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Found 5 results

  1. Indianapolis, Indiana - Eonian Records is pleased to present the quintessential catalog of by Los Angeles rockers CHARLOTTE. In 2010, Eonian Records released one of our most highly celebrated releases to this day. Fast forward twelve years and the band discovers the digital audio tapes for their entire collection, including a host of never-released studio sessions. The Eonian team did not even make it through the second song when we unanimously agreed we needed to do this again! What separates this from ‘Medusa Groove’ you might ask? The band collectively picked 17 of their favorites (10 from their Eonian debut 'Medusa Groove' and 7 never released tracks), then turned the digital audio tapes over to Rob Calwell of Bombworks Sound for remastering. They sound as crisp and amazing as ever! Also, brand new stunning artwork including tons of never-before-seen photos, and liner notes written by Steven Reid, of Fireworks Magazine and Sea of Tranquility and lead vocalist, Eric Ganz. This is a must-have! CHARLOTTE's story originally began in upstate New York in 1984. Some back-and-forth banter between the band regarding the so-called “sins of mankind” led to a conversation about legendary women who left their mark on history through less than reputable means which in turn led to a discussion about the legend of 'Charlotte the Harlot', the most beautiful of whores. Seeking symbolism, the band shortened the name to CHARLOTTE. Initially, CHARLOTTE's sound was heavily influenced by the likes of Judas Priest, Motley Crue, and Ratt. Relocating to Los Angeles in the autumn of 1986, CHARLOTTE would go through a number of rhythm sections until the lineup of Eric Ganz (lead vocals), Nick DiBacco (guitars), Vinnie Cacciotti (guitars), ex-Masi member Chris Colovas (bass), and Eric D. Brewton (drums) was complete. It seems only fitting that a band named after a wicked woman played their first gig at a club called Jezebel’s in Orange County, California. Never really considered themselves a ‘hair’ or metal band but simply a rock band, their music transitioned to more varied influences from Deep Purple, Great White, Aerosmith, and Led Zeppelin. CHARLOTTE quickly garnered barrels of buzz and rode the wave of their rapidly rising popularity, and although a deal never materialized, many industry giants such as Geffen, ATCO, Arista Records, Giant, and Mercury all showed great interest. Through it all, they were never content to follow the trend, always staying true to themselves and delivering vibrant, creative, unpredictable hard rock music. Despite the major buzz, selling out every venue they played, and magazines hailing CHARLOTTE as the next big thing, the big contract just didn't materialize. But no matter what, just like the harlot after which they are named, CHARLOTTE’s legend and legacy continue to live on. Splitting up in 1996, CHARLOTTE would, after teaming up with Eonian Records, reconvene again and are going strong to this day. CHARLOTTE ‘Self-Titled’ Tracklist: 1. Siren 2. Medusa Groove 3. Zoo Of Hearts 4. Little Devils 5. Woman Behind The Eyes 6. When I Need You 7. Got Love On The Line 8. Miss Necrophilia 9. She Get It Up 10. Changes 11. Roadhouse Of Love 12. Mistreated 13. Rock City USA 14. Tough Love 15. Vicious Nature 16. She’s On Fire 17. All Tied Up
  2. Eonian Records will reissue the Jones Street album "Dancing With Devil" on 3rd June retitled as "Out Of The Gutter" Indianapolis, Indiana - Eonian Records is proud to present JONES STREET ‘Out of the Gutter,’ a reissue of the long out of print and most sought-after indies ‘Dancin’ with the Devil.’ This 2022 release features a brand-new mix of the original recordings, as well as bonus material all remastered by Anthony Focx (Beautiful Creatures, Bang Tango), a mammoth booklet chuck-full of never-published photos from the band's archives, and liner notes by Steven Reid of Fireworks Magazine and Sea of Tranquility. ull-force, combat boot-to-the-head, hard rock, with the intensity turned up to level eleven. This is far from another “strip band.” Combining the energy of Skid Row with the attitude of Guns N’ Roses, JONES STREET delivers a unique sound with catchy choruses and pounding grooves. Initially, the JONES STREET sound was heavily influenced by the likes of AC/DC, Skid Row, Aerosmith, Van Halen, and Guns N’ Roses, but as time progressed the quintet added a heavy, raw, powerful attack all their own. Something that would lead to regular shows at legendary venues such as the Bacchanal Club, Exposure 54, Gazzarri's, Roxbury, Scream, The Cathouse, The Roxy, The Tropicana, The Troubadour, Waters Club, Whisky a Go Go, and especially FM Station, a venue which JONES STREET very much saw as their home away from home. With JONES STREET garnering the attention of many influential rock publications such as BAM, Metal Edge, Music Connection, RIP, and Rock City News, as well as local radio stations KNAC and ROCK 102.1 it was Sony Records who seemed set to sign the band. With a demo deal from the label to record some songs now in their possession, it looked like a visit to the big leagues was just around the corner, but not only was the market JONES STREET was trying to enter already saturated to bursting point, but it also quickly became clear that grunge wasn’t going away so quickly. With the times signaling a shift in the music scene, Sony didn’t follow up on their initial interest, but JONES STREET did record some songs through the deal they had earned. JONES STREET 'Out of the Gutter' features tracks produced by Vince Neil (Motley Crue) and Steve Stevens (Billy Idol), as well as Jay Baubgarder (Bush, P.O.D., Papa Roach, Alien Ant Farm, Hoobastank, Evanescence and so many more), and a never-released bonus track 'On The Edge' produced & engineered by Jonny Jones and Mickey Perez. Originally released independently by lead singer Shawn Crosby in 2008, the album quickly sold out and has become a rare find at a high price. This is a MUST have for any and all fans of Skid Row, Guns N' Roses, Wildside, and Johnny Crash. This pressing WILL sell out, so don't wait to find this on eBay for $75 to $100 again. 'Out of the Gutter' might be one of Eonian Records' finest releases to date. JONES STREET ‘Out Of The Gutter’ Tracklist: 1. Dancin’ With The Devil 2. Tell Me Why 3. What Comes Around 4. Thieves Of Love 5. Take Your Love 6. Razor To My Wrist 7. When It All Comes Down 8. We Won’t Be Forgotten 9. Fuck Authority 10. On The Edge (Demo)
