vaults once more, to deliver another lost classic, this time from Pennsylvania rockers GALLEYBOYZ. The name may not be familiar, but the pedigree of those involved will be. And like other MRC releases, this will be a Deluxe 2 Disc Edition. We have expanded upon the original cassette only release to present a fully remastered version of the album (thanks to JK Northrup once again), plus a bonus disc featuring unreleased tracks and demos that came from the album sessions and beyond, plus a set of original Reference Mixes, which give you an alternative look at some of the album’s tracks. Galleyboyz were formed in early 1990 when Michael Baranski and Steve Schuffert, who were touring with A&M recording artist Glen Burtnik, found themselves out of a job when Glen was given the opportunity to replace Tommy Shaw in Styx. Baranski and Schuffert were approached by a former manager who wanted to start a new project. John Rongo and Larry Paoletta, who were in a previous band with Baranski, were recruited. Baranski wrote several new songs, and the now named Galleyboyz went into the studio to record them. The guys were signed to record executive Carl Maduri’s Oceana Records, which had distribution with BMG. Baranski then recruited Glen Burnik to produce the album, recorded at Jerree’s Records in New Brighton, PA., where Donny Iris had recorded all his albums. The album was released in Sept 1990 and received a favorable review in Billboard magazine. Tensions with the band and their manager flared when there was a disagreement over the first song to be released. The band wanted to release either You Get What You Pay For, or Nothing But Love, songs which reflected the sound and direction of the band. The manager wanted to release Tired of Rappin’, which was a novelty song that Baranski had written as a joke! The manager prevailed, thinking a novelty song would attract attention for a new band. However, rock stations would not play it because the lyrics were rapped, and pop stations wouldn’t play it because it was making fun of rap, a new genre at the time. The band stayed together for only a few months. Then the band was no more. Baranski went on to play with James JY Young of Styx, in his other band, the James Young Group. They released an album Raised by Wolves in 1995, with Baranski writing several songs for the album. He also toured with Styx in the 90’s as a support backup singer. Schuffert went on to a successful solo project with his band the Steve Schuffert Band. They played regularly in Europe every year from the late 90s to the late 00’s. GALLEYBOYZ will be released by MelodicRock Classics April 29, with pre-order and instant digital delivery available March 21. Album Produced by Glen Burtnik Recorded at Jeree’s Studios summer 1990 All songs written by Michael Baranski except Can’t Live Without Your Love by Steve Schuffert and Standing on the Edge by Michael Baranski / Peter Spero All songs published by Baran Songs ASCAP Michael Baranski – Lead vocals, guitar, backing vocals Steve Schuffert – Lead vocals on Can’t Live Without Your Love, guitar, slide guitar, backing vocals John Rongo – co-lead vocal on One Step Up, guitar, backing vocals Larry Paoletta – Drums
  10. Press release from MelodicRock Classics: Coming soon to: http://www.melodicrockclassics.com Jesse Harms is an American musician, songwriter and singer, who has spent a lifetime writing and recording songs as well as playing live with some of rock’s biggest names. Born in Massachusetts and raised in Berkeley, California, Jesse began playing the piano at 8 years old and studied classical music until he was 15. His first band Rags featured a young Pat Thrall and Kelly Keagy (Night Ranger). Following that, with Pat Thrall's help, Jesse met Alphonso Johnson (Weather Report) who was trying to form a progressive rock band for Electra/Asylum Records. After moving to L.A. Jesse spent the next year writing songs with Alphonso, forming a band that included Vinnie Appice (Dio, Black Sabbath) and Joe Turano (Michael Bolton) and making a record for Electra/Asylum which the label then dropped before its release. A stint recording and touring with John Hiatt followed, before joining Pat Thrall again for