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Found 5 results

  1. Hi people. I was wanting to post this here, as I have scoured the internet back to front for many years now, trying to find information on a band called Suite Jane. They had a song "Innocent 'Till Now" which appeared on an episode of Playboy's Hot Rocks show back in the early days. For many years, both my brother and I have tried to contact record label Spectradyne Records (which could maybe have been a side-label of Playboy's cable channel), stores, magazines and websites. For a long time, people did not believe us that the band actually existed until others had seen the video we had recorded from cable too. It has surfaced on Youtube, and yet still no further information known about the band or the wonderful singer behind it. Link posted above. PLEASE HELP solve the mystery ;-) Thanks in advance.
  2. There's so many bands who advertise on here and then the discussion network going on makes for an awesome community feel and I was putting the 2 together in my head and thought, wouldn't it be super cool if there could be a Glastonbury or Download style Heavy Harmonies festival so members could potentially meet up sometimes too. Surely with all the talent signed up to this site there must be plenty of contacts with promoters and organisers etc around the world who would have the know how and connections to get it going in various countries but it would be under the Heavy Harmonies banner which would 'up' the spread of your site even more and maybe help with the running costs cos it should attract more doners and the bigger the site got, the more talent it would attract and it would be win win all round. I like to dream big ? A smaller dream would be to have a Heavy Harmonies stage at one of the big festivals rather than be responsible for the whole thing. ..and here's where someone points out that it already happens and I've been walking around with my eyes closed. Lol.
  3. Really nice to be here on the forum. For many years I have found solutions to gear related problems both on forums and on youtube. As sort of a payback to all that help over time I have now for a couple of years done my own youtube videos. So it will be great to be here on the forum and help out and also have some great talks with others with a passion for guitar gear and playing guitar. I have been playing guitar as long as I can remember. I have my own band that is called Psyckadeli. It's a band that does collaborations with different artist. Here is a little video about me...
  4. Anyone here ever see this show before? It's an monthly show on the internet where Daryl Hall gets together with his "house band" and a guest artist or band and they jam on some of the artist's tunes, some of Daryl's music, and just generally talk about music, life, etc. Plus, they do a little cooking episode and eat at the end. Pretty cool deal. If you go to the main page, you'll see how/why I found about it a few weeks ago, but there's an interesting back catalog of shows through which I will be searching in another week or so. http://www.livefromdarylshouse.com/ Some artists who may interest folks who don't stray too far from music of "our" type: John Rzeznik Todd Rundgren Krieger/Manzarek Finger Eleven
  5. We have made two songs with Mija Holmqvist as our guest singer. This is one of the music videos. What do you think. Does she rock your boat?
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