  3. MULLETT - The Originals From New Haven, Connecticut | Release Date: March 19, 2021 | Catalog #: ER00024 Ron Jovi - Lead Vocals Dan Halen - Guitars, Keyboards Teddy Lee - Bass Jef Leppard - Drums 1. 80’s Girl 2. All About Love 3. Talking To A Stranger 4. Stop & Go (Follow Your Heart) 5. Tears In The Sky 6. On My Way 7. Into The Night 8. Around 9. Another Lonely Night 10. This Is Our Time Now http://www.eonianrecords.com/index#/mullett/ https://www.mullettrocks.com/ https://www.facebook.com/mullettrocks/ For the last decade, MULLETT has proven themselves to be THE Premier Rockers for Hair Band fanatics and lovers of Rock ‘n’ Roll. By delivering the best of the 1980’s in Big Hair and faithful renditions, MULLETT recreates the vibe of those times with unrivaled conviction. From corporate functions and private parties to college campuses, theaters, nightclubs and casinos, MULLETT has the unique ability to ROCK and captivate their audience with the sights and sounds of the Glam Band era. MULLETT fans agree; this is the closest anyone can get to classic Van Halen, Def Leppard, Bon Jovi, Journey and Poison without hitting 88mph in a tricked-out DeLorean. Catch MULLETT at a venue near you and let the 80’s live forever! At the overwhelming demand of their fans, MULLETT is releasing some of their original songs to the world. MULLETT has chosen their most loved originals to share with you. For your listening pleasure here are "The Originals" featuring the new single "80's Girl". https://www.mullettrocks.com/videos
  4. From Eonian Records: Party, Heaven, Hell, Whatever! MAD ANTHONY - Bay Area's biggest party band signs to Eonian! Indianapolis, Indiana - Hailing from San Francisco, California, MAD ANTHONY was hands down the BEST unsigned ROCK band of the mid-'80s packing MASSIVE grooves and KILLER hooks from stacks of Marshall amps. ARGUABLY one of the most anticipated releases by the Eonian team in the past decade and that is saying ALOT! The Bay Area has remained an important musical epic center since the rise of the counterculture movement in the 1960s. From musical experimentation to thrash, San Francisco and its neighboring areas have produced some of the most important musical groups in the last handful of decades from the Grateful Dead, Journey, Metallica, Night Ranger, Sammy Hagar, Y & T, just to name a few. From this musical epic center, MAD ANTHONY stood at the top of the mountain of ROCK Bands. They conquered the Bay Area music scene with a vengeance and then started chipping away at the LA music scene. But, the Bay Area was home and there was no other. MAD ANTHONY shows often sold out beyond capacity. In fact, MAD ANTHONY was the only unsigned band to EVER sell out the famed Omni which had a 900+ capacity. MAD ANTHONY was also all about a huge party, good times, the prettiest ladies, and always ended the night by pulling the crowd onstage for 'Big Ole Long Red Hot Rod!' Club owners would lock their bars at 2 am and let the band party all night long ...no holds barred! The crowds never left and only got bigger. MAD ANTHONY loved their fans and their primary goal was to give them the best show the Bay Area had to offer. Produced & recorded by Grammy-winning producer, mixing engineer, songwriter, and arranger STEVE FONTANO whose endless recording credits include Cher, David Bowie, Huey Lewis and the News, and INXS. ALSO, recording numerous shredders from Mike Varney's SHRAPNEL RECORDS such as Apocrypha, Jason Becker, Marty Friedman, Phantom Blue, Racer X, Richie Kotzen, Tony MacAlpine, Vicious Rumors, and Vinnie Moore just to name a few. Re-mastered by mixing and mastering engineer ROB BEATON which include recording credits with Guns n’ Roses, Heathen, Sammy Hagar, The Sea Hags, Warrant, Y & T, and many more. MAD ANTHONY is: Rick Burnell on Lead Vocals Ralph Longo on Guitar/Acoustic Guitar Mark ‘Freeze’ Freseman on Guitar Bryan ‘Coach’ Lujan on Bass James Bohn on Drums MAD ANTHONY Tracklist: 1. Just My Type 2. Party Town 3. I'm The One 4. Mother's Little Helper 5. Falling Out Of Love 6. Backstage Boogie 7. Face To Lace 8. Stay With Me 9. Tonight We Ride 10. When We Touch 11. Big Long Red Hot Rod 12. Rock A Little Harder
  5. Another Eonian records release due 27th August...sounds promising RINGS OF SATURN ‘Self-Titled’ ER00028 From Los Angeles PRE-ORDER at: www.eonianrecords.com RINGS OF SATURN is: Billy Coane - Lead & Backing Vocals, Keyboards, and Rhythm Guitar David Adjian - Lead & Rhythm Guitar Eric Swanson - Bass & Backing Vocals (1988-1989) Scott Swan - Bass (1990-1991) Mar Tercero - Drums 1. For Real 2. I Need You Tonight 3. To See Black 4. Bring It On 5. Electric Love 6. Boy Gone Wrong 7. 23 Starrs 8. Can You Feel It Comin’? 9. Walk Away 10. And She’s Crying Softly 11. Last Rocket To Love 12. Stand Up 13. Tell Me ‘Bout Love 14. The Will To Power
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