the Hughes/Thrall album tour, playing arenas as the opening act for Santana. But that album also had poor sales and was dissolved. Shortly after that tour, producer Keith Olsen called Jesse to do some additional recording on a single from ‘Three Lock Box’ an album he had made for Sammy Hagar. Sammy had been hiring a studio keyboard player and a studio backup singer to make his last two records and he had nobody in his band to reproduce the parts on tour, so in late 1982 Jesse joined his band. From there Jesse co-wrote, recorded and toured with Sammy through to and including his ultra-successful ‘VOA’ album, reuniting again for ‘I Never said Goodbye’ CD with Eddie Van Halen on bass. The album included one of Jesse's songs ‘Back Into You’. During that time Jesse got a call from Ted Templeman again to work on David Lee Roth's platinum ‘Eat 'Em and Smile’ album. Jesse turned down Roth's offer to join his band in order to work on his own songwriting. Most of 1986 was spent trying to form his own band under the guidance of John Kolodner at Geffen Records. In 1988 one of Jesse's songs, ‘Walk On Water’ was recorded by Eddie Money and went on to reach #9 on the Billboard Hot 100 and was a number one Rock track as well as a number one MTV video. That lead to Jesse touring with Money which lead directly to time writing songs with Kevin Cronin (REO Speedwagon). At the time REO was inactive but with the support of management the band was reformed. Jesse's friend Dave Amato (Ted Nugent, Cher) was added on guitar and Brian Hitt (Wang Chung) on drums. The subsequent album ‘The Earth, A Small Man, His Dog And A Chicken’, was co-produced by Jesse and included ‘Live It Up’, which reached #6 on the Rock Chart and 5 more of his songs. During 1990 Jesse also wrote a song with Sammy Hagar, ‘Fallen From Grace’ that appeared on Heart's Double Platinum CD ‘Brigade’. Jesse left REO in 1991 to get married and focus on Songwriting for MCA Music. 1991 through 1995 were spent in L.A. as a staff writer producing songs that appeared on CD's by Patty Smyth (Gold Record), Bad English (European #1), MSG, and Johnny Van Zandt etc. In 1996 Jesse co-wrote a song (Both Sides Now) with Sammy Hagar, which brought them back together. In 1997 Jesse worked on Sammy's ‘Marching To Mars’ CD playing keyboards and co-writing on that and the three additional studio albums that followed as well as touring constantly with the Waboritas. More recently, Jesse produced and wrote with acclaimed blues artist Guitar Shorty on two albums, the latter of which won the Handy Blues Award. In 2005 Jesse purchased a Marin Music Center in Novato, California which he operated until he sold it in 2019. Jesse compiled 11 of his songs onto his one and only solo record ‘Best Of What I Got’, which was released independently in 2004. Jesse continues to write and record new music and a couple of new songs are included as part of his career spanning box set ‘All Sides’.
  11. Press release from MelodicRock Classics: MelodicRock Classics is excited to bring another lost album to the fore, launching RIK SWINN ‘Strum’ on June 24. For fans of Henry Lee Summer, John Mellencamp, Little America, Paul Norton The name RIK SWINN is going to be a new one to most followers of the MelodicRock Classics label. Aussie fans will be more familiar, but even then, Rik’s name should have been known to a much wider audience. Rik was frontman for the very popular Australian pop rock act VENETIANS, who between 1982 and 1988 made big waves on the Aussie touring circuit and enjoyed chart success, releasing three albums which produced six Top 40 singles in Australia. The Band was noticed by Chrysalis Records in the US who signed them in 1986 for their biggest selling album ‘Calling In The Lions’ and their Top 5 Australian single ‘So Much For Love’, also reaching number one in the Chicago dance charts. After Venetians split up in 1988, Rik Swinn signed a solo album deal with Trutone Records who were distributed by EMI. The album was rehearsed and recorded over two weeks at EMI studios in Sydney and produced by famed Australian producer Peter Blyton (Avion, Dear Enemy, Candy Harlots, Choirboys), who incidentally worked with Rik and the Venetians