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Found 2 results

  1. Damn it! Such a great band. I didn't see that one coming... You can now download all their music for free from their website including their third and final album 'Dying To Survive'. New album from their website: http://www.shotgunal...com/fr_home.cfm From Facebook: To All SGA Family, Friends, Fans and Followers. It is with deep regret to announce that Shotgun Alley will be disbanding permanently as of today. From all 6 of us, we just wanted to say thank you for all of your constant support and devotion to SGA over the last few years. We also wanted everyone to know that this split was an amicable decision that the band collectively has decided. Please respect that this was not an easy decision to make, but it is best for all members. We look at Shotgun Alley as just another musical step in each individual's journey. We have all grown and matured immensely over the last 3 years, and we are very proud of all the things we have accomplished together. We understand that it may not be very clear as to why we have decided to call it a day, but put simply, Shotgun Alley started when we were all younger with different musical ambitions. Although our time in LA was amazing, it made us realise that more than ever all of us just want different things musically and need the break to try something different. We want you guys to know we couldn't have done any of it without all of you supporting us, so from the bottom of hearts, thank you! As some of you know, we have been working on our latest album for the last 6-8 months and we figure that instead of locking away all the songs, we would love for you all to have it. So as a parting gift from us, Shotgun Alley's new and last album "Dying To Survive" will be available on www.shotgunalleyrock.com for free download this week. All of us will remain great friends and we all want and wish the best to each other for each others future musical careers. So for the last time, Thanks so much!! We are so happy and proud to have had such amazingly loyal fans, we will never trade the memories for anything. Thanks again Shotgun Alley.
  2. Volume 1: No Rules Volume 2: Field Trip Californian melodic hard rockers KIK TRACEE are releasing “Big Western Sky”, their first album in more than 25 years in the shape of a B-sides, demos and rarities, available on 2 CD / 4 LP. The Vol.1 is oddly titled "No Rules" as the band's '91 album, but it's full of unreleased material. These are pre-production recording for their second full length that never was, early demos, a couple of live recordings, etc. Kik Tracee vocalist singer Stephen Shareaux said of the release: “After all these years. Why a Kik Tracee release now? The timing just felt right. We've been sitting on these songs for what, 25 years now? Kinda pulled them out recently, and listened to the stuff, and thought. You know. Let's package this stuff and put it out there for the diehard fans to relive the glory days, if you will, or just get their Kik Tracee on, man”. The sound quality is very good, most of them pre-production stuff which at the time were done professionally and would be today's envy for many bands. This Vol. 1 features the songs that never made into Kik Tracee debut, plus some from the unreleased 2nd full length album. Hard Rockin¡, catchy stuff with an early '90s feel. Highly Recommended 01. Cats In The Cradle (Demo) 02. Without Love (Demo) 03. Romeo Blues (Demo) 04. Big Western Sky (Demo) 05. Equal Opportunity (Demo) 06. Generation Express (Demo) 07. Strawberry Jam (Demo) 08. System Above (Demo) 09. Tangerine Man (Demo) 10. Bring Home Yesterday (Demo) 11. Don't Need Rules (Demo) 12. Shake The House (Demo) 13. You’re So Strange (Live Acoustic) 14. Lost (Live) 15. Gentle Persuasion (B-Side) The vol.2 is sub-titled 'Field Trip'. These are pre-production recording for their second full length that never was, early demos, a couple of live recordings, etc. The sound quality is very good, most of them pre-production stuff which at the time were done professionally and would be today's envy for many bands. This Vol. 2 also includes two cool acoustic performances captured live in a radio performance. Highly Recommended 01. Field Trip (Demo) 02. Outta My Bed (Demo) 03. Shine (Demo) 04. Walking With A Dead Girl (Demo) 05. Under The Influence (Demo) 06. Drop In The Ocean (Demo) 07. Blood Brother (Demo) 08. Drop In The Ocean (Live on Pirate Radio) 09. Walking With A Dead Girl (Live on Pirate Radio) 10. In Trance (Demo) Stephen Shareaux - lead vocals Michael Marquis - guitars, backing vocals Gregory Hex - guitars, backing vocals Rob Grad - bass, backing vocals Johnny Douglas - drums, percussion, backing vocals Pre Order: empmerch.com/product/kik-tracee-big-western-sky-cd-pre-order/ empmerch.com/product/kik-tracee-big-western-sky-part-1-no-rules-limited-edition-double-vinyl-lp/ .

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