previously on the ‘Calling In The Lions’ album. Unfortunately, the Album's release got caught up in an upheaval at EMI records which resulted in funding being stopped for Trutone so the album has been lying dormant for 30 years! Rik recently made the album available as a digital stream from his personal website, which lead to MRC’s Andrew McNeice enquiring about partnering up for a physical release. Delving into the past to give great artists their due is what the label is all about and this time around, MRC is pleased to team with Rik for a first ever release of his 1989 unreleased solo album ‘Strum’. British born Rik Swinn started out signed to EMI publishing in 1978 as a songwriter. After joining several live bands that didn’t amount to anything, he eventually met record producer Vic Coppersmith-Heaven (The Jam), who quickly took him into the Townhouse Studio to record. In 1981 he left for Australia armed with a master tape of the song "Sound on Sound" and within a few months he formed VENETIANS, scored a recording deal with Parole Records Australia, signing with Warner Music for publishing. In 1988 Rik dissolved the band and after his solo album was shelved, left the industry. He travelled around the world for six months ending up in Los Angeles where he fell in love and became a father and still resides today. 01. Loving Kind 02. Burn Love 03. Only Takes A Second 04. Big Boys Never Cry 05. Piece Of Heaven 06. Change Of Heart 07. Come Back And Haunt Me 08. Garden Of Eden 09. Maybe Someday 10. So Long The Night
  12. From MelodicRock Classics: MelodicRock Classics is thrilled to partner with LITTLE AMERICA, one of the label’s favourite American rock acts of the late 80s, to deliver a career spanning release simply titled ‘Anthology’. Featuring all the songs from their two acclaimed studio albums, the set also includes a whole range of previously unreleased tracks - several live tracks from the band’s first tour; 3 Alt-Versions of tracks from the debut and a handful of unreleased tracks from the band’s second album recording sessions. The complete Little America recording sessions in one place for the first time. Little America, a four-piece group from Los Angeles, cranked out two of the best AOR albums of the eighties: The self-titled “Little America”, which had the top-ten hit “Walk On Fire”, and their second album, “Fairgrounds”, which also yielded a top-ten track “Where Were You”. Signed to Geffen in late 1985, the band began recording in the spring of 1986, and released “Little America” in February of 1987. The immediate success of “Walk on Fire” surprised the label, and Geffen stepped up the promotion on it. An extensive U.S. tour followed, though sales suffered in some regions of the country because despite many packed houses, there weren’t sufficient (or in some cases, any) product in the stores. Nevertheless, “Little America” sold nearly 100,000 units. The band was particularly big in the Midwest, and caused quite a stir in Dallas, thanks to Little America’s biggest fan, KTXQ’s Redbeard. The second album was not to fare as well. Though the material was as strong (the band felt) as the tracks on the first album, things were starting to unravel. Due to some internal strife at Geffen, the band was dealt a new A&R person, who immediately removed several of the band’s favorite songs from the album (“Caught in the Rain”, “She Moves like Lightning” and “Now and Forever”) and teamed Andy and Mike up with Diane Warren, who penned most of “Where Were You” while Mike and Andy watched. (The guys wrote the bridge). Morale didn’t exactly hit an all-time high, songwriting being a bit of a vanity point. “Fairgrounds”, released in Winter 1989, did yield a top-ten hit “Where Were You”, but didn’t sell well, and the band was dropped. RCA quickly showed interest, but Mike decided to leave, wanting to pursue his own musical direction, and the band dissolved. When Geffen was sold to MCA in the early 90’s, much of the Geffen catalog never got re-released. As of this writing, neither of Little America’s albums has been in print until this collection, which includes not only the first two albums in their entirety, but bonus material as well. Songs were recorded between February 1985 and May of 1988 in Los Angeles, CA. Little America: Mike Magrisi - Lead Vocals, Bass Andy Logan - Lead And Rhythm Guitars, Lead Vocals John Hussey - Rhythm And Lead Guitars, Vocals Kurt Custer - Drums, Percussion, Vocals The 2CD set LITTLE AMERICA ‘Anthology’ will be released by MelodicRock Classics March 25, with Pre-orders and advance digital delivery available in February. Track Listing: Disc 1: 01. You Were Right 02. That’s The Way It Stays 03. Walk On Fire 04. Perfect World 05. Lost Along The Way (Original Version) 06. Lies 07. Walk The Land 08. Heroes 09. Underground 10. Out Of Bounds 11. Conversations 12. Standin’ On Top (Original Version) 13. You Were Right (Live) 14. Heroes (Live) 15. Perfect World (Live) 16. That's The Way It Stays (Live) 17. Walk On Fire (Live) Disc 2: 01. Do You Feel 02. Where Were You 03. The Cast Shadows 04. Save Me 05. MaryJane 06. Never Be Alone 07. Fairgrounds 08. I’ll Feel A Whole Lot Better 09. Changing Tune 10. I See Your Face 11. It’s Not Me 12. Walk On Fire (Alternative Version) 13. Standin’ On Top (Album Version) 14. Lost Along The Way (Album Version) 15. We Can Overcome (Previously Unreleased) 16. Visions Never Ending (Previously Unreleased) 17. Can’t You See (Previously Unreleased) 18. Returning (Previously Unreleased) 19. Caught In The Rain (Previously Unreleased) 20. Now And Forever (Previously Unreleased) 21. She Moves Like Lightning (Previously Unreleased)
  13. From MelodicRock Classics: MelodicRock Classics is pleased to announce a partnership with English singer, songwriter, composer and musician Andy Qunta to deliver a Deluxe Edition of his one and only solo album ‘Legend In A Loungeroom’, originally recorded in 1989. Andy has one of the most interesting and complex bio’s of any artist. Andy Qunta (pronounced Coonta) is a citizen of the world and an artist with a long list of credits going back to the early 70s. His first band was Factory, then joining the Hazel O'Connor band. He met Manfred Mann vocalist Chris Thompson in New Zealand in 1982, which lead to a writing partnership that continues today. That same year Andy become the keyboard player for Australian melodic rock legends Icehouse, helping to propel them through their most popular and critically acclaimed phase, as well as writing the hit ‘Crazy’ from the ‘Man Of Colours’ album, before departing in 1988. Andy with Chris Thompson, along with singer Maggie Ryder (Eurythmics) and lyricist Keith Reid (Procul Harum/Whiter Shade of Pale) wrote the now iconic song ‘You’re the Voice’, originally made into a mega-hit by John Farnham, but also covered by Heart, Chris Thompson, David Foster and countless others. Andy’s other songs have also been recorded by mega-artists including John Waite (Take Me Home), Manfred Mann's Earth Band (Tribal Statistics) and John Farnham (Don't Tell Me It Can't Be Done). In 1989, Andy headed to Los Angeles to record a solo album, titled ‘Legend In A Loungeroom’. The album featuring a lineup including Tony Qunta, Jeff Skunk Baxter (Doobie Bros, Steely Dan), Guy Pratt (Icehouse, Pink Floyd), Scott Page (Pink Floyd, Supertramp), Steve Milbacher, Paulinho da Costa (Madonna, Sting), Tim Pierce (Meatloaf, Crowded House), & Denny Fongheiser (Tracy Chapman, Heart). A video for first single, ‘Thing About You’ was shot in Sydney and Melbourne. The song started getting heavy airplay in Australia before legal wrangles with Executive Producers cause project to be shelved. The album was dead in the water before being released in Europe on German label, without the artist’s knowledge. Andy would later do an independent self-release of the album with altered artwork, which MelodicRock Classics was a big fan of. Being an even bigger fan of Andy’s co-writes with John Farnham, the idea of a Deluxe Edition re-issue was floated, with the label pitching the idea of using some songwriter demos as bonus tracks. What wasn’t expected was the number of the demos uncovered by Andy, which lead to this ‘special event’ double CD coming to fruition, with some mega-star performances featured. So the project quickly expanded to a double disc – with the original album given a refresh remaster by JK Northrup and preserved on Disc One, with the Bonus Demos gathered on Disc Two, featuring the vocals of Andy, Chris Thompson, Maggie Ryder and others, plus guest musicians such as Brett Garsed (Nelson, John Farnham), Steve Hogarth (Marillion), Guy Pratt (Icehouse, Pink Floyd, Madonna) and more. Graphic Artist Nello Dell’Omo has been commissioned to create a brand new cover art package for this release, which will be revealed closer to the release date. The full track listing for ‘Legend In A Loungeroom’ and ‘The Songwriter Demos’ is as follows: Disc One – ‘Legend In A Loungeroom’ (2021 Remaster) 01. Take Me Home 02. Come Back Baby 03. Thing About You 04. Waiting For The Storm 05. Tightrope 06. Sooner Or Later 07. Empty Words 08. Free The Bird 09. Take This Heart 10. Legend In A Loungeroom 11. These Are The Days 12. Midnight Disc Two – ‘The Songwriter Demos’ 01. You’re The Voice (Featuring Chris Thompson) 02. Time Flies (Featuring Vince Ruby) 03. Good Love (Featuring Maggie Ryder) 04. You’re Strong (Featuring Chris Thompson) 05. Someone Is Missing (Andy Qunta) 06. Don’t Tell Me (It Can’t Be Done) (Featuring Chris Thompson) 07. Won’t Let It Rain (Featuring Angie Giles) 08. Win Or Lose (Featuring Vince Ruby) 09. On A Distant Shore (Andy Qunta) 10. Better Way (Featuring Chris Thompson) 11. Ghost Of Your Love (Featuring Fergus Harper) 12. The Wanting (Is Too Strong) (Featuring Maggie Ryder) 13. Wheel Of Fortune (Andy Qunta) 14. Don’t Turn Away (Featuring Chris Thompson) ‘Legend In A Loungeroom – Deluxe Edition’ will be released via MelodicRock Classics October 8 with pre-sales available this week, alongside the label’s other October 8 release Mark Edwards ‘Land Of The Living’. These days Andy continues to perform regularly in his adopted home of Los Angeles in the Foreigner Tribute Band Double Vision and guest appearances with Journey Tribute Band Open Arms.
  14. From MelodicRock Classics: MelodicRock Classics is proud to announce the label’s first collaboration with a classic Australian artist. Aussie melodic rock artist singer / songwriter / guitarist Mark Edwards joins the label to compile all his solo recordings into one place for the very first time, with numerous tracks making their debut on CD. Mark Edwards made his debut in 1983 in the band Runners, with a line-up that also featured fellow singer/songwriter/guitarist Paul Norton. After the band disbanded with just the one album to their name, Mark signed with WEA Records to release his acclaimed solo album ‘Land Of The Living’ in 1986. It would turn out to be his only record, but still delivered one of that summer’s breakout hits ‘World’s Away’. Subsequent singles ‘Land Of The Living’ and ‘Only A Love’ were released with non-album b-sides; followed by a stand alone single ‘High Times’ the following year. There were also a few Extended Versions available on the 12” Singles released, none of which ever made it to a CD release. In fact, some of the audio was so scarce, vinyl rips came from MRC owner Andrew McNeice’s own collection The album itself was subject to a very limited CD run in the late 80s, pressed before the use of barcodes and long since designated a true Australian rarity. As was commonplace with many other titles released on CD in the early days, the sound suffered a lack of bottom end. Now, thanks to the partnership between MelodicRock Classics and Mark Edwards, his complete solo recordings are being compiled into a fantastic double disc set, featuring the original album and all the singles and b-sides, all fully remastered by JK Northrup for this special limited edition release. Featuring on the various recordings are some familiar names in the Oz rock scene – vocalists Sharon O’Neill and Vanetta Fields; James Morrison on trumpet; and multi-instrumentalist and co-producer Michael Hegerty. Not to mention, acclaimed session men Ricki Fataar and Rick Chadwick. ‘Land Of The Living – 35th Anniversary Deluxe Edition’ will be released via MelodicRock Classics October 8 with pre-sales available this week, alongside the label’s other October 8 release TBA. The full track listing is: Disc 1: The Album 01. Land Of The Living 3.51 02. World's Away 4:12 03. So Listen 5:45 04. Something New 4:00 05. Candy Baby 4:03 06. Wedding Ring 3:53 07. Only A Love 4:11 08. Life And Times 3:31 09. Time Goes By 3:18 10. Somebody Like You 3:53 Disc 2: Bonus Tracks 01. Hard Times (1987 Single) 3:55 02. Up From Under (Unreleased Demo) 3:20 03. Moonbeam (B-side) 3:34 04. Shah And Kim (B-side) 4:00 05. Land Of The Living (Extended Mix) 7:19 06. One And Only (Extended Version) 6:32 07. Only A Love (Extended Mix) 6:21 08. High Times (Extended Mix) 7:19 09. World's Away (Single Edit) 3:55 10. So Listen (Edit Version) 5:04 11. Land Of The Living (Long Version) 7:31
  15. Press release: NEW from MelodicRock Classics Finally, the answer to the question – Who Is TIM? TIM were an ‘almost super-group’, at least with the benefit on hindsight they sure are. Not so much at the time of writing and recording this album in 1983. Regrettably, TIM members were so busy individually with sessions, and family commitments, that the band never made any more music together. TIM is: Thom Griffin – Vocals, Guitar Bruce Gaitsch – Guitars Bob Lizik – Bass Terry Tossing Esq – Keyboards Tom Radtke and Jim Hines – Drums The individual recording credits of these guys are incredible: Thom Griffin – Trillion, Ambition, Brian Wilson, Mecca, Pride Of Lions, Jimi Jamsion, Dennis DeYoung Bruce Gaitsch – Richard Marx, Fergie Frederiksen, Chicago, Peter Cetera, Michael W. Smith, Madonna, Jim Peterik, Kelly Keagy Bob Lizik – Brian Wilson, Pride Of Lions, Dennis DeYoung, Soleil Moon, Peterik/Scherer, World Stage Tom Radtke – John Prine, Dennis DeYoung, Barbra Streisand Jim Hines – Brian Wilson, Cyndi Lauper Together they made an unreleased masterpiece. An album so good it would have challenged the other rock albums of 1983 for their dominance. Thom Griffin comments: “TIM was comprised entirely of session players from Chicago. We were consciously trying to be commercially viable. Bruce had a condo in downtown Chicago where we would meet between sessions to write. I believe we flushed out our ideas on a Fostex 4 track porta-studio.” Bruce Gaitsch claiming: “We were trying so hard to be Chicago’s Toto!” All the songs were recorded using analog recording with no auto-tune or quantization or sequencers and were intended as demos with very few overdubs (with the exception of an occasional instrumental overdub, and vocals). The fact they still sound so amazing today is tantamount to the talent behind the writing and recording. Bruce continues: “I do recall doing sessions all day and going into Universals big room at night, 8:00 and working all night then going right to a session the next day! We used to write when we had time between sessions at my downtown apartment. It was fun, a nice release from doing commercials 6 times a day.” Bob Lizik recalls calling the band’s sessions as ‘dust rehearsals’ as the low-rent hired rehearsal space still had a dirt floor. Bruce: “We helped the first rehearsal studio get started by booking lots of hours even when they still had a dirt floor! Rehearsals would be cancelled at the last minute because of work all the time, then we’d see each other at the sessions.” And the name? There’s been plenty of guesses where it came from. I’ll leave it to Thom Griffin to reveal the truth: “Yes, the name TIM was a reference to ‘Tim, the Enchanter’ in Monty Python’s “Holy Grail!” movie.” 29 years in the making, the debut TIM album will finally and rightfully see the light of day on July 9 via reissue label MelodicRock Classics on Limited Edition CD (1000 units) and Digital. 01. Somethings Coming 3:25 02. Never Let You Get Away 3:52 03. Maybe It's Better 3:37 04. Astral Games 3:27 05. Think Back 5:09 06. Whatcha Gonna Do 4:18 07. One Dark Night 3:12 08. Victim Of Love 3:43 09. Lovers Never Cry 4:24 10. Kiss And Tell 3:20 11. Mary Anna 5:47 All songs written and produced by TIM Additional lyrics provided by Keithen Carter for Somethings Coming, Never Let You Get Away and Maybe it’s Better Recorded at: Universal Recording (Bob Bennett engineer in the A Room on a Neve 8048 console over the course of 3 evenings); Tanglewood Studio in Brookfield (Larry Millas engineer on a Neotek console over the course a few days) PRE-ORDERS AVAILABLE NEXT WEEK
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